Baltimore Burning



This local politician seems to be spot-on, although the Fox News ‘reporter’ is only interested in asking the questions coming via his ear-piece, and not in a genuine face to face interview. The local council guy wins hands down in courtesy, intelligence, and honesty.

However, the mayor of Baltimore seems to have been complicit in permitting the disenfranchised to loot and riot – thus allowing the crackdown and curfews by militarised police. This whole thing seems to be one of those staged exercises designed to push for more Federal control of the police through the Dept of Justice. Especially when there are reported agents provocateur on the scene. They have attempted to kick off the race war, via police stooges, in white against black atrocities, in Ferguson, etc, but now many are seeing it for what it is.

Al Sharpton is someone to be counted on when there is a race issue to inflame. Has he ever heard of ‘divide and rule’? If he has, what has he ever done to correct it? Nada. But he’s always on the spot to make it worse. Good job!. I assume he’s Boule Society or a Prince Hall Mason to have got where he is – (ie a blacks only freemason), who’s only allowed a taste of the power, in exchange for shitting on the rest of his race.


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  1. Gordon says:

    To think that Obama had the nerve to call these people demonstrating their rights “Criminals” while the real criminals are himself and in general the US government.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good article on Activist Post concerning riots and revoltutions, and George Soros.

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