The government plans to turn child abuse rallies violent, and suspend democracy

National Mass Child Abuse Rallies set to choke UK Cities next weekend.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015 12:40

On Saturday 11th April 2015 in many of the major cities of the UK, including London and Manchester, mass and peaceful rallies known as assemblies are set to take place. Thousands are expected to gather on this day to make their voice heard over the fact that, after THREE WHOLE MONTHS SINCE THE DISCLOSURE BY JOHN MANN MP, not one single senior, or junior, politician out of the 24 currently stan accused of serious child sexual offences has been arrested or questioned.
On the 21st December 2014 John Mann MP handed Parliament, and police, a document with the names of 22 Members of Parliament suspected of being predatory paedophiles involved in serious child abuse and even murder.

Simon Danczak MP, exasperated and frustrated by the lack of dialogue and action from the Prime Minister on the subject warned sex abuse survivors could turn to “direct action” as a stalled-inquiry fades into “complete disarray”.

On the 5th January 2015, at the reopening of Parliament and on the day of the second reading of The Serious Crime Bill, campaigner and activist joe public staged a one man awareness raising campaign of Direct Action outside the Gates of Parliament. Using visually high impact clothing and banners he appeared right at the moment that Prime Minister David Cameron passed by on his morning walk to Parliament. Joe protest was silent and peaceful however Mr Cameron could not avoid the very public message.  (see video below)

The Prime Minster appeared agitated at the time by this unique and clever use of our freedom of expression in protesting on his first day back to work, especially on the day of the second reading of the Serious Crime Bill. After looking at the progress, or lack of it, the Prime Minister has made since the disclosure by John Mann MP, with regard to seeing these, now 24, suspected paedophile MP’s apprehended, it is hardly surprising why.

The fact is that the evidence is starting to show that David Cameron, Conservative Party Leader and at present Prime Minister (although he is fast becoming known as the #paedominister), is actively attempting to stifle and derail any Inquiry, be it Criminal or Statutory, into these allegations.  That is a criminal offence.. It is called obstructing a criminal investigation.
Of course this is not the first time the Prime Minister of the UK has been passed a list of these names. On the 7th November 2012, on the This Morning Show, presenter Phillip Schofield handed a list of the same names to him live on the show.

Cameron declined at that time to even accept the list stating preposterously that

“There is a danger, if we’re not careful, that this can turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay.”  and then compounding the outrageous statement further by adding

“I do think it’s very important that anyone who’s got any information about any paedophile no matter how high up in the country or whether they are alive or dead, go to the police”

Since the latter statement only dead Members of Parliament have been, and are currently still being, investigated and as we all know you cannot arrest a dead mannor can you question one. As for the remained of the list, those serving, former, but most importantly, alive MP’s have not been questioned nor have they been arrested.

The refusal to take the list from Phillip Schofield (click image below for full This Morning video and Telegraph news article) and the response given to the questioning put forward by Phillip, were the first real sign that David Cameron was about to begin protecting those suspect of these most heinous of crimes, from prosecution and Justice. It was begining to look like David Cameron was apologising for the paedophiles that are, still today, lurking withing the corridors of Westminster and Parliament.

Enter the second choice, Fiona Wolfe former Lord Mayor of London to yet another outcry from the public due to her Establ;ishment connections.  It was becoming very apparent to the Public at this time (who are not as stupid as the Politicians may like to think) that there was a concerted attempt to control the Inquiry from the top down. A usual tactic for any established corrupt government.

On the 14th January 2015 in Parliament a meeting was held involving John Mann Mp, Simon Danczuk, Many survivors of the alleged child abuse and hundereds of members of the public, along with legal teams and campaigners to discuss the direction of the Inquiry and how it should proceed. It was attended by the panel appointed to the Board. Their intent was clear and that was to do what Cameron had promised but had failed to deliver, and that was to ‘leave no stone unturned’ in the quest for justice for the, now adult, child victims,

The Home Secretary’s response was to disband the panel.

Are you seeing a pattern emerging yet?. 

In a passionate and hard hitting monologue outside Parliament during the CSA meeting  camapigner joe public again made it transparent for the general public. Having evidence that MP’s, at this time, are in fact IMMUNE from even questioning on matters like these let alone arrest due to a European Act of Parliament being used to circumnavigate the legal process. Yes indeed the legislation actually puts UK Members of Parliament above the law.

They are IMMUNE from LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. Joe explains it clearly and concisely to the public below.

As police investigations continued to ‘plod’ along slowly into the new year it became more and more apparent to the public, campaigners, survivors and by now a large faction of supporting MP’s that The Official Secrets Act was being cited by many former, and serving, police officers and Special Branch officers.
It was being cited as stopping those officials from speaking out about criminal investigations that they were personally involved in, or knew of and that implicated senior British politicians in CHILD RAPE, TORTURE and MURDER. Those investigations were being closed down and the police officers involved threatened with imprisonment if they spoke out.

John Mann MP tabled a late night motion in the House of Commons in February with a Bill to amend the Official Secrets Act accordingly so as to allow any witness and anyone with information regarding the alleged child abuse network within Parliament to speak out PUBLICLY without fear of arrest and prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. This amendment was aimed SPECIFICALLY at tackling the stumbling block of the Official Secrets Act relating to it’s use to stifle witness to historic and currnet child abuse cases linked to PARLIAMENT.

That amendement incredibly, or maybe not so, was voted down by almost the ENTIRE Conservative Party (254) and and a substancial amount of Liberal Democrats (40). A complete list of all the MP’s, from all political parties that voted against the amendment proposed by John Mann can be found by clicking the Exaro image below. This MP’s are a disgrace and have failed our children is such a tragic way that they should ALL be removed from office as ‘posing a signifcant risk of future harm to children’.  Ironically the same charge normally levelled at loving parents by the Social Services which allows them to steal the children in the first bloody place!. They should hang their heads in shame. They disgust this writer and the majority of the British public.

List of MP’s who voted against the amendment to the Officail Secrets Act (click on image)

John Mann was quoted as saying

“My amendment would have given immunity from prosecuting only to historical incidences of child abuse”  and it is true.  It would have done.

It beggars belief that the amendment could have been voted down. Beggars belief that is unless you see that most of those who voted against would have done so under pressure from the Whips, the Whips who do the Prime Ministers strong arming. So again all roads lead back to Cameron. One should also question why a reading and vote of this magnitude was held so late at night and with hardly ANY media coverage or anouncement.

Why would David Cameron and Nick Clegg force their party faithful into voting down an amendment that would have seen all these former and serving officers speaking out about who suppressed, stifled and shut down these investigatiuons.  It is clear that these investigations were shut down by THE PERPETRATORS THEMSELVES and those apologists who covered up for the crimes. 

Tom Watson,

who supported John Mann’s amendment pressed Cameron further and finally brought into the glaring light of day David Cameron’s stance on the matter of investigating child abuse allegations leveled at Members of Parliament when he asked for a ‘cast iron guarantee’ from the Prime Minister that whistle blowers with knowledge of cover ups are given full whistle blower protections ie; that they are not prosecuted using The Official Secrets Act.,

Prime Minister David Cameron’s response was staggering and is the clearest indiction to date that he, and other senior ranking MP’s such as Theresa May who also voted against the amendment., have absolutely no intention of assisting the hunt for these alleged child raping and murding MP’s and in fact is doing his level best to HINDER said investigations.  Could this be because those alleged are their friends?.  This writer thinks so

David Cameron stated

“I am absolutely clear about the fact that I DO NOT WANT ANYONE PROSECUTED for uncovering wrongdoings in such a way’… In other words,...NO, he will not give a ‘cast iron guarantee‘ and is now going to hide behind the charade that he has no control over the Police and CPS in matters like these.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Given the current media’s biased focus on “asian rape gangs” and the recent contrived demonstrations of state controlled useful idiots e.g the recent stageshow of UAF and Pegida if violence is fomented it is likely that these assets may be deployed.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    ‘pseudo gang’—a state sponsored group used to advance an agenda, while discrediting the real opposition. General Frank Kitson, a British officer
    first thought up the concept that was later used in the formation of Al Qaeda.

    It was used in both Kenya and Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, most of the violence that was attributed to ‘Loyalists’ was in actuality not their handiwork, but the result of the activities of the death squads affiliated to the British secret state…

    In his book, Low Intensity Operations, Kitson (1971) argued that military forces must recognise that subversion and insurgency were now a part of ‘one total war’. Counter-insurgency theory provided a strategic framework for how a state should respond to insurgency, by treating political resistance as a military problem. According to Clutterbuck: ‘history has shown that terrorism can be and has been eliminated by a ruthless response to it, for power does ultimately lie with the government and its security forces’.

  3. never since Hollie case have the shills been so busy .Why would a mother who hid custody of her hid go tae this trouble just tae hae

  4. Buster says:

    Perhaps the question needs to be asked: who is organising these events?
    This kind of strategic organising doesn’t come out of nowhere, anyone intent on ‘organising’ requires strategic people in the right place to spread the message in order for as many gullible people to attend.
    If you think ‘the establishment’ are not able to do this type of thing then look all over the world where masses of people have attended a rally, scratch the surface enough and you may realise that those whom the ‘people’ are protesting, are likely the ones who are at the root of the movement.

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