U.S., Russia, China, All Torture Prisoners

Contributed by Sherwood Ross


The three most powerful nations all operate prison systems that are places of sadism, sickness, and madness unfit for human habitation, much less human reformation.


They also lead the world with astonishing rates of imprisonment far higher than in other industrialized nations. “The U.S. incarceration rate of 737 per 100,000 people is the (world’s) highest, followed by 611 in Russia,” Reuters reports.  Compare the above rates with the following nations: Spain, 149; Canada, 114; Australia, 103; The Netherlands, 82; Germany, 80; Norway, 71; Denmark, 68; Sweden, 67; Finland, 60; and Japan, 54.

America has 2.3 million souls behind bars; China ranks second with 1.5 million, and Russia places third with 870,000—a figure Deputy Justice Minister Yury Kalinin says actually is closer to 2 million. Whatever, all three inflict gruesome tortures on their prisoners.

To begin with, one permanent misery that equals torture is overcrowding. California is fighting a U.S. Supreme Court order to slash a prison population 46% over capacity: 119,000 human beings stuffed into 33 prisons. It’s a story repeated over and again nationally—in Alabama, Illinois, ad nauseum.  “We send more people to prison, for more different offenses, for longer periods of time than anybody else,” Ryan King of The Sentencing Project, told Reuters. Among the worst off, are those isolated in California’s Pelican Bay “supermax,” locked into 11 x 7 foot windowless concrete cells for nearly 23 hours a day, without sunlight, fresh air, or human touch, according to a recent letter of appeal to Gov. Jerry Brown to end solitary.

Cut off from every normal human interaction, prisoners describe their lockdown as being “buried alive.” These conditions of torture will not make anyone safer, or prepare men for release, the letter says. Prominent psychiatrists say if the prisoners are not mad when they enter isolation, they frequently go crazy in isolation and are incapable of clear thinking when released to society.

“We stand together against these shameful practices and consider them extensions of the same inhumanity practiced at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay,” the letter reads. “In defense of the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we, the undersigned, call on Governor Jerry Brown to end this torture at Pelican Bay and all California Prisons immediately.”

Among the signatories is Right Reverend Joseph Jon Bruno, D.D., of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles; journalist Gloria Steinem; the ACLU’s Deputy Legal Director Vanita Gupta; Tikkun magazine founder Rabbi Michael Lerner; Michael Ratner, President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and MIT Professor Noam Chomsky. America is the world leader in the use of solitary confinement, what one warden called “a clean version of hell.” Eighty thousand inmates are suffering this way nationally.

Pelican Bay may be compared with Russia’s notorious Kresty prison, St. Petersburg, built to hold 3,300, but containing 10,000. In a report on overcrowding, Radio Free Europe said the average inmate there has a living space smaller than a coffin—about 60 square centimeters—and that in 1998 alone 56 inmates died of asphyxiation. China’s prisons are just as bad.

Liao Yiwu, the famed Chinese poet, describes very precisely “what it is like to be in constant fear, to live in a cramped cell with so many other men that there is barely room to lie down, and to be starved of proper food, and sex,” writes Ian Buruma about him in the July 1 issue of The New Yorker. The poet, who was beaten during his incarceration with an electric baton, recalled, “I screamed and then whimpered in pain like a dog.” Yiwu twice attempted suicide.

Torture is common in the prisons of all three countries. Human rights activist Lev Ponomaryov, reports NPR, says there are “dozens of torture prisons across Russia, where over the past eight years conditions have become so bad that some prisoners are driven to suicide. “They’re told they’re not human. They’re punished for trying to defend their dignity. The old Soviet term for that was turning people into ‘Gulag camp dust,’” Ponomaryov stated. In China, prisoners are forced to inform on their fellows and those who do not are beaten, some of them beaten to death, The New Yorker article asserted.

In America, where roughly 90,000-plus juveniles, half of them 16 or under, are confined in juvenile residence and 100,000 more in adult prisons, sexual abuse is also commonplace, according to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission Report(PRECR) of June, 2009. But this seemingly is true in many other jails as well. Air Force veteran Tom Cahill, recalled being gang-raped and beaten by the inmates while spending just one night in a San Antonio, Tex., jail. “I’ve been hospitalized more times than I can count and I didn’t pay for those hospitalizations; the taxpayers paid,” Cahill said. Over the years, the Veteran’s Administration has shelled out $200,000 in connection with that one rape. And “The Long Term View,”(Vol.7, #2) published by the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover, quotes former prisoner Necole Brown recalling, “I continue to contend with flashbacks of what this correctional officer did to me and the guilt, shame, and rage that comes with having been sexually violated for so many years.”

While many prisoners fear to reveal the beatings and rapes they have endured, a survey by the federal Bureau of Justice in 2007 estimated that 60,500 state and federal prisoners were sexually abused that year, most of the abuse, incredibly, coming at the hands of staff, not from other prisoners.

What’s more, officials in all three countries view inmates as slave laborers and force them to work for little or nothing. Chinese Poet Yiwu, confined for his poem “Massacre,” said, “prison personnel…were quick to take advantage of the free labor to fatten their wallets.” In his prison, inmates spent at least 10 hours a day putting together medicine packets and those who resisted the work could be beaten up and thrown into “dark cells” just big enough to crawl into and lie down. Yiwu told of tortures and humiliations too nauseating to be cited in this article.

While the U.S. has been critical of China’s forced-labor policies, it has its own pool of prison slaves perspiring what the Russians call “golden sweat.” History professors Steve Fraser, of Columbia University, N.Y., and Joshua Freeman, of Queens College, N.Y., write for TomDispatch that, “All told, nearly a million (U.S.) prisoners are now making office furniture, working in call centers, fabricating body armor, taking hotel reservations, working in slaughterhouses, or manufacturing textiles, shoes, and clothing, while getting paid somewhere between 93 cents and $4.73 per day.”

What began in the 1970s as an end run around the laws prohibiting convict leasing by private interests has now become an industrial sector in its own right, employing more people than any Fortune 500 corporation and operating in 37 states, the historians contend.

Since a large percentage of the victims employed at this labor are African-Americans, one wonders why it isn’t banned under apartheid statutes.

As Adam Gopnik pointed out in The New Yorker (Jan. 30, 2012): “More than half of all black men without a high-school diploma go to prison at some time in their lives. Mass incarceration on a scale almost unexampled in human history is a fundamental fact of our country today—perhaps the fundamental fact, as slavery was the fundamental fact of 1850. In truth, there are more black men in the grip of the criminal-justice system—in prison, on probation, or on parole—than were in slavery then. Overall, there are now more people under “correctional supervision” in America—more than six million—than were in the Gulag Archipelago under Stalin at its height. That city of the confined and the controlled, Lockuptown, is now the second largest in the United States.”

The most insidious crimes of all that governments commit against their prisoners is the Chinese practice of executing them in order to harvest their body organs—-hearts, livers, corneas, etc. According to a report by Point Park News Service, Pittsburgh, Pa., Dr. Jianchao Xu, an assistant professor of nephrology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, N.Y., says independent studies reveal at least 30,000 Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have been killed for this purpose. “Millions are put into labor camps,” said Yang, “and they’re subjected to rape, torture, and, of course, organ harvesting,” adds Dr. Jingduan Yang, of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting. In all three countries, medical care reflects the official view of prisoners: meaning that it ranges from poor to non-existent. Stories still emerge of American prisoners who die waiting for a doctor to see them.

The prison systems of the three nations have much in common: they are all inhumane; they all employ torture; they all exhibit little or no regard for human life; and they all spotlight the medieval mind-set and contemporary totalitarian practices of the societies that created them.

(Sherwood Ross is a Miami, Florida-based PR consultant who formerly reported for the Chicago Daily News and worked as a wire service columnist. Reach him at sherwood.ross@gmail.com)

TAP – All government run institutions are operated by paedophiles and sadists.    The loyalty of the ‘workforce’ is bought not with money but with opportunity.  As in the church, paedophiles need access to victims so priests remain loyal to the institution that feeds their requirements.  The hierarchy knows that it must defend the perpetrators or the edifice will collapse.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Uncivilised and barbaric.

  2. It’s time to expose all culprits who are violating humanity through murder, torture, deprivation of basic needs and other cruel methods every where including those who have stolen the land belonging to ethnic Palestinians who lived there for thousands of years and who are also trying to steal the Motherland of Sri Lanka from ethnic Sinhala people who have no other place to go.

    Gaza: World’s largest prison


  3. From Professor James Petras of Global Research

    Total War against Gaza: Israeli Genocide and its Willing Accomplices


  4. The Invasion of Gaza: “Operation Cast Lead”, Part of a Broader Israeli Military-Intelligence Agenda By Prof Michel Chossudovsky


  5. There are a lot pf journalists and columnists who write about human violations in various countries but leave out Israel’s atrocities.

    What’s the reason for this hypocrisy?

    And sometimes they write about crime but leave out those who are behind the crime and as a result this vital information becomes totally lost and the criminals keep hopping from one country to another and the country gets the blame like Russia getting the blame for Bolshevik murders which were not done by the ethnic White Russians but an alien race that hijacked Russia.

    This is what’s going on in Gaza for the entire world to witness yet many have chosen to remain quiet:

    A relative carries the body of four-year-old Qassim Elwan during his funeral in Gaza City on 19 July. Qassim was killed along with his brother by Israeli shelling the previous day. (Caption from Electronic Intifada, Ezz al-Zanoun / APA images)

    Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip Tuesday, renewing the one-sided, more than month-long war.

    In the latest round of air strikes, it was reported by the health ministry Tuesday night that a two-year-old child and a woman were killed and 25 others were wounded—most of them women and children—in the bombing of a home in Gaza’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood. It was reported earlier that two young children were injured in one strike, and three adults in another.

    Updated figures released by the Gaza Health Ministry revealed that the Palestinian death toll has climbed to over 2,020, including 543 children and 252 women. Israeli fatalities number 67, out of which 64 were soldiers invading the Palestinian territory.

    Among the targets struck Tuesday night was Hamas’s Al Aqsa radio station, which went silent after the bombing.

    Meanwhile, UNRWA, the United Nations agency in charge of relief for Palestinian refugees, reported that thousands of people were once again fleeing their homes to seek shelter from the renewed air raids in already overcrowded UN schools. At least 425,000 Gazans have been displaced by Israel’s wholesale destruction of residential neighborhoods.

    The resumption of the bombing campaign came as talks in Cairo on a long-term cessation of hostilities ground to a halt in the face of Israeli intransigence. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused any concessions on core Palestinian demands for the lifting of the seven-year-old blockade that has turned Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison, starved of essential resources and cut off from the outside world.


  6. Israel and Zionism (and Communism before Zionism): Mother of all terrorism

    “Israel’s Support for Latin American Dictators: “Mothers of the Disappeared” Feel Gaza’s Pain”

    For Galeano and others, the respective plights of Latin Americans and Palestinians are not only linked in a fertile historical analogy — bridging the gulf of their separate oppressions is an unassailable fact.

    In the second half of the twentieth century, Israel supplied repressive Latin American governments, from Guatemala to Argentina, with weapons, military transportation, intelligence equipment, counterinsurgency training and even public relations consulting.

    Most notoriously, Israel kept close ties with Augusto Pinochet, the brutal Chilean general who took power during a bloody coup in 1973 with the help of the CIA. During his seventeen years of rule, Pinochet “disappeared” thousands of his citizens and committed countless human rights abuses. Throughout his reign, he benefitted from numerous shipments of Israeli weapons — and, of course, strong US backing as well.

    Israel has fewer friends

    In Latin America today, Israel has far fewer friends. This reality becomes pronounced whenever it escalates the war against the population it continues to occupy.

    When this happened this summer in Gaza, the now predictable pattern of destruction — the infrastructure callously destroyed, the staggering civilian casualty count — led many Latin American states to take a firm position on the Israeli attacks. (Of course, countries with close economic and military dealings with the United States — such as Colombia and Panama, which have also received arms shipments from Israel in recent years —were not among them.)

    The procession of countries standing up for Palestinians was impressive. In late July, Bolivian President Evo Morales declared Israel “a terrorist state.”

    Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and El Salvador withdrew their ambassadors from Tel Aviv, and the president of Argentina joined the heads of state of Brazil, Venezuela and Uruguay in issuing a “special communiqué” condemning Israel’s “disproportionate use of force.”

    Cuba, a country which ruptured diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973, is perhaps the most vocal critic of Zionism in the hemisphere. In 1959, iconic guerrilla leader Che Guevara led a Cuban solidarity envoy to Gaza soon after the triumph of the Cuban revolution. In August of this year, former Cuban President Fidel Castro penned a columnin the country’s state newspaper titled “The Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza.” These are just a sampling of the latest pushes in Latin America to isolate Israel for its gross mistreatment of Palestinians.




  7. By Dr. David Duke, Probably no event in recent history has been more damaging to the image of America than the tortures that occurred at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. President Bush claimed that one of the justifications of attacking Iraq, was that people were being tortured by Saddam Hussein in that country.

    Now that the graphic, disgusting pictures of Abu Ghraib reveal unspeakable tortures of Iraqi men and women in American custody (and the world only saw a very small portion of them), it is certain that America’s enemies will use Bush’s own logic to inspire and justify murderous attacks on Americans.

    What happened at Abu Ghraib is as unAmerican and as damaging to America as any attack by al-Qaeda . The tortures that occurred there are symbolic of the fact that America has lost its way and that those in control of our nation have no sense of American justice or our honorable traditions.

    No appeal to patriotism is any excuse for the tortures. I am a Patriot. I love America. I even instructed anti-Communist officers for the U.S. Government in Laos during the Viet Nam War. But, what happened at Abu Ghraib is symbolic that America has lost her heart and soul, and I grieve for our lost sense of morality and justice. Any government that would spawn those kinds of injustices on other peoples will someday commit them on its own. Once the line is crossed, there is no going back.

    From the beginning of the Abu Ghraib scandal (which we came perilously close to not even finding out about), I was shocked by the sickening sexual nature of the tortures: anal and oral rape of male prisoners, vaginal and oral rape of girls and women, helpless nude Iraqi males tying to protect their genitals from vicious police dogs. Can there be a more horrible image of Americans than what these photos reveal? The whole sordid tale seems like something from the pen of the Marquis de Sade.

    The abuse at Abu Ghraib is certainly foreign to traditional concepts of American justice, so how did it come about? After sifting through mountains of evidence, I believe that question can be definitively answered: The same Jewish supremacist forces that orchestrated the Iraq War also brought to Iraq the torture methods of the Israeli State. The tortures of Abu Ghraib are completely consonant with the history of Jewish supremacism. As Jewish manipulators exercise their supremacy over our political and media establishment, America becomes more and more their agent in these crimes. We do so at the risk of all we hold dear.

    War has frequently brought horrendous consequences on prisoners of war, but in American history most of those consequences were due to the poor conditions of prison camps, not on a purposeful implementation of tortures. In the War for Southern Independence, both Northern and Southern prisoners of war suffered terrible loses from malnutrition and disease in the prison camps of both sides.

    It wasn’t until the aftermath of the Second World War that America suffered the scandal of prison torture. The Jewish media supremacy makes few Americans of today aware of the scandals surrounding the Nuremberg and other war crimes tribunals against the Germans. Sen. Robert Taft of Ohio held congressional hearings that documented the widespread torture of German detainees long after the ending of hostilities.

    More here:


  8. Gordon Logan says:

    Sherwood Ross, who is of course a Jew, doesn’t mention Israel. The Israelis and American Jews actually invent new ways of torturing people. They are also very good at inventing horrific weapons: Edward Teller, Robert Oppenheimer. Note the atrocities in Ukraine, and the atrocities of ISIS, which is a Mossad subsidiary. The Jewish Russian revolution involved a real holocaust and the most ingenious new forms of cruelty. Harvesting human organs in a well known Israeli sport. Mr Ross is yet another Jewish scoundrel.

  9. Gordon Logan in 4/12 sentences stated important facts which only a handful has courage to write or speak.

    I applaud Gordon Logan!


  10. Julie says:

    ABC Television in Australia confirms that Palestinian children have been abused/tortured by the Israeli Defense Force.

    “The United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF) has been investigating these claims and last year released a scathing report finding that “children have been threatened with death, physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault.”

    As Four Corners discovered, though, Palestinian children have more to fear than the Israeli army. Reporter John Lyons shows clear evidence that Israeli settlers in the West Bank regularly attack Palestinian school children, knowing the authorities will not intervene. He also discovers there are two legal systems operating. One for Israeli children and one for young Palestinians”


    Remember Mossad’s motto. “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”. And that is what they do, now and always. It’s straight from the Talmud.

  11. Another horrific Zionist crime ignored by people like Mr Sherwood Ross who are eager to criticize America and Russia [although Zionist hijacked America deserves to be criticized]. Of course no one will ever hear about Zionist treachery from Mr Sherwood Ross and others like him but so much about Russia in order to help the Zionist agenda of a nuclear war against Russia!

    This is the typical Zionist game:

    Demonize the enemy repeatedly from every direction in order to prepare the way for the Zionist attack. And we are too familiar with this Zionist game plan and not to forget to – just also throw in anti -Semitism and the Holocaust while using Palestinian as targets.

    Israeli soldier: Palestinians are our training targets

    The Israeli army uses Palestinians as targets for their training, Haaretz reported a former soldier as saying.

    In an article entitled “From an Israeli combat soldier to conscientious objector”, Haaretz said that “after two years in the Israel Defence Forces, Yaron Kaplan, 21, of Lod, is declaring himself a conscientious objector and is refusing to continue his service because of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.”

    “From the moment I began my training I understood how violent this place is,” he said. “It was a totally traumatic experience. Every time we would do shooting practice, we would be ‘executing’ someone – ‘Now we shoot Mohammed; now we shoot at Ahmed’,” he said.


  12. Aldous says:

    False flag fatigue – The [Zionist Occupied] State is the ONLY Terrorist

    Insincerity, duplicity and madness have obliterated the American dream
    By John Kaminski
    Did two French fighter jets shoot down the ‘autopiloted’ Germanwings airliner?
    Posted on April 7, 2015 by State of the Nation

    Did two French fighter jets shoot down the autopiloted Germanwings airliner?

    TMR Editor’s Note
    The most overlooked piece of evidence in the downing of the Germanwings Airbus A320 in the French Alps is as follows:

    “Witnesses have described hearing an explosion ‘like the sound of dynamite’, and then seeing fighter jets fly past, suggesting the passenger plane had been under military escort.”




  13. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al – Shabaab are all created by Zionist US and Zionist Israel and war on terror and the American DHS are Zionist creations.


  14. Independent Movie Maker and former presidential candidate Merlin Miller is one of the greatest American patriots we have today!

    Elephant in the room


  15. Criminal imperialists in the UK and US and Zionists have been [and are] the hidden force behind these countries: UK and US.

    To these warmongers and trouble creators does the Constitution of a country matter?

    Do the lives of people living in the country matter?

    Sri Lanka: Its Identity & Constitution

    The definitions, terminologies, norms and political correctness cannot be determined by people who have built their nations and developed their political influence as a result of plundering, murdering, converting and influencing indigenous nations and people. Nevertheless that is the status quo. It is the will influenced by former colonial power houses who have set up political systems, monetary systems, trade regulations that create the benchmarks to decide how nations should function and what is acceptable or not against what suits their interests. For far too long former colonies given independence have ritually followed rules and regulations determined by the very nations that have brought them to Third World in debt status. The power they yield internationally with their hold over global economic systems networked to show their might have forced national leaders to succumb to their will. Nevertheless, this subservience cannot go on forever. Nations cannot simply lay to rest rich histories, civilizations, discoveries, monumental artifacts and heritage, ancient governing systems that held people and nations together without animosities simply because a handful of profit making nations find it convenient to have a world in conflict. Should the constitutions of these nations be drafted taking stock of these ancient systems without tapping into the colonized versions?

    Must we therefore as a nation go by what the West that plundered and destroyed nations determine as the internationally accepted nomenclatures for all that governs the world?

    Why is Africa, Asia and Latin America not challenging presenting examples of how their ancient governing systems kept societies and communities together instead of dividing and ruling them? In what ways have these western created Constitutions and systems actually helped foster and generate peace and harmony in this world? How ‘democratic’ has governance been to the People who vote their leaders? What are the achievements against the colossal sums of money spent to keep Western democratic systems afloat?


  16. Grueling & hazardous’: HRW exposes Palestinian child abuse in Israeli settler farms


  17. Children of “Holocaust survivors” being groomed to perpetuate weaponized historical narrative


  18. Is HAARP facility closed down?

    Is it true or mere propaganda to deceive you?

    Find out here:


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