Cynicism returns

Get The Facts, with a name like yours, you should ask yourself why the SNP is allowed in Scotland but an English National Party would immediately be targeted by the Zionist state’s Searchlight and Hate Not Hope(sic) and labelled waaaycist!!! The same goes for Plaid (Cymru) in Wales. Both of these sham parties are controlled opposition and are not nationalist or patriotic in any sense of the word.

The good people of Eire have woken up and have started to daub graffiti where it’s needed and deserved, to highlight the immigration slow-kill demographic  bomb and who is ultimately responsible for it – the usual suspects.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe

There is a saying in politics that ‘you are denied what you want and get what you deserve’. While I do not necessarily agree with this saying, I do believe that Farage got what he deserved. He was on the EU gravy train for many years without achieving anything worthwhile that I know of. I found him to be quite a repulsive and smarmy character, totally lacking in charisma but no so in panache/flamboyance and he always reminded me of a used car salesman. I could never have voted for him or UKIP which are without doubt controlled opposition, a softer version of the BNP which was and still is similarly controlled opposition.

There is a way out of this morass we find ourselves in, in the ZOG Western World but we won’t find it in sham elections and a ridiculous fptp system where the bar is set so high for fledgling parties – even if the electoral process was honest which it isn’t with the controlled and biased msm – that they may as well not bother. Even the solitary UKIP winner is a former LibLab <b>Con</b>-trick defector during the last parliament. What does that tell you?



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  1. I have no reason not to believe that SNP and Plaid (Cymru) in Wales are Zionist controlled as many other parties and people are.

    They have fooled me once again and thanks to Tap for enlightening me on this!

    • Chris Jones says:

      That may well be the case in some parts of the internal hierachies of these parties as well but their voters are largely well meaning people exersising level headed patriotism – whether they are being misled or not

  2. I agree with the argument presented by Aldous and the fact that Mr Farage didn’t quite do what he should have done for Britain.


  3. Julie says:

    2016 … another election London Mayor. Looks like Jews and homosexuals are overly represented as usual … The masses are afraid of Sharia Law LOL. They’ve never heard of Noahide Law for Gentiles.

    Conservative Party

    Andrew Boff, leader of the Conservative Group on the London Assembly. He is an information technology consultant and is openly gay. Jew?
    Sol Campbell, former England football player. WOT! Campbell’s brother John was jailed for twelve months in 2005 after assaulting a man who suggested Sol was homosexual.
    Stephen Greenhalgh, businessman and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

    Ivan Massow, financial services entrepreneur, gay rights campaigner and media personality. Massow is openly gay.] He lives in Hoxton, in London’s East End and enjoys horse riding and foxhunting. Jew? Maybe he’s
    a friend of “Dolphin Square” Derek Laud. That’s the Tories, no doubt the rest are bent too.

  4. Lynn says:

    The Red Pill or the Blue Pill theory has worked for hundreds of years.

  5. freebornman says:

    The scot nazis plead Westminster oppression, when a quick glance at history shows that they bankrupted themselves as a nation, and came crying to England for a suck on the empire teat. I’ve tried explaining to a few Scots, and that there were’nt many English on the field at Culloden, and that I wasn’t one of them, and that we both suffer the same oppressor, and that we would be better served by removing them than each other, but to no avail.
    Divide and rule + bread and circuses has been a winning formula for a couple of thousand years now. Now is the time to realize that we all have two arms, two legs, and if you cut us, we all bleed red, and as Shelley said, “we are many, they are few”.

    • alibongo says:

      We are well aware we both have a common enemy in WM ,but how likely is it that we can bring them to account? Whether labour ,tory or ukip ,they all sing the same tune . We have thankfully a party to vote for that does consider our betterment and logically why would we not vote for them . As for calling us nazis,that says more about your mindset. Really?? I should have stopped reading after the first line given that do realise that we have moved on from culloden?

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