To fight back, we need to relearn who we are

Travelling again this week has made blogging a little difficult.  Internet access the main problem.  That said, I’ve had lots of lovely time for my greatest relaxation – reading, and I’ve taken full advantage.  Following on from Ralph Ellis’ King Jesus trilogy, which identifies the biblical Jesus from the historical record as King Manu of Edessa, and nothing even approaching a Christian – more a gnostic, a Jew and a warrior intent on winning power, driving out the Romans from Judaea.  He nearly succeeded in his task, but was betrayed by Josephus Flavius, an enemy in his camp, who spied for Rome, and ended up in control of Judaea after the Jewish Revolt was brutally suppressed in AD 70 by Titus Aurelius Vespasian.

Manu was put up on the cross, but, as high Royalty with connections, was taken down and lived on until AD 98.

Josephus Flavius then concocted The New Testament, using his other nom-de-plume, St Paul, transporting the biblical story backwards in time to AD 33, and making Jesus a simple, poor though good man, propagating a ‘turn the other cheek’ religion, ideally suited to the needs of Rome’s empire, offering salvation to its adherents, and ignominy,defeat and death to those who stood in its way, people like the gnostics.  Manu was imprisoned in the specially constructed jail in Chester along with his primary followers, while the victor in Judaea Vespasian went on to become Emperor of Rome.



Abgaros Basileus – King Abgaros – meaning King in exile, formerly King Phraataces of Persia, exiled to Edessa next to Judaea.  The father of Manu, who became the biblical Jesus in the hands of historian/propagandist/spy Josephus Flavius/St Paul.  The Edessan crown shows a line of thorns….The ‘coincidences’ build from there, until the deceptions become undeniable in the hands of historian Ralph Ellis in his King Jesus trilogy of 1500 pages.

My interest naturally went on from that story to the subject of gnosticism.  The libraries of the ancient world were burned down  in order to hide everything that preceded Christianity, and leading gnostics killed, people like Hypatia of Egypt.  There is enough evidence still extant to piece together the history of who they were and what they believed.  Before the Abrahamic, salvationist, patriarchal religions of empire, Judaeism, Christianity and Islam were manufactured, belief systems worldwide focused on man’s relation to the earth, the sun and the moon.

These three are the basis of our existence, and we are an emanation from the creation of these entities.  Not In His Image, written by John Lamb Lash, explains it, and pulls together as much as he can from the evidence available, though interestingly, he clearly is not yet aware of the work of Ralph Ellis, or doesn’t support it, although his interpretation of The Dead Sea Scrolls is remarkably similar to Ralph Ellis’.  Ellis writes as a historian.  Lash as a spritual warrior, not frightened to point out the illogicality of a  single creator God delivering both the good and the evil into the world.  Gnostics believed in the goodness of organic creation, which went wrong when inorganic Archons became embroiled in the process.  These two quite separate forces are in conflict with each other, and we, humanity are, thanks to the religions of Empire, not even aware now of the primary battle we should be engaged in.  Lash puts us in the picture, explains what humanity must now do, how we must unlearn the fables of Jesus and the other bibles thrust upon us by those who seek our submission, and rediscover the forces that we should be battling to support, and resist.  Through a process of initiation, B.C.E. (before the Chjristian era?),  gnostics were able to educate the people into where the creative energy that built our world comes from, and saw humanity as capable of great good from using our intelligence, creativity and social skill.

Lash wants us to retake up the battle with the Archons, realise what they are and what they are doing to us.  They are incapable of creativity, and can only mirror and mimick.  Yet they are skillful deceivers, and have penetrated everything around us to the point that people are now completely taken in and lost.

The two writers, Ellis and Lash are the two sides of the same story, though their approaches couldn’t be more different.   I’ve added both to my list of Tap Blog recommended reading.

When in the southern Philippines, I met up with a couple of journalists working in the area of the recent massacre of Police.  They told me that the FBI?CIA were present in the area the day before the masacre took place, found out from their contacts with local politicians.  How did they know to be around if they weren’t involved?  They also told me that in the town where we have a house, there have been three mosques built in the last four years.  I could hear the prayers blasting out in the night on loud speakers, which never used to be the case .  There seems little doubt the Philippines government is planning to capitulate and create a Moslem controlled State in Mindanao, sectioning off a large part of the island, giving in to the blackmail.  The little town where my wife comes from is 97% Christian. Yet it seems it is being shoved in with the new Moslem section.  History suggests this population will be suppressed by Sharia, driven out and possibly worse.

The religion of choice worldwide now seems to be Islam.  Christianity and Judaeism are powerless to resist, and are sold out to the process at the highest level.  With people no longer believing in the bible (except in places like the Philippines, and Americas), the powers that be are seeking to dumb down, suppress and reduce population along with creative economic activity worldwide through war and Islamic domination.

Lamb Lash’s message needs to get a move on, as the free people of the world, who have benefited from the Enlightenment in Christian thought two hundred years ago, are now in severe danger of losing everything we gained.  Without the bigger picture being well explained, we are powerless to stop this process of destruction.  But with it explained and assisted into our minds, we can resist and must resist.  Ellis and Lamb Lash should be on everyone’s reading list so we can unravel the knots in the bonds of deception placed arounds us for over two thousand years.  There is work to do, I am afraid.  Being cut off from the internet can be a good thing on occasions.  Reading is the best place to begin relearning the world and our vital place within it.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    A most interesting post Tap. You state:

    “My interest naturally went on from that story to the subject of gnosticism”.

    I am not a historian but I believe you refer to the story being told by Ellis?

    If so, you believe in stories, rather than historical accounts which have long been proven.

    You quote:

    “We must unlearn the fables of Jesus and the other bibles thrust upon us by those who seek our submission, and rediscover the forces that we should be battling to support.”

    Pray tell me what are these “forces” we should support? (All a bit vague Tap.)

    Pray tell me why we should oppose the teachings of Jesus?

    “Through a process of initiation, B.C.E. (before the Chjristian era?), gnostics were able to educate the people into where the creative energy that built our world comes from, and see humanity as capable of great good from using our intelligence, creativity and social skill.”

    Can you prove such and tell us what you mean by such?

    “Christianity and Judaeism are powerless to resist, and are sold out to the process at the highest level.”

    Can you expand upon how your belief is empowered to resist beyond those who are of an alternative belief to yours?

    I look forward to how you can overthrow “the process”.

    You state: “With people no longer believing in the bible”.

    I think you will find there are many believing in the bible, far more than you think, now let me guess: what is the world’s best selling book?

    The bible. Yet Tap according to you…

    Please believe what you will but please be open to alternatives to what you think and to facts.

    • Tapestry says:

      I would take an enlightened Christian in preference to any other adherent to religion of empire, and in preference to a dumbed down lost human. Sadly that is no longer enough. Christians are able to understand much that is good, and the bible is not only a deception. However the threat to humanity is such that the deception part has to be understood, and we need to move back to where we were before the deceptions were made. I fully understand that there are still people who believe the bible is the word of god. We were all brought up to think that by our parents who we loved. Yet we now have access to masses more information which can free us from the evils that the deceptions are facilitating. I have read the bible. Have you read the books which tell us that much within it is deceptive, as is the case with the Talmud and Judaeism also, and Islam. Humanity must step back from dependence on institutions which are enslaving us as they were designed to do. We are human first before we are members of institutions designed by deceivers.

  2. George says:

    I found your post very interesting.
    The history of control that surrounds the three religions has always been to much to overlook.
    It is my opinion that they have all been made in sequence, as needed to gain control over the means of production, people. The destruction of all records was done for the reason you state, and I believe there are still enough information in the library under the Vatican to sort the whole mess out.
    Your last paragraph, where you put forward that Islam is the Worldwide Religion of choice, I agree 100%.
    I will put forward what I have believed for a long time now; that what you have said is true, and the NWO has made a deal with them where they will give the Imams the control of the means of production, the people, with express orders to weed out those who they wish.
    They will provide the Laws, Politics, and Enforcement, with all the brutality of the western created ISIS.
    I’m certainly going to investigate the work of Ellis and Lash as you recommend. Thanks.

  3. NPP says:

    Enjoyed this – a comment too short to be accepted apparently, so let me add more words…

    I enjoyed this.

  4. user123 says:

    Here is a documentary about Jesus not being a real person:

    Caesars Messiah – The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus

  5. Mark says:

    ‘To fight back, we need to relearn who…’ – I say – ‘Jesus is’? Tap/Ellis posts in the past have covered ground. What I like, is the fresh so un-wishywashy Tap. No prisoners, wham, Jesus a fake, made-up, Josephus Flavius concocted New Testament conspiracy of conspiracies. Enlightened? Yes, that we respect your judgment and you proclaim, this… is the myth-maker of Jesus. I respect your fortitude. Should I engage? ‘Paul, transporting the biblical story backwards in time to AD 33’. Paul never indicated that time existed in the past or future, in that the present with God was changeable for the better. Globalist struggle, Paul (understood through the words of Jesus) slammed sham and all the crap we face and you write about. Headlong, go people, smash the empire and its illusions. This is where your narrative stumbles. Jesus: good. We all got that, Mark.

  6. Alison says:

    Check out “Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible and Pyramids (MacDari reading)”

    Search YouTube for audio book. Pulls together many threads from above discussion. And puts forward historical facts not taught in school. Enjoy!

    • Alison says:

      P.S. with all respect to all commenters, we can only have a valuable discussion when we know the full, accurate and unadulterated facts.

  7. Chris says:

    Hi, you might find what we have discovered regarding the ancient Hebrew language, something that might help fill in some areas you are researching in.

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