A look at the Jewish billionaires controlling American politics

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an incredibly revealing article discussing the immense influence and control over the American political process wealthy Jewish plutocrats, propagandists, and culture distorters have, particularly as it relates to the 2016 presidential race, a topic highlighted and commented upon in this space on Thursday.

The Forward spotlights the top Jewish billionaires who financed and supported various political candidates and causes during the 2014 election cycle, and who they are likely to financially back for the 2016 presidential election.

A quick look at the list of top political donors for 2014 reveals a striking fact: At least a third of the most generous 50 mega-givers were Jewish. In fact, contributions from Jewish billionaires and multi-millionaires dominated the top 10 spots on the list.

Striking, yet unsurprising.

Political activists have known for years that members of the Jewish community are over-represented in the field of political contributions.

And now, with the 2016 election cycle beginning to warm up, these Jewish donors are on the minds of all prospective candidates.

The 2014 list represents donors who were active between presidential election cycles. Some gave directly to parties, or candidates, but most of the money went to Super PACs, the main cash vehicle that will oil the wheels of the 2016 presidential campaign. […]

In the article, The Forward published a series of baseball card-style informational graphics highlighting 7 of the top Jewish billionaires dominating the American political process, which includes their overall net worth, 2012 election campaign contributions, and their primary political interests, along with other basic information.

Take a long, hard look at the people controlling your government America, and the issues they are most concerned with.

What political causes and interests most concern these plutocratic Jewish billionaires? The well-being of the American worker and American industry? Ending the disastrous, fraudulent wars of aggression in the Middle East, and properly supporting the U.S. military? Stopping the invasion and take-over of America by millions of Third World aliens? Seriously addressing government corruption, Wall Street criminality, and the catastrophic effects of economic globalization and “free trade”, which has largely destroyed the U.S. economy?
None of these critically important issues even register on the political radar of the Jewish plutocrats highlighted above. These culture distorters and parasites are primarily concerned with maintaining and increasing (if that is even possible) American support for the Jewish state of Israel, promoting “gay rights”, and, in the case of Michael Bloomberg at least, destroying the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
These are just some of the individuals the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates for 2016 will be bowing down to and begging for money from. As I wrote on Thursday:

Jewish billionaires like Saban and Sheldon Adelson essentially control the Democratic and Republican parties respectively. They donate millions of dollars to groveling, subservient candidates for the U.S. presidency each election season. Additionally, the various pro-Israel Jewish lobbies operating in Washington, D.C. and across the nation have immense influence over the political process. Candidates for federal office bow down and worship AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies, pledging their unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel and other corrupt, anti-American policies favored by international Jewry (amnesty for illegal aliens, multiculturalism and “diversity” [read: White genocide], gay marriage, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for Wall Street crooks, globalism and “free trade” agreements, etc.).

America, and the wider Western world, is governed largely by openly traitorous politicians, bureaucrats, and other officials who are entirely subservient to an international criminal mafia with operations in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and other major cities. Our candidates for the highest offices in the federal government, particularly the U.S. presidency, are more concerned about the interests of a foreign nation, the Jewish state of Israel, and a foreign, hostile group of people than they are about their own country and its citizens.

No doubt unintentionally, The Forward article revealed just how big of a scam democracy actually is in practice. Jewish billionaires essentially have a lock on the democratic political process, especially at the highest levels, institutionalized in America. Yet, Americans view democracy in sacrosanct terms. The concept and nature of democracy cannot be questioned or critically examined, no matter how obviously destructive and subversive it is.

The people who control the mass media and massive amounts of capital – organized Jewry and their traitorous, corrupt non-Jewish lackeys – control democracy. It is they who decide who rules, what political and cultural issues are important, and what public policies decisions (both domestically and in a foreign policy context) are pursued, most certainly not “the people”.


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    “Candidates for federal office bow down and worship AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies, pledging their unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel and other corrupt, anti-American policies favored by international Jewry (amnesty for illegal aliens, multiculturalism and “diversity” [read: White genocide], gay marriage, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for Wall Street crooks, globalism and “free trade” agreements, etc.).”

    “America, and the wider Western world, is governed largely by openly traitorous politicians, bureaucrats, and other officials who are entirely subservient to an international criminal mafia with operations in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and other major cities.”

    Perfectly put.

    Its time they were all tried and executed.

  2. The Israel lobby is one of the most powerful and pervasive special interest groups in the United States. It consists of a multitude of institutions and individuals that work to influence Congress, the president, academia, the media, religious institutions, and American public opinion on behalf of Israel.


  3. Jews have hijacked America from all directions while crying foul about fake Anti-Semitism!

    Here are just four organizations (among hundreds of them that permeate all areas of the American society).

    Hillel: Hillel is a Jewish international student organization. According to its web page, Hillel “fosters an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.” Its president has stated: “We are a pro-Israel organization. It is part of our mission to encourage students to build an enduring commitment to Israel as a Jewish and democratic homeland.” Hillel sponsors and promotes free “birthright” trips to Israel. These trips position Israel as the “homeland” for European and American Jews. Hillel collects annual revenue of $25,920,017, primarily from gifts, grants, and contributions. Hillel has had a program to try to expand its reach by “paying students to attract other students” to Hillel.

    In 2014 some students launched an Open Hillel to challenge the Hillel establishment and work to allow campus groups “to adopt policies that are more open and inclusive than Hillel International’s, and that allow for free discourse on all subjects within the Hillel community” and that represent “a Jewish community where the full diversity of Jewish views on Israel-Palestine is accepted and celebrated.”

    Birthright Israel: Birthright Israel is an organization that provides free ten-day holidays to Israel for young Jewish adults, age 18 to 26. Their objective is to, “strengthen Jewish identities, Jewish community, and solidarity with Israel…” Their web page strongly emphasizes support for Israel.Philanthropists, along with 14,000 individual donors, fund Birthright Israel. Their total revenue is $101,960,863.

    Chabad: Chabad-Lubavitch is an 18th century Hasidic movement that is now the largest Jewish organization in the world. Although they are a religious group, their support of Israel verges on zealotry; one Chabad Rabbi has even encouraged Jewish people to kill “Arab men, women, and children.” Chabad sometimes openly teaches that “the soul of the Jew is different than the soul of the non-Jew.” The group is incredibly well funded and has a reported net worth of $1 billion dollars.

    Republican Jewish Coalition: The Republican Jewish Coalition Jewish is a lobbying group whose mission statement includes the “embrace of pro-Israel foreign policy.” The RJC maintains close links to the Likud party of Israel. They also control a Super Pac, which has upward of 2 million dollars in their war chest. Their Annual revenue is $10,067,507. The vast majority of their funding comes from various organizations.

    religious institutions, and American public opinion on behalf of Israel.

    For a more comprehensive list of Jewish organizations:


  4. The US two party system is a sham – for both parties do the same damage to America and Americans as well as to the world at large by waging wars against foreign countries on behalf of Israel and organized Jewry.

    “Declaring Independence from Israel: It’s Way Overdue! ”

    The description of Israel as a close ally is not true, of course. It is not legally or practically an ally at all and never has been. And there is the recent revelation that Israel not only spied on Americans officials negotiating with Iran but also used the information obtained with members of Congress to undercut the talks. It is possible that Netanyahu was getting his intelligence from someone inside the US delegation, raising a troubling issue about the loyalty of some senior officials. It also suggests that at least some Congressmen received briefings from the Israeli government that included classified information obtained from the U.S. negotiating team and did nothing about it.

    Selling out to Israeli interests has become de rigueur for Republican politicians and presidential hopefuls as well as for a heck of a lot of Democrats as well. Former Bill Clinton U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson recently commented that Israel is “our anchor in the Mideast. Our beachfront is Israel. They’re our strongest ally” while Senator Chuck Schumer, who is poised to become Senate Minority Leader, has declared “One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer – to be the shomer Yisrael (guardian for Israel). And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body …”

    As Israel has done and continues to do grave damage to the United States through its actions, it is past time for an amicable divorce, to enable the dog to again wag its tail, as it were. It is quite possible to wish Israel and the Israeli people well without having to become an accomplice in war crimes. As there is more than sufficient justification to change the existing injurious special relationship, I would propose a new Declaration of Independence, this time not directed at King George III but at King Bibi Netanyahu and his associates in government.


  5. Lynn says:

    The same can be said for Britain….They have our Parliament in their pockets too. This espionage and security takeover all comes from the same beachead. They are thugs and bullies and set up for this sole purpose.. A rogue state that ignores the rules everyone else has played to. They are the curse of the planet.

    • Aldous says:

      “The same can be said for Britain….”

      Or anywhere in Europe/The West Lynn. ALL so-called parliaments are occupied and their countries/peoples subverted.

      Look at Ireland today. The controlled media scum are trying to make out that 75% of those who voted were in favour of ‘gay marriage’ – an oxymoron if ever there was one. I think the jews-media and the dodgy Jewish ballot box have over-excelled/reached themselves this time in expecting the world to believe that most people of Ireland are in favour of bum bandit and muff diver marriage. It’s hard to imagine a more destructive lifestyle and child abuse for the unfortunate surrogate and/or adopted children involved. Satanic is what it is.

      Apparently there were (supposed to be) celebrations all over Ireland! Those who believe that will believe anything. Even the hopelessly Satanically possessed Church of Ireland has chipped in with almost apologetically stating its determination to ‘modernise’ to attract younger dupes, I mean worshippers – I’ve never heard sodomy called either of those before. Who are the naive and gullible who believe that any God would have any truck with these perverts and deviants?

      Marriage is only ever between a man and a woman and those who warned that civil partnerships were the thin end of the wedge have been proven correct.
      The normal and natural family model is under attack as never before and we can expect more negative reporting on it, and stay-at-home Mums being evilly portrayed as odd – when they should be stacking shelves at Tesco or pursuing other such rewarding careers while employing childminders or shoving their kids off to day-care centres for pre-indoctrination.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Well said
        Sad that its all truethough

      • Bluefeather6 says:

        The problem is now that we are under Talmudic law, and those self confessed zionists – cameron, gove, Osborne et al -(as seen on many clips on you tube) are seemingly proud to be friends of Israel and proud to be zionists whilst serving what is in reality a state of rothchild.
        That is why nothing really happens for justice for those whom have suffered child abuse and worse. That is we are treated in the way that we are, with vaccinations, fluoride in the water, aspartame in foods etc.

  6. Aldous says:

    Dr William Pierce: Why Do Jews Love Democracy?

    Dr. William Luther Pierce of the National Alliance explains International Jewry’s obsession with spreading democracy even at the point of a gun.


    (Video length 17:28)

    Democracy… We Jews Deliver!

    We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.
    ~ Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

  7. Harriet says:

    Elections are rigged. Political parties are a sham globally. But good people and those who have the knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes can do a lot by supporting honorable websites and the efforts of people who care about humanity like the authors of Natural Healing books: Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Cass Ingram, Patricia and Richard Katz of North American Flower Society (which can help people to stay away from the dreadful hospitals and MDs controlled by the Medical Industrial Complex).

    And also by supporting courageous people in the truth movement (while exposing fraudulent ones who are on the side of evil – working for the enemy).

    A very good example is what recently happened with federal whistleblower Stew Webb, CIA whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum, Bruce Campbell, retired U. of Wisconsin-Madison professor Jim Fetzer et al who couldn’t tolerate lies anymore and left Gordon Duff and Veterans Today and hopefully more people will follow their example and leave other people who are controlled opposition like Dr David Duke recently pointed out regarding the two Jewish radio hosts Michael Savage and Mark Levin – both Zionists and were trying to cause trouble between Whites and Blacks under the guise of supporting Whites which appeared to be not the case.

    There have been other websites and people several others have exposed from time to time as being controlled opposition who were a disservice to the patriotic Americans and other global citizens who visited these sites because they cared about the truth

    And certainly we also can support those who are proud about their heritage which is a very valuable quality.

    And here is Proud Scotland:


    On another note yes Dr William Pierce is one of the people (like Eustace Mullins, Henry Ford) whose work should shine for centuries to come!

  8. Zionists are controlling politics, truth websites as well as many other aspects of American and British life.

    And it’s not an exaggeration to say that their control is global and its global Zionist tyranny!

    Here is what’s going on:


  9. Harriet says:

    It’s discouraging that the Christian Church does nothing to inform people of this great threat to America!

    The US Christian Church is a corrupt institution run for the most part by the Zionist Jews who have deceived people into thinking they are Christian pastors and other fraudulent people who are Zionist agents and snake oil salesmen with a few exceptions.

    Christian pastors have done nothing to reveal the truth about the Zionist crime syndicate that has destroyed America and the world. They have continued to falsely blame Muslims for 9/11 in order to support the Zionist war agenda. The Catholic Church has aided and abetted in the child sex trafficking in addition to participating in bringing illegal immigrants to America based on the Jewish agenda. All branches of the Christian Church also have promoted race mixing to please the Zionists Jews.

    These things have discouraged many Christians. Nevertheless there have been at least three courageous people among the Christian leaders who have spoken the truth namely: Bishop Richard Williamson, Rev Kevin Annett and Pastor James C Gallagher of Clayville Assembly, Foster RI.

    Bishop Richard Williamson became known to most of the people in the US Truth Movement after the comments he made regarding 9/11 and about the Jewish Holocaust which did not coincide with the Zionist narrative filled with propaganda and lies.

    Zionists tried to send the Bishop to jail (just like they did to the German Artist and Activist Ernst Zundel who is still in a German prison) but failed.

    Bishop Williamson bravely said that Muslims did not do 9/11 which the Zionists didn’t like and he was asked to leave the United States immediately after he made that remark which was Zionist orchestrated.

    Here is Bishop Williamson’s website:


    The following article gives details about what took place:

    “Bishop Williamson Vindicated, then Ousted” By Nicholas Kollerstom


  10. US has funded Holocaust Museums at the cost to US citizens. So many innocent people from across the globe have gone to prison for disagreeing with the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust and here are some facts about this historical event.

    Hard Facts of The Holocaust


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