Another massive power out. Who’s switching off the world’s power supply?

It was about 5 am.  The aircon juddered, sounding like a distressed helicopter making a forced landing, then fell silent.  My breathing machine and mask, which I wear every time I sleep for apnea, slumped against my face, and instead of assisting, made breathing into a struggle.  I grabbed it away and lay looking into the darkness.  This was what’s called locally – ‘a brown out’.  Why they use the term, I’m not sure, as brown outs were when power was reduced and light bulbs went dull.  The world went brown, not black, and, at one time going back decades, this happened almost daily .  This was actually a black out.  We were in our house in Mindanao, in the Southern Philippines.


Davao City – when power was working as usual!

Power usually comes back on within half an hour, or an hour when there ia a power cut, but this time, power was off and stayed off.  It took seven and a half hours before it came back on.  Nor was it just a local cut.  The whole of Mindanao was affected, an island with numerous big cities with million plus populations, around ten million people in total.   No satisfactory explanation emerged from what happened.

The list of massive, unexplained power cuts keeps growing.  It started with the one in Holland that nearly trapped us at Schiphol.  The whole of Holland was switched off.  Then the whole of Turkey.  Then a chunk of Central London.  Then Washington DC.   They were all huge power cuts, lasting many hours, and none were satisfactorily explained.

By chance, I just called the Tap Blog contributor from the city we stay in in Mindanao, who started sending me emails two years ago, and it was only when he explained how widespread the power cut there had been, that I realised this was yet another that follows the same pattern as the others.  ‘Very unusual,’ he said.  It wasn’t reported on the TV, which itself is also odd.

Who’s controlling the off switch in the world’s power supply?


As these cuts seem to be following me around (Holland and Mindanao), I wonder if there’s a third one yet to catch up with us.  I’m now in Manila.  Let’s hope that’s not the next target.  Being cut off is becoming a weekly event wherever we are in the world.



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  1. Gary says:

    Remember the problem in Iran’s nuclear power plant? Initially blamed on earth tremors it later turned out that a virus had been introduced to their plant. This caused the centrifuges to run fractionally too fast and causing much damage.

    Not long after this an international symposium of power industry experts met to discuss vulnerability to hacking. The majority of power stations, however fuelled, are vulnerable to attack. As with any virus there is only so much that can be done.

    Almost any country could do this to its enemies, or friends…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Jim Stone has suggested the Stuxnet (Mossad) virus has been used on these recent power failures as well as on the Fukushima nuclear plant.

  3. Anonymous Lightworker says:

    Jennifer. Ill be very disappointed with tapblog, if my passionate passionate comment, isn’t printed. I typed it specially, so others would read, copy and paste, and disseminate on FB, twitter, and email outwards, To go viral
    I had hoped tapblog was a vital ally in this battle we face, a vital network node point, for the Light to enter
    So Jennifer, please reply and tell me what you didn’t like about my comment, and ill alter it. But please realise, the evil of the snuff industry, and the high up household names that lord it over us. This has to stop. And is why I typed what I did. Copying and Pasting and Facebooking and Twittering and Emailing are our solution to this. Don’t you see?
    So that in offices all across the UK, and beyond, theyre talking about what beyond words stuff is happening, with our ‘Elites’. Reply Jennifer please or post my comment

  4. Harriet says:

    Tap writes: It was about 5 am. The aircon juddered, sounding like a distressed helicopter making a forced landing, then fell silent. My breathing machine and mask, which I wear every time I sleep for apnea, slumped against my face, and instead of assisting, made breathing into a struggle.

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  5. Tapestry says:

    The health troubles I’ve had are much better these days, and especially thanks to better diet, and detoxing. We were sprayed with PCB as children on a farm on a regular basis, my father believing it harmless as indicated by Monsanto. I never tried flower remedies and I am sure they offer improvement to many people. Thanks for your concern Harriet.

  6. Harriet says:


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