Quaky? Shaky!

Here we go playing that HAARP again. Another very poor country gets the treatment, just for being geo-strategically sensitive.


From www.Jimstone.is
Earthquake in Nepal now all but confirmed man made.
The man made quakes and natural quakes are not the same in the way they feel. People familiar with natural quakes do not at first recognize a man made quake as an earthquake at all, they just wonder why the earth started feeling like it was spinning, or that they felt like they slipped on grease, or that the world was suddenly made out of jello.

When I felt the man made quake with an epicenter in Chiapas, it felt greasy and liquid, and first moved East, then North, then West, and it felt like I was being slid. I had felt other earthquakes before, and it did not feel the same. Within a day it was revealed that the Chiapas quake had a drill scheduled for the exact same magnitude, time, and location as the quake, and people were in the middle of an earthquake drill, outside, when it happened. THE KICKER: President Obama’s daughter was at the epicenter. To the lower left here is the notice of an earthquake drill that was published two weeks before the quake in Chiapas.

Interesting it is then that a week before the quake in Nepal, there was a huge international earthquake conference to discuss earthquakes in Nepal a week before this quake happened. LOOKIE HERE!
And today I got the kicker – a facebook post from someone who was there, which reads:
“Here in base camp we initially felt minor tremmors, then the ground began to feel like jelly as waves passed through the rocks beneath our feet. Climbers appeared from tents all over camp to try to start to comprehend what they were feeling.”

Gee – take a look at what people sent me from Japan, during that “earthquake”

“HI James. This morning we got M 6.7 quakes. Again, it was weird motion.”

“One thing, I remember the first ‘bump’ on the 9th. I was sitting in an office full of Japanese. I said ‘jishin'(earthquake)…they said ‘no, it isn’t’….but it was…just a kind of rolling motion.”

The Japanese know what a normal quake is, and specifially said it was NOT a quake after feeling it. This measured a 7.4 richter. So what moved the ground so much it measured a 7.4, and the Japanese did not call it a quake?

“Yes, gooey is a good description. I have lived here for 17 years and felt every sort of quake, but never gooey, liquid quakes. Many people suffered nausea and symptoms of vertigo…dis-orientation for many weeks. I noted that when I took a bath, and I was afraid to do even this, the water was vibrating in the tub…constant vibration. I could see this in my fish tanks, too.”

My comment: An earthquake machine can just be left on, and keep things vibrating as long as they want. Read more eyewitness accounts of the 3/11 Japan earthquake Here (this is well worth a read because it will help people know when an earthquake is natural and when it is a man made scam.)

Update from Jim Stone regarding CERN. 26/04/2015

Could Cern be responsible for recent disasters?
Many people have written to me asking this. My answer is, For as long as it is used as originally designed and stated, NO. However . . . . .

If a magnetic device the size of Cern was intentionally set up to synchronize all the individual fields in a destructive way, the answer is a solid YES. You could easily flip the earth’s magnetic poles (given enough time) and do all sorts of weird stuff. I have also previously stated that DC power distribution lines (the DC portion of the power grid, which has DC power lines spanning hundreds of miles) could impact the planet as well, but these are not optimized even a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent as well as Cern is. I really don’t know what the outcome would be for clandestine use of Cern, but obviously if the many many absolutely giant magnetic fields cern has were used in an abusive way I believe it would have dire consequences.

Cern’s magnetic fields are supposed to be modulated or of very short duty cycle (each) during operation, to accelerate an atomic particle like a giant rail gun. But if they were not run in sequential order and were simply all turned on in patterns or simultaneously, that would be an abuse of the system that was never put on paper (officially) and I really do not know what the outcome would be, obviously there would be military value.



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Thank you Jennifer for posting this.

  2. Dave Stewart says:

    The notice you present is form 3 years earlier dated 2012. Please be advised, plus there is more to learn from the manmade quake in Nepal, I await the records from ionospere heating and CERN and a few other weapons of mass destruction. Plus the typical siesmagraph readings of these quakes, so all in all it was man made but please consider your post. many thanks. In Light Dave

    • Jennifer says:

      That is correct. Presumably the notice was spotted by Jim Stone in Chiapas when he lived there through the quake. That’s how he’s convinced there is an empirically different experience between natural and man-made quakes (HAARP, CERN or whatever other acronym).

  3. Dave Stewart says:

    Yes Thanks Jennifer , I just saw that, I cannot leave a message on his site so If there is a chance you can contact Jim and make sure he is aware please. PS I will send him an email.

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