The daily power cut game. Thursday, Holland. Tuesday, Turkey. Wednesday , London.

The first one was in Holland which nearly stranded me at Schiphol last Tuesday.   I was on one of the last flights out before the airport was closed.  Then a few days later Turkey was switched off.  Then the next day Central London was affected by an underground fire, which shot dramatic flames through a street manhole.  You might be forgiven for thinking there’s a game on.  The only question in my mind is are these power cuts being orchestrated from the inside, a NATO ‘Agenda 21’ job, or are they from Russia with love?

Writing here in the Philippines, the weather seems to be another manipulation game in process.  Another very powerful typhoon is likely to hit Luzon on Sunday.  My flight is scheduled for the next day.  Needless to say I’ll be watching the weather maps carefully.  Let’s hope its strength gets lost in the mountains not amongst the population.

Here’s how the London power cut was reported in the media.  Again no real cause has been established, and getting power back up and running is taking time.  All three have the same elements.

London power cut: Amazing pictures show effects of blackout in capital after underground fire in Holborn

Blackout: The Holborn area was plunged into darkness after the fire (Picture: Twitter/@mdw1989)

Updated: 21:52, 01 April 2015

Amazing photographs have captured how huge swathes of central London were plunged into darkness due to a major underground fire.

An incredible aerial shot taken from the London Eye shows the area affected by the power cut almost completely blacked out after the blaze in Holborn.

Other eerie images showed buildings on the north side of the Thames shrouded in darkness as the fallout from the fire continued into the night.
There were also power cuts affecting large swathes of east London, including parts of Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, which UK Power Networks said was not related to the blackout in Holborn.

A spokeswoman said: “UK Power Networks engineers have restored power to 1300 customers in the Covent Garden area, after an incident damaged underground cables at Kingsway.

“About 1900 power supplies in the area were originally interrupted. Crews are currently working hard to excavate and isolate the damaged parts of the network, then re-route power to the remaining 600 customers overnight.

“It can be difficult to excavate in central London but provided this work can be completed we should not need to isolate supplies tomorrow morning when demand for power increases again.

“We are also working to help the emergency services investigate the cause.”

It came after a major underground fire caused chaos in central London.

Offices were evacuated of around 2,000 workers after smoke and flames were seen emerging from manhole covers in Kingsway.

UK Power Networks confirmed the blackout was ongoing this evening and could not immediately provide a time frame of when electricity would be restored.


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