Anthony Gucciardi March Against Monsanto Talk FULL

“The age of Monsanto is over.” – Anthony Gucciardi talks GMO solutions and how we are steadily achieving victory over the biotech giant and reclaiming the food supply, at March Against Monsanto 2015.

Despite blistering temperatures amid high humidity and brewing thunderstorms, crowds gathered at the March Against Monsanto in Austin and around the world to stand for their opposition against Monsanto and GMO contamination of the food supply.

Anthony talks about his own journey of health, how the new media is you and the social media at large, and how we can overcome Monsanto’s reign of food monopoly.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Enough people know now that we have been abused by the corporation agenda. Its all falling down around them. We have all been fooled and now we are standing up to the mind blowing evil they are capable of.

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