Take Back the Skies

Poem to the Chemtrail Pilots By Najma Fichthorn


By Najma Fichthorn. A poem written to the pilots who are flying the planes that are dumping toxic chemicals on us.

Take Back the Skies

Centuries old, instilled a sense of wonder.
The human race
LOOKed up at the skies, the stars, clouds,
the grand mystery of space,
long before the roar of jet’s thunder.

And although I am told
In America, we’re no longer supposed to ask,
I want our pilots to answer
in the midst of so much asthma and cancer,
“Where is your conscience?
when you perform tyranny’s task
of spraying aluminum into our atmosphere?”

While you are flying, life is dying.
“Do you care?”
Then stop. Don’t fly. Perhaps cry and think!
-about the poison you spray from the air-
over the land, and into the water we drink!
It’s gravely sad,
this mad physics lab,
accosting earth’s sphere.
So forget your mission, transcend your fear,
help us wipe away this big grey tear
smothering the blue skies, we once lived under,
before aerosol was attached to jet’s silent thunder.

Because the sky’s the limit! Heed mad cap of Rome!
And trespass not against Earth’s celestial dome,
where sky’s sacred spaces, once heavenly places
for feathered grace
have become hedge-funded fields
for government shills
dropping chemi-kills on the human race.

“Godless scientists, What have you done?
What have you done?”
God knows all.
But can God save all; those creatures of earth
who fly, walk, swim or crawl?
-After toxic trails from mindless machines
flown by pilots, the Wrights Brother’s invention
gone wrong, turned mean
…..spreading death from the skies
with manmade clouds of barium, strontium
and so much aluminum,
exceeded only by the lies
of those trying to cover up
all this crap that flies; the lies
of the Runaway-Government, Corporate State,
insane scientists, technocrats,
hiring flying acrobats
bent on their goal to depopulate.

Now, the hour is getting late.
While blue angels sing America’s anthem out loud,
mocking some gawking, intoxicated crowd,
sky-lit clouds form,
with false-flag rainbows
framing for -hire pilots,
who are busy pulling levers,
pushing buttons to the scream of “Queen”,
hard-rock fashioned irrefutable death machine!

Hey, Band Man, Foreigners!
making clouds in the sky,
-to the tune of Plumes,
black, magical Shrooms,
Grids and Crosses,
spewing Fumes and Toxins,
Gaseous bakes,
Lucifers’ illumined fallout Flakes,
Wispy, crispy,
Snap, crackle pop,
profligating cancers,
With each lethal drop!

“When will you stop? When will you stop?”
-With your aluminum, barium, Morgellon’s shake?
It’s more than someone’s carbon footprint at stake!

This mad marathon of destruction,
no macho man can win,
causes obstructions to all who
breathe it in.
These chemtrails that AREN’T contrails
are an egregious sin.
So, don’t echo the lies
of the DeFacto Government, Corporate State,
those militant dupes who destroy and hate,
while covering up what flies, a LIE….
A LIE of such outcast unconscionable greed,
Destroying life, destroying seed!
A LIE of such vast, stretchable size,
making all blue, except for the skies.

For this grey Shroud; Haze,
manmade clouds from aluminum,
high-tech chemical plasma,
causes Tree Death, Soil Spoil, Cancer and Asthma.

So these toxic clouds can’t be “contrails”-
‘Harmless condensation of icicles over our nation’ —-“Phew!”
But rather it appears to be,
some monopoly,
corporate, intensification plan
to affect the life span
of organic farming,
while breaking down the lungs of
child, woman and man,
and without regard to all other beings
chemclouds are harming.

PLEASE, Hear now, a call to conscience,
Pontius Pilot, Hear now our cries!
Come to us now, Come to our side.
Help us!
“Take Back the Skies.
…..Take back the Skies.”

To be persuasive, we must be believable,
To be believable, we must be credible,
To be credible, we must be truthful.
– Edward R. Murrow



2 Responses to “Take Back the Skies”

  1. Julie says:

    “Worse than methane, worse than chemtrails, worse than the imminent threat of a world war mushrooming from the bombed out cities of the eastern Ukraine, an overwhelmingly ominous cloud of fear hangs over America, and grows ever more palpable with the passing of each increasingly desperate day.

    Hope for a decent future recedes like a mirage into a history that has never made sense as our government buys up bullets by the billions, then plans massive terror drills to round up dissidents who protest the awful crimes our leaders eagerly foist on us. It has become ludicrous to think about a happy and productive future.

    The Internet is abuzz with dire warnings. Talk show hosts who specialize in disaster predictions are having a field day. With their water shut off in large areas, people are leaving California in droves, and for the moment, little earthquakes caused by fracking shake our lives from one end of the country to the other like some distant rumble of thunder emanating from under the ground.

    One must wonder when the big earthquakes will begin.

    The government’s plan for our future seems best illustrated by the hundreds of dead African migrant corpses floating randomly in the Mediterranean Sea tonight, victims of what the United States did to Libya, when it turned a happy country into a graveyard, a situation which now compels its traumatized inhabitants to gamble their futures upon an unforgiving sea in makeshift boats that often don’t float. These luckless peons are trying to flee the chaos of imposed anarchy in an insane attempt to reach countries that don’t really want them, desperately trying to stay alive in what for many are the final minutes of their tortured lives.

    In their headlong flight from terror, we see our own conundrum, from both sides of a worthless coin.” By John Kaminski

    And the same applies to Britain. For the full article go to:


    • Gordon says:

      “victims of what the United States did to Libya.” While abandoning their own fellow countrymen to fend for themselves.
      Utterly deplorable!

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