They’re Messing with Us in the Blogosphere

This is for the benefit of other bloggers and Lightworkers.

I got a message today from a reader saying they were no longer getting new post notifications from Starship Earth and Kauilapele’s blog.

I found that interesting in light of what has been happening at this blog lately.

You may know we were down for two days due to massive Google bots and so much crawling that our web host shut us down for hogging the CPU resources.

What LW29501/Patrick learned as he spent hours analyzing the source of all the traffic was very interesting.

Two sources of bots (California and British Columbia) were crawling the entire blog at top speed, which currently consists of over 4,000 posts, I think. (The new back office isn’t showing me that figure where it used to.)

There were also many repeated attempts to hack the blog. They had the user name but not the password and did not gain entry. Patrick increased the security.

There was also a request for Google to remove a particular page from Starship Earth from the European search results.

Then on Monday I received an email notification from “Web Sheriff” that someone took offense to a post and wanted it removed.

The post was about pedophilia. It contained the video of the naked young man fleeing Buckingham Palace, a post and link to another blog about Anonymous Op Deatheaters, and links to Alfred Webre’s “News Inside Out” where he hosted the list of offenders names, addresses, etc. that Anonymous made available, as well as the video testimony of the sister and brother in Hampstead.

The notice said the post was against the web host’s terms of service agreement, and that it aimed to spread hatred for specific people; the “plaintiffs”, and gave their names.

It claimed that if any harm came to them or their families, that we could be held accountable.

I immediately contacted Alfred Webre to ask him if he received one of these notices, as the document suggested mine was #8 of over 3400 of them.

Alfred did NOT receive one, and since he hosted the information I linked to, I feel he would have received one if this notification was legit. I hadn’t posted any names in my article.

Alfred is a judge, knows the law, and replied:

“NewsInsideOut has received no notice and stands behind its articles as protected by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the original constitution of the United States of America prior to the Act of 1871 establishing the unconstitutional District of Columbia.”

You may want to include that disclaimer with any “sensitive” material you post so they know they can’t intimidate you because you know the law.

There was also that video I shared yesterday from the Brit who says the Hampstead children were intimidated and coached to provide their colourful testimony and for many of us, that just doesn’t ring true. The video seems like it’s an attempt to discredit the childrens’ testimony and attack us for believing them.

I think the cabal will do anything to cover up the satanic predators and to try to prevent the alternative news from sharing the truth.

And then today I learn that at least one reader has ceased to receive email notifications of new posts from this blog.

Assuming they have white-listed the address so it isn’t sent to their spam folder, I know of no remedy.

I can’t begin to figure out what happened, because the subscription list on WordPress is automated. I have no access to it whatsoever. If you are not getting daily updates, something is wrong and you may have to manually come to the blog to get the latest posts if resubscribing fails.

I have had similar experiences with blogs I have subscribed to. I used to get notifications from the Gaia Portal like clockwork, then they suddenly stopped and although I subscribed again, they were blocked somehow and I didn’t get any more.

Other people were still receiving those notifications, and while this reader is not getting my emails or Kauilapele’s, I am still getting KP’s. Go figure.

Also, I was subscribed to American Kabuki for a long time and the emails suddenly stopped. In the past few weeks they mysteriously resumed.

You can keep in touch with KP at his Facebook page.

My Facebook page.  ~ BP

From Starship Earth

Sent in by Adam

Also from Adam


I know youre busy, with a lot of things to think about
But if you remember anything from the deluge I send, please remember, to check at least once a week (or even subscribe)
Im so upset, ive been so upset, at the evil that’s going on, horrific evil, that goes right to the highest levels. Not dirty old men in a mac at the end of the street.
Ive been so troubled to learn, what happens in snuff films with children, babies. And again theyre not the odd lone wolf weirdo as the media tells us, to act as a pressure valve release. No Craig. This is so intertwined in society, its a hidden virus, and once people get corrupted by its paedophile ring tentacles, theyre as thick as thieves, watching each others back. And it extends into every sphere of agencies, life.
This doesn’t mean everyone s bad, societys bad, not it isn’t. Most of us are good. The trouble is, we don’t know who the bad people are, theyre ruthless, and hide in plain sight though some may be unknown. A lot are powerful prominent figures
The evilness of all this is part of what motivates me, to be aLightworker. Im also motivated too because the 20th century cover up of free energy, Townsend Browns Electrogravitics, and the exponential incredible inventions the military industrial complex must have secretly made since the 1950s I discuss at length….also motivates me. But thecolemanexperience also does
Ill end with a final, important message. SunTzus Art of War is a classic old Chinese text, every military officer in training studies, and keeps with him. Most war is psychological, a war of beliefs and the mind and trickery.   And ill say this
These bad people I speak of know were waking up, know theres good people horrified and sickened and very very sad and tearful, for  the children whats happening.
And with SunTzu, theyre laying a trap.
Theyre going to orchestrate nationwide demonstrations, to prempt trouble, outrage over child abuse. Theyre going to tempt hatred and people in the streets. Like a net on the ground to take the bait,   This will justify an official response to crackdown with martial law, which is what they need, because theyre getting increasingly desperate and cornered
Therefore the message is, we must all be like Gandhi. Peaceful awakening awareness, is all that’s needed, and Is what They fear. Which is why theyre going to tempt us with bait, to justify a clampdown. Watch out for this
I recommend we plod on, peacefully as peaceful Lightworkers, like Gandhi, exposing the Secret Space program, exposing the Truths to people, then things will naturally resolve peacefully
Peaceful, non confrontative spreading of truth, with love in our hearts, is our protection Craig



10 Responses to “They’re Messing with Us in the Blogosphere”

  1. Adam Lightworker says:

    Thankyou molly for posting this
    On the wordpress subscription management page, under settings tab, I discovered it said block all emails
    I never chose that. Ive never even visited the page till today. yet all my subscriptions, to colemanexperience. Starship BP, KP, and Paul Laviolettes etheric, were ticked emails blocked
    So I unticked it. And unfollowed all the websites, then refollowed them. Thankfully it triggered a reset and your posts have resumed. Thanks for your comments Adam Lightworker xxx

  2. RabbiT says:

    I have been feeling a tad red faced for repeatedly posting that Aangirfan was recently down, when I later discovered Google had merely sought now to rank them way down in my search listings.

    Normally Home is listed within the top few but now I have to search to find, not the latest post but some old post then update such to the present news.

    Google is, in my experience, messing up Aangirfan’s listings.

  3. The utilities lied when they said “smart” or AMI meters would make the electricity grid “resilient” and “self-healing.”

    Nothing could be further from the truth, and this latest episode is more proof of the failure of “smart” meter programs everywhere.

    On Monday, hundreds of “smart” meters simultaneously exploded in Stockton, California, when a truck ran into a utility pole.

    Watch the video at:

  4. Harriet says:

    Intelligence Services Block Activists’ Emails … And Frame Them With Fake Emails

    Is Big Brother Blocking Your Mail?

    You send an email to a reporter saying that you’ve got proof of criminal wrongdoing by a government official … or a big bank. You never receive a response.

    Or you send an email to an expert on monetary policy asking if the Federal Reserve’s policies help the rich at the expense of the little guy … or an expert on radiation asking if the Fukushima accident might endanger public health. You never receive a response.

  5. Saffron says:

    I wish it were true that people will start to protest the child abuse coverup, but I don’t think it’ll happen. These days protests only ever number a few thousand, and that’s not enough. Hundreds of thousands protested the Iraq War and they didn’t respect our opposition. The problem is most people may know what’s going on but they also know what the government does to people who protest – microwaves used against Greenham Common women, police spies in the animal liberation orgs, monitoring of the Stephen Lawrence family, etc. People’s lives are too fragile now to be put on a list and lose everything when they stand up in opposition to be counted.

    What we should do is go underground like the Resistance did under the Nazis, and form unconnected cells of opposition. There’s only a handful of us with nothing to lose so we should be the ones to rise up. With enough acts against the fascist state the people will join us soon enough, and not just scores of us that can be easily played by police & govt troublemakers, I mean MILLIONS of people will march for change if they see a small group of dedicated warriors fighting to bring down the institutions that enslave and abuse us.

    We can do this non-violently through surveillance and monitoring. Use their tools against them. Get creative and be persistent, but make sure you’re not discovered. Send them targetted trojans to hack their computers and personal emails for proof of corruption and criminality, get their private mobile numbers and hack their voicemails, go old-school and buy surveillance devices from spystore, spyshop and spybase to record them in their own homes, cars, private clubs etc. Make it so they can’t speak in private without us recording them. Collect, analyse, research and post anything incriminating to the web everwhere you can. The more judges, police, MPs, lords, generals and CEOs we can expose the more willing the public will be to rise up when mass civil disobedience becomes inevitable, the harder it will be for them to fight us, and the more likely they will be to crumble from within under the weight of peer/legal pressure from those still untainted by corruption. There are many, they are still in a majority, but they can’t get their own hands dirty. The people need to show them for real they want the fascists out.

  6. Taking Back Their Power from Smart Meters in Pennsylvania

    In 2008 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative body passed, and then-Governor Ed Rendell signed into Pennsylvania Law – PA HB2200, which became Act 129 of 2008. That unethical and vested-interest law mandated AMI Smart Meters (SMs) replace perfectly safe analog meters on all residences with utility companies servicing 100,000 customers.

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