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Self parking Volvo journalist mow down not a hoax – Jim Stone

When I first heard of this, I blew it off as satire. As it turns out it is true. In a demonstration of Volvo’s self parking ability presentation to journalists AT A VOLVO DEALER in the Dominican Republic, the Volvo sat, thought, and then made the decision to mow the journalists down because they were standing in front of the parking space and The car’s buyers did not pay to have the “human avoidance” system enabled and the dealer did not know it had to be to avoid hitting people!

What a reason for it to mow people down! HERE IS THE REAL REASON WHY THIS HAPPENED:

Volvo decided to split the collision avoidance system up into options, the way insurance companies won’t give you straight insurance – you have to buy flood, fire, theft, and storm insurance as separate packages. You always get one item free when you purchase insurance, but have to add other items on as supplemental coverage so the insurer makes additional profit and VOLVO DID THIS WITH THE COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM. If all you do is get the basic collision avoidance, their cars will not hit other cars. But if you want them to not hit people, you have to pay for that separately! Certainly then “avoid telephone pole” “Avoid rock in the road” and “avoid wall and train” are separate options as well. At any rate, you can see in the linked video (below) that the car is thinking about what to do because people are in the way, and it then makes the WRONG CHOICE simply because “recognize and avoid people” was not paid for.

This is so ludicrous it makes the entire feature worthless and I thought it had to be a joke, especially with Volvo, which is famous for getting it right. But you know, common core style education and “profiteering suck every last dime corporatism” has taken root practically everywhere and This video is proof of how stupid company management and “squeeze every last dime” marketing has become, I am sure the Volvo engineers are proud of the marketing department and company management with this one!


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