Abuse Survivors Lose Faith In Goddard Inquiry

Esther Baker tells Sky News she has lost faith in the Goddard Inquiry into child sexual abuse, saying it feels “fake”.

02:52, UK,Tuesday 26 May 2015

The new Chair of the Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Justice Lowell Goddard

Justice Lowell Goddard was the third choice to lead the inquiry into abuse

Tom Parmenter

News Correspondent

Tom Parmenter

The Goddard Inquiry into child sexual abuse still hasn’t heard its first evidence, but it has already lost the trust of some survivors.

Esther Baker is one of them. In the early days she saw the inquiry as an opportunity to finally disclose her wretched childhood.

Being abused simply became part of her routine. She learnt to cope by repeating nursery rhymes or her times tables in her head as countless men took advantage of her.

The promises in recent months from politicians vowing to “uncover the truth” and “leave no stone unturned” gave her the hope that this time might be different.

She engaged with the process, took part in meetings and even received a letter from Home Secretary Theresa May thanking her for her “invaluable assistance”.

Ms Baker though has lost faith in the process.

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Justice Lowell Goddard was the third choice to lead the inquiry and was brought over from New Zealand to ensure she was independent of the British establishment, which finds itself at the centre of many allegations of child abuse.

Ms Baker will wait and see how Justice Goddard performs.

But the false starts, the disagreements and infighting between survivor groups and having her private meetings recorded and then leaked to a newspaper have left her disillusioned.

She said: “At this stage now I don’t trust the inquiry. When I first went into it I did. I put all my trust in it really.

“It feels dirty, the inquiry to me. I don’t think they understand how fake it feels now. It feels stage managed and it feels like it is a game.

“It feels like they are playing a game with survivors now.”

The scope of the inquiry is so wide that it will take years to wade through the troubling and complex evidence.

Esther Baker

Esther Baker told Sky News the Goddard Inquiry feels ‘fake’

Some would like it to be wider still. The Kincora children’s home in Belfast, where children were allegedly trafficked to England to be abused, will still not figure under current plans.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The Home Secretary set up the independent inquiry, under the chairmanship of Justice Goddard, to examine the extent to which abuse has taken place in state and non-state institutions in England and Wales.

“She is confident the inquiry will establish why it was possible for such abuse to take place and challenge individuals and institutions without fear or favour.”

Ms Baker’s is just one of thousands of stories.

Last year at the sentencing of John Allen, a care home boss from north Wales who abused youngsters for decades, the judge said he had seen a “procession of sad broken men” pass through the witness box.

The reality is that there is a procession of individuals to be found in every corner of the UK.

Survivors of abuse are not one group of people. They are all individuals who have suffered in different ways and who want different things.

Justice Goddard has an enormous job on her hands.



4 Responses to “Abuse Survivors Lose Faith In Goddard Inquiry”

  1. Emm Jay says:

    My heart goes out to Esther and all the others, truly it does. Would it not be possible for them to take out a civil lawsuit against the perpetrators? How can they be expected to wait for even more years? Their evidence is here NOW! They absolutely need action taking … NOW!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    This is the straw that will break the Camels back.. We all know what these monsters have been doing to these poor kids… All set up as a human chain for them to abuse. It really doesnt get any lower than this. Whether it is religeous or not we need justice. I cant bear the thought of what these defencless kids went through. It is time for civil action and to take the law back from the perverts in power. We have to speak up and make some noise.

  3. RabbiT says:

    The entire judicial system in the UK is rotten to the core.

    I found it was the case that you could not get a fair hearing but now – they have a new tactic which is to ensure you don’t even get a hearing.

    Just read the article:

    “Justice Lowell Goddard was the third choice to lead the inquiry and was brought over from New Zealand to ensure she was independent of the British establishment, which finds itself at the centre of many allegations of child abuse.”

    She is not independent of the establishment, she is a member of the establishment hence cannot be independent and is therefore appointed to cover up, no if’s no but’s.

    To get an independent Inquiry there has to be lay involvement just as there is in a jury. By that I don’t mean bringing in Esther Rancid but the likes of Bill Maloney, John Hemming etc. then there is a fighting chance of some degree of justice but without lay involvement – no chance!.

  4. NPP says:

    Of they course they lose faith…. though faith has nothing to do with it. There was no faith connected with this to lose.
    Cover-up Cameron.
    The report today on the Methodist Church says it all: translation:
    We raped children. Sorry.
    BBC: Oh, that’s OK then, so long as you’ve said sorry.

    Interesting thing.
    Health Ranger launches world’s first search engine that favors New Media while banning corporate and government propaganda: GoodGopher.com

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