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  1. NPP says:

    Harry Cooper Sharkhunters newsletter 27.04.2015:

    “TRAGEDY AVERTED! – Over this week-end, Sharkhunters LIFE Member and our good friend JEFF RENSE was involved in a disastrous car wreck. His car was destroyed and he was unconscious for more than two hours then in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for quite a while. Thanks to his seat belt and air bags and definitely thanks to God – he is recovering at home with a few broken bones and a hell of a knot on his head along with internal bruising of the brain. I spoke with JEFF a couple hours ago and aside from being pretty exhausted, he is in fine spirits……..and again we say thanks to God! This could have been a lot worse! We will not go into any details here as we assume that he will publish something on http://www.rense.com as soon as he is able but tragedy sure has been averted! We wish you a very speedy recovery pal!”

    Clip from latest Rense interview with Harry Cooper:
    “We do not know who made this short clip of the Rense broadcast, but it is quite interesting.”

  2. Adam Lightworker wary what Ed Snowden said says:

    Tap, we mustn’t jump to conclusions and fear the worst. This might be a clone done by the White Hats.
    I have it on good authority, COBRA, that putin is being helped and influenced by positive forces beyond this planet. Im sure hes well looked after and protected.

    Just like bad exopolitical forces are acting on the Cabal elites.

    Exopolitics, is a vital concept weve all got to start thinking in its paradigm now. Its whats going on

    Yes, it is possible a putin clone might have been made by the cabal. And appears in bad faction areas in the kremlin, with cameras.
    Cat and mouse is going on. But I refuse to jump to fearful conclusions

  3. Harriet says:

    Thank God for saving Jeff Rense!

    I wish Jeff a speedy recovery and lots of luck in his future.

    Jeff Rense is a decent and good person who has harmed no one and he deserves the very best for his hard work.

    God bless you Jeff!

  4. Harriet says:

    Where is real President Putin?

    Is it at all possible that he is in a safe location?

    God bless President Putin where ever he is and if he is not among us God bless his precious soul!

    I feel enormously sad about what has happened to one of my favorite politicians.


  5. Harriet says:

    How much grief was given to this precious human being?

    Vladimir Putin Arrested, Indicted – English Translation


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