United States sea captain refuses orders to launch nuclear attack on Russia

The father of Reaganomics, former US Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, is an important commentator on the dangerous geopolitical developments of the last year. After the failure of the murder of Boris Nemtsov on Feb 27th  to create a Moscow ‘maidan’ , Jacob Rothschild warned his investors of “a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II”.  In the second week of March there was an abortive coup against Putin, according to a former Israeli ambassador to Russia. The failure of the coup was followed by an attempted nuclear first strike [sic] on Russia on 15th March. The officer responsible for transmitting the launch codes to the submarines, Captain Heather Cole, refused to do so and has been under arrest and incommunicado since 15th March.

There are reports that the Russians intercepted coded British messages indicating that the UK was involved in this maximally reckless endeavour. This is hardly surprising since Britain’s nuclear weapons exist solely to project Rothschild power. Twenty deluded fools led by former NATO Secretary General George Robertson (who supported the gun licence application of his friend Dunblane killer and paedophile Thomas Hamilton) wrote to the Times before the General Election calling for the renewal of Trident.

Apparently nobody had told them that the Americans have abandoned the doctrine of ‘mutally assured deterrence’ in favour of ‘first strike capability’. In the following article Paul Craig Roberts argues that Europe has a choice: either it will break from Washington over the issue of Russian sanctions, or it will allow Washington to push it into military conflict with Russia. and by the way, we can assume that, unlike Capt Heather Cole, any one of these fools would have obeyed (or even given) orders to start a nuclear war. Let’s not forget Captain Heather Cole, to whom we on this small island owe our lives.

Note that Roberts is doesn’t name the psychopaths behind all this trouble. He presumably wants to stay alive. That’s understandable. As a former insider with a high level of security clearance, he has to be careful. For Roberts, as for Chomsky, Washington is the bad guy. But we all know that the United States is a mere puppet – ‘it doesn’t exist, but the people haven’t been told’.
Gordon Logan
The Choice Before Europe
Paul Craig Roberts
Washington continues to drive Europe toward one or the other of the two most likely outcomes of the orchestrated conflict with Russia. Either Europe or some European Union member government will break from Washington over the issue of Russian sanctions, thereby forcing the EU off of the path of conflict with Russia, or Europe will be pushed into military conflict with Russia.
In June the Russian sanctions expire unless each member government of the EU votes to continue the sanctions. Several governments have spoken against a continuation. For example, the governments of the Czech Republic and Greece have expressed dissatisfaction with the sanctions.
US Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged growing opposition to the sanctions among some European governments. Employing the three tools of US foreign policy–threats, bribery, and coercion–he warned Europe to renew the sanctions or there would be retribution. We will see in June if Washington’s threat has quelled the rebellion.
Europe has to consider the strength of Washington’s threat of retribution against the cost of a continuing and worsening conflict with Russia. This conflict is not in Europe’s economic or political interest, and the conflict has the risk of breaking out into war that would destroy Europe.
Since the end of World War II Europeans have been accustomed to following Washington’s lead. For awhile France went her own way, and there were some political parties in Germany and Italy that considered Washington to be as much of a threat to European independence as the Soviet Union. Over time, using money and false flag operations, such as Operation Gladio, Washington marginalized politicians and political parties that did not follow Washington’s lead.
The specter of a military conflict with Russia that Washington is creating could erode Washington’s hold over Europe. By hyping a “Russian threat,” Washington is hoping to keep Europe under Washington’s protective wing. However, the “threat” is being over-hyped to the point that some Europeans have understood that Europe is being driven down a path toward war.
Belligerent talk from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, from John McCain, from the neoconservatives, and from NATO commander Philip Breedlove is unnerving Europeans. In a recent love-fest between Breedlove and the Senate Armed Services Committee, chaired by John McCain, Breedlove supported arming the Ukrainian military, the backbone of which appears to be the Nazi militias, with heavy US weapons in order to change “the decision calculus on the ground” and bring an end to the break-away republics that oppose Washington’s puppet government in Kiev.
Breedlove told the Senate committee that his forces were insufficient to withstand Russian aggression and that he needed more forces on Russia’s borders in order to “reassure allies.”
Europeans have to decide whether the threat is Russia or Washington. The European press, which Udo Ulfkotte reports in his book, Bought Journalists, consists of CIA assets, has been working hard to convince Europeans that there is a “revanchist Russia” on the prowl that seeks to recover the Soviet Empire. Washington’s coup in Ukraine has disappeared. In its place Washington has substituted a “Russian invasion,” hyped as Putin’s first step in restoring the Soviet empire.
Just as there is no evidence of the Russian military in Ukraine, there is no evidence of Russian forces threatening Europe or any discussion or advocacy of restoring the Soviet empire among Russian political and military leaders.
In contrast Washington has the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which is explicitly directed at Russia, and now the Council on Foreign Relations has added China as a target of the Wolfowitz doctrine. http://carnegieendowment.org/files/Tellis_Blackwill.pdf [1]
The CFR report says that China is a rising power and thereby a threat to US world hegemony. China’s rise must be contained so that Washington can remain the boss in the Asian Pacific. What it comes down to is this: China is a threat because China will not prevent its own rise. This makes China a threat to “the International Order.” “The International Order,” of course, is the order determined by Washington. In other words, just as there must be no Russian sphere of influence, there must be no Chinese sphere of influence. The CFR report calls this keeping the world “free of hegemonic control” except by the US.
Just as General Breedlove demands more military spending in order to counter “the Russian threat,” the CFR wants more military spending in order to counter “the Chinese threat.” The report concludes: “Congress should remove sequestration caps and substantially increase the U.S. defense budget.”
Clearly, Washington has no intention of moderating its position as the sole imperial power. In defense of this power, Washington will take the world to nuclear war. Europe can prevent this war by asserting its independence and departing the empire.

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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    Heather Cole is US naval captain, not British! Please correct the headline.

  2. Nollidge says:

    I’ve always understood that Britain’s submarine nuclear missiles were under the control of the U.S.,which has to provide the launch codes before they can be used.Same with cruise missiles.If anyone knows otherwise,feel free to correct me.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    As Gordon states Cole is US Navy

    The commodore of the Navy’s Strategic Communications Wing 1, based at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, was fired Tuesday after a loss of confidence in her ability to lead. Capt. Heather Cole had “not performed up to the high standards demanded of an officer in command,” Naval Air Forces said in a press release.

    Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, the AIRFOR boss, relieved Cole of command of the wing and Task Force 124, an operational command post that reports to U.S. Strategic Command.

    The relief stemmed from an investigation Shoemaker launched in February based on revelations of significant issues within the wing, said Cmdr. Jeannie Groeneveld, AIRFOR spokeswoman.

    Cole’s shortcomings were professional in nature, she said, and unfolded over time, adding that she could not comment further as the investigation has not been completed. http://www.navytimes.com/story/military/2015/03/17/navy-tacamo-co-cole-fired-investigation-cultural/24915989/

  4. sovereigntea says:

    “The relief was due to deficiencies in her performance that were identified in the findings of the investigation,” Groeneveld said. The deficiencies had nothing to do with TF-124’s Strategic Nuclear Forces mission, she said, but instead were “cultural issues” within the wing itself.

    Cole has been temporarily assigned to the San Diego-based staff of AIRFOR pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Cole did not respond to calls and emails seeking comment by Thursday.

    Capt. Brian McCormick, who has served as the task force’s deputy commander, has been named the acting wing commander.

    The post answers to two masters. Strategic Communications Wing 1 reports to AIRFOR on the manning and training of the E-6B Mercury squadrons that fly the airborne command post.

    The wing’s operational side, Task Force 124, is part of the nuclear command and control echelon and reports to U.S. Strategic Command on missions like Airborne Command Post, the Airborne Launch Control System, the Non-Strategic Nuclear Forces Theater Commanders and the “Take Charge and Move Out” (TACAMO) Emergency Action Message relay.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    A native of Ferris, Texas, Cole is a graduate of the University of Texas and received her commission through Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida, in 1990. She received her wings in 1991, according to her official bio.

    Cole, a naval flight officer, served first in P-3 aircraft at various assignments until she transitioned to the TACAMO community in 1993.

    She also served as the aviation initial assignment detailer, first in Washington, D.C., and then making the move to Millington, Tennessee, in 1999 when Navy Personnel Command relocated there. From 2000 to 2003, Cole served as the operations administrative officer aboard the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman.

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    Complete Thought Police Control in Britain starting now:


    Bloggers to be arrested, movements restricted, banned from publishing on the internet. Criticism of the Government by private citizens to be banned. Calling for the replacement of Cameron’s rigged government to become a criminal offence on the grounds that it is an activity deemed to be for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy.”

    Internet use ban to include activities deemed to be for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy.” Justified on the grounds of “extremism”.

    Read more: http://uk.businessinsider.com/david-cameron-to-introduce-new-counter-terrorism-bill-2015-5?r=US#ixzz3a1EJPYfX



    Does he want this unconstitutional law in reality so that people are prevented from alleging that he is part of that criminal conspiracy?

    The criminals are now fully in control of the UK government just as Michael Shrimpton and others tried to warn.

  7. Lynn says:

    But now they are known criminals…the game really is up, and the masses have seen with their own eyes the corruption that has gone on. This cannot go on for much longer. Their cover is in shreds and the secret war is common knowledge.

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