The Great Overpopulation Myth

The population of the entire world could fit shoulder-to-shoulder in a space about the size of Jacksonville, Florida.

Ninety-seven percent of the earth’s land surface is empty.

If you allotted to each person 1,250 square feet (which is quite a bit), all the people in the world would fit into the state of Texas.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, world food supplies exceed requirements in all world areas, amounting to a surplus approaching 50% in 1990 in the developed countries, and 17% in the developing regions.

Problems commonly blamed on ‘overpopulation’ are the result of bad economic policy. For example, Western journalists blamed the Ethiopian famine on ‘overpopulation,’ but that was simply not true. The Ethiopian government caused it by confiscating the food stocks of traders and farmers and exporting them to buy arms. That country’s leftist regime, not its population, caused the tragedy. In fact, Africa, beset with problems often blamed on ‘overpopulation,’ has only one-fifth the population density of Europe, and has an unexploited food-raising potential that could feed twice the present population of the world, according to estimates by Roger Revelle of Harvard and the University of San Diego. Economists writing for the International Monetary Fund in 1994 said that African economic problems result from excessive government spending, high taxes on farmers, inflation, restrictions on trade, too much government ownership, and over-regulation of private economic activity. There was no mention of overpopulation.

The government of the Philippines relies on foreign aid to control population growth, but protects monopolies which buy farmers’ outputs at artificially low prices, and sell them inputs at artificially high prices, causing widespread poverty. Advocates of population control blame “overpopulation” for poverty in Bangladesh. But the government dominates the buying and processing of jute, the major cash crop, so that farmers receive less for their efforts than they would in a free market. Impoverished farmers flee to the city, but the government owns 40% of industry and regulates the rest with price controls, high taxes and unpublished rules administered by a huge, corrupt, foreign-aid dependent bureaucracy (Dr. Jacqueline R. Kasun).

The world’s population is expected to max out at around 8 billion by 2050. Then it starts to decline.

That’s when the real trouble begins.

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9 Responses to “The Great Overpopulation Myth”

  1. pauline says:

    We here in England must soon become the most overpopulated isle in the world,and will not rule the waves but sink beneath the waves as Atlantis once did,and we the survivors of Atlantis will dissapear forever.

    • charles allan says:

      Although England is very near the top of pop density there is still tons of space and wildernesses .
      But the population is what creates GNP
      – we need people to sell to and to manufacture . The Gobi desert has no GNP.
      I agree with the article – there is tons of room and food and living space only greed prevents an idyllic island.
      Without population we would not have become the workshop of the world .

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    No it is just too many Non-European people in the UK.

  3. Jennifer says:

    The non-psychopaths of this world, designated as useless eaters, are now also considered superfluous in the post industrial age of artificial intelligence, agri-pharma and super-soldier/drones. Our labour and our consumption is no longer required. But numerically we are still a big threat to the psychopaths. So whenever population figures are used to conjure fear and anxiety we can see their disgusting agenda – Gates, Attenborough, Phil the Nazi etc.

    • Gordon says:

      Could it also be that all these wars and conflicts around the world, especially Africa, are engineered to have the populous exodus to Europe for the final slaughter of WW3. It’s better to have the herd together than the herd dispersed.

  4. user123 says:

    “The world’s population is expected to max out at around 8 billion by 2050”

    my guess is not 2050 but 2025. And why should it max out by then?

    watch from 0:12:55 until 0:17:55

  5. Jennifer says:

    I think you are right Gordon, a few more fleeing Syrian/Libyian/North African refugees drowning in the Med, will prompt a ‘humanitarian’ influx, as ferry skippers are getting such a bad rep at the moment, so the ‘authorities’ will have to take over the human trafficking – well, they are good at that sort of thing.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Just a thought….. I wonder why it is called ‘Round-up’? Sickos.

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