Cameron all-time biggest borrower in British history

Positive Money is a pressure group for British money reform. Briefly, the British system of money creation is designed to create massive debt – to the detriment of the state and indeed all of us. Even Martin Wolf of the Financial Times has called for its abolition.
Positive Money has launched a petition:

Those who are interested can go to the Positive Money website
There is an excellent book available on Amazon called Modernising Money.
By the way, did you know that David Cameron and George Osborne have borrowed three quarters of a trillion on the sly? That’s as much as all the British governments have borrowed since the creation of the Bank of England in 1694.
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  1. Cobalt says:

    Cameron: Rothschild slave through and through.

    Milliband: the next Zionist/Jesuit [s]elected puppet.

    – Cobalt

  2. Gordon says:


    Decide for yourself.

    2010 Tory pledge #1) Reduce the bulk of the deficit

    On any criteria the Conservatives have failed to meet this pledge. The deficit is only down a third (and debt is still rising), with the former forecast to reach £91.3bn in 2014-15 – almost three times the £37bn Osborne said back in 2010 that it would be by now. Remember those halcyon days when the chancellor used to taunt Ed Balls for wanting only to half the deficit by the end of this parliament? On Osborne’s watch even that looks overly optimistic.

    Despite making a great deal of noise during the 2010 election about ‘dealing with the country’s debts’, the chancellor George Osborne has failed to reduce the national debt as promised. The national debt has now risen from £811.3bn to £1.11trn since the coalition entered office in May 2010. Back then it was predicted by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) to have fallen by now to 69 per cent of GDP. But according to the OBR it will hit 74.5 per cent of GDP this year.

    2010 Tory pledge #2) I’ll protect the NHS

    Last week figures were released showing that the health service is experiencing the worst A&E waiting times since records began back in 2004. This in part stems from problems experienced by GP surgeries, with many patients turning up at A&E because they are unable to get a doctor’s appointment.

    According to the Royal College OF General Practitioners, 50 million patients will be turned away from GP surgeries next year because of government underfunding. There is also a potential shortage of GPs coming further down the line: under the coalition the number of family doctors per 100,000 people has fallen to 66.5 – down from 70 in 2010.

    Operations to replace hips, knees and cataracts are also being rationed in certain areas of the country, with elderly people having to either go without or pay.

    2010 Tory pledge #3) Reduce immigration to the tens of thousands

    Back in 2010, David Cameron promised, “no ifs, no buts’ to cut net migration – the difference between people moving to the UK and those leaving – to the tens of thousands – despite warnings that the figure was undeliverable.

    Net migration is now above 200,000, its highest level since 2011. According to the Office for National Statistics, estimates for the 12 months to the end of September 2014 revealed a net flow of 212,000 migrants to Britain, compared with 154,000 the previous year.

  3. Gordon says:

    Be Careful Whom You Vote For!

    No matter whom you vote for the policies are always the same.

    Reducing The Deficit …. Fail.
    Cut Income Tax…. Fail.
    Create More Jobs…. Fail.
    Immigration Control….Fail.
    Deliver Best Schools and Education…. Fail.

    Support The Banksters… Policy.
    Support Israel…. Policy.
    Support Vatican…. Policy.
    Support War…. Policy.
    Support NWO….Policy.
    Support Agenda 21…. Policy.
    Support Common Purpose…. Policy.
    Support Geoengineering…. Policy.
    Support Fracking…. Policy.

    Is there anyone party any different from the other? They may throw enticers, peanuts for the monkeys, bones for the dogs or chicken feed to the hens but the fact is, faces change but policies don’t.

  4. Lynn says:

    Some of us do know the whole thing is set up to fail. War comes in many forms and this is a very sneaky quiet war. We have been lied to and these bare faced liars are having a field day. We have to hold them to account or stop giving our taxes. They are abusing us and the system is rigged. How do we change this horror story that has come to light. A vote just doesnt stop this onslaught of the unsuspecting public.

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