6 Responses to “Parents get their chance to speak out about the Hampstead Case”

  1. Drifloud says:

    Just send this to: “bernard.hogan-howe” , paul.settle@met.police.uk, jane.kennedy@merseysidepcc.info, letters@dailymail.co.uk, brian@ukcolumn.org, stletters@telegraph.co.uk, dtletters@telegraph.co.uk, mirrornews@mirror.co.uk, observer.letters@observer.co.uk,To the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Paul Settle of the Met. Paedophile Unit and Jane Kennedy, Merseyside PCC, and editors of the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and Observer.

    I sent you my Witness Statement (see copied below and in attachment) in an email on 31st March, 2015.
    This statement is reporting the very serious crime of FRAUD committed by Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley, a High Court Judge, Detective Constable Rogers of the Child Abuse Investigation Team at Barnet Police Station and Detective Inspector John Cannon, who led an investigation into child rape and murder, at Hampstead, September 2015.

    It is now April 4th, 2015, and not one of you has responded to my email. Apart from an automated acknowledgement from the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, not one of you has even acknowledged my email. In view of the very serious nature of this fraud committed by three people in positions of public trust, your lack of response is unacceptable.
    Would you now kindly respond.

    from a conscious living being,


    April 4th, 2015 contact email address: drifloud@



  3. AkhaldanSolo says:

    So now the Tap is excluding comments? I made a comment about Christine Sands on the article below and it did not show up, is the Tap now filtering criticism of this woman?

    • RabbiT says:

      Re: CAS I got the feeling Tap was concerned about division and infighting (divide and conquer) so he may have but she sure seems bad news and concerned parties should imo ignore her completely. I just posted a bit about her on “The Coleman Experience is back” if you want to see if my reply to Julie made it re: infiltrators.

      • AkhaldanSolo says:

        I have to respect the fact that the author of this site does not want to cause further division among the protesters at ChristChurch and I do realize that CAS involvement is a double edged sword. Her provacative display may or may not help or hamper this investigation. It is not my intention to disrupt the investigation of the Hampstead Case yet I find it obligatory that I make my opinion heard concerning Ms. Sands behavior. Her bizarre interactions with the residents of ChristChurch must not go unnoticed, she should be held accountable if she wants to remain a voice of the people, especially if she wants to remain a voice of the American people. This is to just let her know that people are watching and she should act accordingly.

  4. Drifloud says:

    Totally agree with comments about CAS from AlkhaldanSolo & RabbiT. Circus performance behaviour at such a serious challenge to these sinister Authorities?

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