12 Responses to “Why Is No One Talking About The Political Assassinations In Ukraine”

  1. For the benefit of Luke Rudkowski who is a supporter of Israel – who doesn’t like when Israel’s crimes are exposed.


  2. Political assassinations in Ukraine are orchestrated by Jews and Luke Rudkowski is a corrupt Zionist Jew who likes to cover up Jewish crime while pretending to be a truth teller.

  3. Luke Rudkowski has never told the real truth about who did 9/11. He is one of the gate keepers to protect Israel and Zionist Jews from getting any blame for 9/11.

    It is time that people get to know the truth about Luke Rudkowski who is there for the purpose of covering up the Zionist Jewish role in 9/11.


  4. From Andrew Anglin:

    The Truth About the Truth Movement: A List of Shills (abridged)

    Luke says very little worthy of mention, mainly focusing on chanting baseless slogans taken directly from the incoherent ramblings of Alex Jones. It is highly possible that the likes of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Ted Turner actually pay this rat to harass them on the streets and make them look like totally reasonable people in the face of his incomprehensible, lunatic ranting about things that only paranoid schizophrenics and terminal potheads are capable of taking seriously. Among other goofy things, this Jew claims to believe that eugenics and population control are the same thing, and that there is a secret group of White satanists who want to implement this policy for no clear reason.

    His organization of potheads, Jews and Jewish potheads, “We are Change,” has thus far failed to change anything at all. At least when Obama promised change, he gave people free cellphones.

    –Writes Andrew Anglin


  5. From Andrew Anglin who exposes the fake truth man: Luke Rudkowski

    Luke Rudkowski’s We Are Change

    This site has been closely linked with Alex Jones for nearly a decade now. It is basically for an activist group that promotes the same kosher approved shill talking points you hear on the Jones broadcast.

    In the mid 2000s when an increasing number of people were starting to question the official story of the 9/11 attacks, Jones put a great deal of energy in trying to centralize independent 9/11 truth groups into becoming chapters of We Are Change. This made it easier for them to control the 9/11 truth narrative to ensure nothing about Jews or Israel were linked to the attacks.

    The most prominent member of We Are Change has been Luke Rudkowski. Rudkowski to this day refuses to mention anything about the Jewish power structure in his alleged activism. Countless videos of him obnoxiously confronting different politicians and power brokers have done nothing to create any sort of change. It may have made him a prominent face in the fake “truth” movement but that’s about all the change that We Are Change has achieved.


  6. Luke gets confronted on the NYC WeAreChange Embezzlement rumor


  7. Luke Rudkowski guilty of fraud embezzlement and exploitation ?


  8. Is Luke Rudowski “Lukasz Milewski 9-11 Victim”?The Great ‘Truther” Deception(see links)


  9. First ever interview with Luke Rudkowski in polish [ENGSUB], SYDNEY 14/11/09


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