Washington power cuts. Too much ‘Smart’ technology makes us vulnerable.


First Holland, then Turkey, now Washington DC. Surely not co-incidental?

TAP – not to mention the one in Central London.   With Washington also affected, this is starting to look more like Russia showing her potential to strike, than an Agenda 21 action.

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April 8 2015
Failed equipment did not cause DC power outage
I am an expert in this area, and my opinion matters. Here is what really happened: Someone proved they could either plant a virus in or directly hack the power system in Washington DC. How do I know? EASY:

If this was due to “failed equipment” at the power facility, EVERYTHING would have gone off at once. And the grid is still intact enough to prevent a true widespread power outage in DC so problems at a single power facility would have practically zero chance of causing a power outage.

Forget Jurassic park, modern distribution systems do not work the way it was shown in that movie. Jurassic park showed 1970’s technology, not what systems were like when that movie was made.

Here is reality:
When it comes to high power distribution, ALL the switches have brains, and open and close themselves. There is no requirement for pump or pull the handle B.S. in any high power distribution system anymore, ALL these circuits can think autonomously, AND have central control. They all have readout screens which show power factor, volts, current, the whole 9 yards and they can all be set to try a circuit again in a few seconds if they trip out. This is why in America (and I know everyone has seen this) power usually goes out for five seconds or so and comes right back on. If it goes off a second time, it stays off because the automatic intelligent switch knows it is a hard fault and does not keep trying. In addition to this, these switches can be programmed from a central control station to variable trip values, and to turn off or on with no one physically present. This is not the 70’s anymore, the switches are all computer based. These switches are housed in power sheds usually at substations that are far away from the power generating facility. Even though the switches in the picture look impressive, no power generating facility would ever have switches that small. These would be for power control to neighborhoods. Every neighborhood substation is likely to have these in a little building that has no windows.

The only way you could have one block or building at a time switch off and come back on the way it just happened in DC is if someone hacked the system and started causing mayhem with these intelligent switches which are UNIVERSALLY used now. If the problem was at the power facility, EVERYONE in the region would go off at the same time, and come back on at the same time. These intelligent switches typically weigh 500 pounds or so and run at 2,400 volts or more, I am not talking small fry stuff you would find at Home Depot. Your local transformer would be AFTER these switches, between your house and one of these switches.

If the power was switching off and on in small pockets at random all over DC, it means beyond all doubt that someone hacked the system, and wanted to show the Federal government of the U.S. that they were at someone elses whim and could be shut down at will from somewhere else. THE FACT CNN LIED ABOUT THIS AND SAID IT WAS THE CENTRAL POWER FACILITY PROVES THEY DO NOT WANT TO ADMIT TO WHO DID THIS. Smart money says Israel, but I would not be surprised if it also leaned towards Russia.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Who’s Got the Power?

    Truth Lockout
    Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on April 7, 2015

    Instead of informing the public of important news and serving Americans, the Controlled Major Mass Media is an illegal News Cartel that dispenses Big Government Lies, false-narratives, and propaganda to Psyop the American People and lockout any real truth.

    We now know for certain that Major News that is dispensed to mainstream America is not only false, but it is comprised of Big Government Lies, false-narratives, and notably false USG propaganda.

    And we also know for certain that the Major Mass Media in America is completely controlled by six men who are subservient to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) and are known to be their Cutouts.

    These six News Controllers manipulate much of their biased reporting and news to serve as sophisticated Psyops used to manipulate the American People into illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared un-winnable, perpetual foreign wars of acquisition for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia (KM).



  2. Blaming Russia for Zionist crimes is shameful and inexcusable and that is what propagandists do in order to stir up trouble against people who didn’t commit the crime.

    Leave Russia alone. First it was sensational fake news about President Putin and now the same culprit is blaming Russia for Zionist crimes.

    When will this blame game to implicate Russia end?

  3. Gordon says:

    Warning! Not for the faint of heart!
    55 minute Rabbi Finkelstein interview reveals all. You have been warned!


  4. This is what the CIA/Mossad asset and PM Narendra Modi of India is up to as a subservient man to International Zionist bankers who own “Smart Technology” which actually is dangerous [not smart] to humans and all other forms of life.

    This is the deceptive way so many bad things have been introduced where unsuspecting and naive people have been made to believe hazardous things are good and helpful to them.

    Modi-Fixation With Smart Cities

    With Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to spend a day in Toulouse during his latest three-nation tour of the West, the talk of the town is that the BJP-led NDA government may finally opt for the French model for its Smart City project.

    For the uninitiated, Toulouse, about 580km from the French capital, Paris, belongs to the league of Smart Cities like Seoul, Singapore, Yokohama and Barcelona. Spread over 380 sq km, and divided into metropolitan area and 24 independent communes, it traces its history at least since the Iron Age. It is known as the Pink City (La Ville Rose) with architecture made of pinkish terracotta bricks giving the city on the banks of the River Garonne a unique flavour.

    Toulouse has transformed into an intellectual and artistic centre by the 12th century. Its tryst with urban building started six centuries later. Wide streets, spacious boulevards, and new age transportation helped the city to withstand two massive waves of immigrants.


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