The Coleman Experience is back – or is he?


TAP – It’s a little too easy to say that all MPs are evil.  The higher you go in the ranks, the harder it is to find good people in nearly all organisations.  The psychopaths keep a tight rein of real power.  Only in wartime do they allow a few really good people to control things, and then only for a period, when they are then got rid of again.  Psychopaths are good at destroying, and useless at building or creating – things like team spirit, the willingness to join forces to a common purpose.  That’s why they build a system based on money, a game they understand and control remotely, and mass media.  Dealing with human beings directly is an art they don’t possess.  So they find people like George Patton to run people projects such as the US invasion of Europe in 1944.  As soon as he’d done what was required, he died in a ‘car crash’, as he was then able to see how rotten was the system he’d been fighting to preserve.

JFK was another, who wanted out of the system that created him.  Although he owed his position to his father’s connections and money, he’d seen the light.  If thousands awaken, and not just the occasional good man, who is then taken out, the fightback can become a reality.

There are good people inside the system.  Defeating the system depends on these people, awakening and then acting, or even just dragging their feet, would help.  I’m not saying Coleman is right or wrong.  Just one thing you can say for sure, he’s back, and has been much missed by alternative media followers.  Or can you say that for sure?


I don’t understand the headline – looking at the new website. Also, is it really Coleman that’s back? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

The 21 comments from 9:21 pm until 11:46 pm yesterday seem to be staged/one-liners. There are even comments from Sabine Kurjo McNeill as well as holliegreigjustice. The timeline for the comment thread is from 9:21 pm until 11:46 pm UTC./GMT. The Coleman blog doesn’t specify what time coordinate its server is in. The new site looks suspicious to me. It lacks soul.’n’ life and appears dead.

I don’t think Coleman is back at all but probably warned off late last year and his website now taken over by the usual suspooks.

TAP – Let’s see if it keeps going in the new style, or if the old character starts showing.  I wonder if Aldous has a point.  The whole thing’s a bit sterile.


Phoenix Rising

by thecolemanexperience

Phoenix Rising

Dearest Readers,

Thank you for your kind words of welcome following our prolonged absence.

Some of you may have assumed we were MIA or had abandoned post.

Yet others may have thought we’d been silenced by the filth who run this septic isle from behind the shadows.

No fear of that.

Due to the dangers of our evidence-seeking ‘mission’ we were obliged to remain silent.

Why so?

Well it’s a little known fact that the Coleman Experience is not quite as it first appears to be.

On the surface we are merely a humble blog reporting on the shenanigans of the British Establishment.

Look a little deeper though and altogether different picture emerges.

Without wanting to give ammo to the opposition, we will say only this:

Coming from a military background has enabled us to plan this  battle against the forces of evil for many years.

Most recently on reconnaissance, deep behind enemy lines, we’ve witnessed filth and the depravation the like of which you could never imagine.

By the Grace of God we have returned safely.

For now.

The end game though is fast approaching.

When we said we would get justice for Britain’s children this was no idle threat.

The gauntlet is thrown.

The enemy is in sight.

And dear reader know this.

They are most certainly about to get what’s fucking coming to them.

It’s only a matter of time.



Your brother-in-arms,



17 Responses to “The Coleman Experience is back – or is he?”

  1. Adam Lightworker says:

    Tapblogs reported colemanexperiences return

    its an exciting battle im more than ready for, sad as I am whats happened to all the children

  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    Colemans obviously an insider, a White hat, and maybe more than that

    to John

    And is disgusted and sickened by what hes seen, and is a Lightworker backed by other Lightworkers, and im glad thecolemanexperience has reappeared again

  3. Anon says:

    Oh, thanks Tap – I like lots of others was worried about Coleman. Thank goodness he is OK!

  4. Aldous says:

    “The Coleman Experience is back – breathing fire….”

    I don’t understand the headline – looking at the new website. Also, is it really Coleman that’s back? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

    The 21 comments from 9:21 pm until 11:46 pm yesterday seem to be staged/one-liners. There are even comments from Sabine Kurjo McNeill as well as holliegreigjustice. The timeline for the comment thread is from 9:21 pm until 11:46 pm UTC./GMT. The Coleman blog doesn’t specify what time coordinate its server is in. The new site looks suspicious to me. It lacks soul.’n’ life and appears dead.

    I don’t think Coleman is back at all but probably warned off late last year and his website now taken over by the usual suspooks.

  5. Aldous says:

    I think the new Coleman site is a new/latest NWO attack weapon called zio-cyber-prozac. It’s along the lines of a conventional Swizzed 6Million™ Jewelled wrist-watch guaranteed to last a lifetime – except the circumcised mainspring inevitably fails and slashes your wrist. Welcome to the Zionist World aka ZHELL.

  6. Adam Lightworker says:

    time will tell,lets wait and see what articles get produced
    my feeling is the style of writing is similar, I feel this is Coleman
    but lets wait and see

  7. kittywake says:

    I been and had a look at the Coleman site what day did it return.Was it the 1st of April there is nothing new it reminds me of a ghost town.

  8. kittywake says:

    Sorry it should say I have been.

  9. Adam Lightworker says:

    A big strategy to help the house of cards fall that Colemans talking about, all the evil and lies, is by exposing the Secret Space Program. Todays physics will be seen to be lies, the free energy technologies will shock everyone, and this new physics will also quickly reveal truths about the Spirit world too. All the physics is linked. All these basic amazing truths, will shake us all and the outflow of Truth, everyone learning what a massive amount of lies everywhere….this could have a powerful effect on stopping the Colemanexperience evil people being able to carry on hiding, in the shadows doing what they do.
    Therefore the SSP is an Achilles heel, and good people in NASA< the govt and agencies, who think like us, and like Coleman, have deliberately left the lights on on Ceres, for Dawn probe to see in march 2015.
    You cant argue with these images. Theyre powerful, and will have a potentially deep, jolting effect on millions, to ask questions
    I therefore recommend, it should be a top priority to try and spread this, and be on the lookout for anymore clues the white hats give us.
    Dawn probe should be making a closer orbit round Ceres very soon

  10. Julie says:

    The alternative media are infiltrated/and or JEWS. Why is this so difficult to understand?

    • RabbiT says:

      I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on that Julie.

      As a recent example, observing Christine Ann Sands making all that racket at Hampstead church then pretend it wasn’t her showed her up to me to be a deceiver. It then appeared the old dear in brown with the white hair was probably the one inside doing the audio recording while CAS was making a nuisance of herself outside. The old dear looks Jewish to me. She introduced two men to CAS as supposedly friends of Ella and Abe but are they?

      What is this group up to apart from cashing in and pulling in irrelevant material?

      I ask because the case strikes me as very important regarding the rot that infests the UK establishment and especially the Judiciary and I share my concern as a serial victim of gov, local and national and judiciary in almost every manifest form having endured years of persecution for just trying to go about my own business.

      Indeed at 7.02 CAS commits blasphemy then at 7.20 she is quoting scripture. This is one faker infiltrator for sure.

      I make the following link as evidence of apparent infiltration and don’t recommend listening to the tripe this one spews.:

      • Julie says:

        Rabbit. “Truthers” and alternative media are not exempt from pathocracy.

        Pathocracy is a disease of great social movements followed by entire societies, nations, and empires. In the course of human history, it has affected social, political, and religious movements as well as the accompanying ideologies� and turned them into caricatures of themselves�. This occurred as a result of the � participation of pathological agents in a pathodynamically similar process. That explains why all the pathocracies of the world are, and have been, so similar in their essential properties.

        �Identifying these phenomena through history and properly qualifying them according to their true nature and contents – not according to the ideology in question, which succumbed to the process of caricaturization – is a job for historians. [�]
        The actions of [pathocracy] affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every town, business, and institution. The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country creating a �new class� within that nation. This privileged class [of pathocrats] feels permanently threatened by the �others�, i.e. by the majority of normal people. Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man. [Andrew M. Lobaczewski Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes]

  11. Adam Lightworker says:

    Adam Lightworker says:

    yes but they’ll have Achilles heels
    psychopaths have Achilles heels
    its possible that the elites have set up Coleman site. 85% tantalising truth. truth we could take to the bank.
    yet the other 15% perhaps stops short of going for the jugular of certain people. high up ones.
    Though iknow Colemans been good.
    but the subtlety, the double and triple bluffs, the reverse psychology, used in Sun Tzus Art of |War every military officer has to read….
    We must ask if Colemans a reverse psy-op. Giving 85% of what we want.
    And crucially, the other 15%. he uses very inciting, inflammatory language. Taps into all our hate and outrage for whoever would do this evil.
    he says its a Declaration of War in his latest post.
    We all feel passionately about whats going on
    But could Coleman be a sensitive weathersensor, for Them to monitor, and sense and assess, how widespread is the general Awakening, awareness of the evil?
    Could Coleman too, be part of this reverse SunTzu psyop clever reverse strategy, to again, give 85% truth, and in other 15% ensure to use inflammatory language to get us all riled, and cause the energy to build, to act as a catalyst to get people out in the streets?
    As Tap posted earlier today, brian Gerrish at UKColumn explained quite clerly, they want to draw their enemy out. They want to pre-empt. To provoke. So they can have the offensive in the situation and justify martial law clampdown.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like Coleman, and have admired his website. But maybe we should be cautious,
    and spread the message of caution, and not tapping into hatred and baying for blood. because that’s what They want. That’s the trap. these are clever people were against

    Instead, peaceful Gandhi like awareness, that’s growing amongst us, is the way. That’s all that’s needed. They know this, which is why theyre trying to pre-empt
    And as ive said in previous comments, massive outflows of truth like from the Ceres lights, catalysing the Secret Space Program/Free Energy/Spirituality Truths to all come tumbling out……this filth coleman speaks about has a good chance of being swept away in this tide of Truth

  12. fred says:

    “Coleman” is a Jewish surname,as is Cole.(see bimbo Cole who appears on tv and Helmutt Kohl former German president)
    And just as a matter of interest “Franco” is also a jewish surname (sephardic).So the sawn off fascist dictator was also a tribe member.Jews always seek to control both sides…thus we have France very kindly providing refuge to the first Iranian Ayatollah AND allowing him to return to Iran to lead the revolution.The current pope also appears to be a crypto jew.
    In a recent post Coleman inferred that poor helpless MI5 is being blackmailed by the mossad.Parker the head of MI5 is yet another crypto jew.
    Just recently the british were treated with another jewish spectacle.The fat oaf Boris Johnson in an heated arguement with Milliband.Both of them are Jews as are Clegg and naughty nigel as are Cameron and the australian leading the Greens.As is the editor of the Daily Mail who helps you to believe that politics in the police state Britain are not an elaborate charade.(the current obsession is Isis and school girl aged muslimettes travelling to the mid east.Holocaust stories are a weekly event….for obvious reasons.)

  13. touchstone says:

    Are you Jewish? Is there anyone in politics who you DON’T think is Jewish? Lol.

  14. WEZZY says:



    1.The UK Intelligence Services have been repeatedly threatened by sly Israeli spy-agency Mossad.

    2.Mossad have let it be known in no certain terms that if Janner goes down they will launch a series of high-level deadly attacks against the British People ( which will most certainly be blamed on fake bogeymen ISIS ).

    1. was being shared with many on the internet.– where was this ?

    2. Gerry’s paedophile past was wiped – what info do you have on this?

    3. photo of a dead Madeleine was posted around the world. – where is this photo then?

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