NWO Agenda 21 – The Secret Lives of Common Purpose Sharks


Common Purpose is a fraudulent ‘educational charity’ acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to implement the British government’s hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.

 Common Purpose UK corruption


We are witnessing a coup by the banksters who are trying to set up a globalist, corporatist, technocratic, communitarian dictatorship commonly known as the ‘New World Order’. National sovereignty is being destroyed. The EU has put its satraps into Greece and Italy so that these countries are now effectively provinces of the EU. Spain and Portugal are the next targets.

How do they do it? Manipulating systems.

This will not end well.

This website is about the corrupt activities of Common Purpose, a fraudulent ‘educational charity’ acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to implement the British government’s hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.

I have not received any legal challenge or complaint from Common Purpose or its named associates about the allegations of corruption made on this website. Why not?

If you want to find out what is going wrong in Britain (and also the USA to a certain extent) and why, you have come to the right place.

It cannot be stressed enough that Common Purpose is a criminal organisation that is dependent upon insider dealing, secrecy and corruption for its existence. Common Purpose creates control over its members by doing them ‘favours’, such as finding them lucrative employment in powerful positions, covering for their mistakes, and benefits from accessing its secret network. In return, Common Purpose requires that its graduates act illegally on its behalf, as salespeople for their snake-oil products, exploiting their positions of power, and helping the organisation grow in power.

There are many examples of criminal activity that will be finding their way into the public domain sooner rather than later.

Common Purpose is a pox in the soul of Britain.

Start here to find out more about how the corrupt activities of Common Purpose affect YOU.




NEW: Common Purpose and Media Control.

1. Make sure the global warming fraud goes to plan. More here.2. Perfect the art of insider dealing. More here.3. Corrupt public servants – they then do what their friends in the Common Purpose network tell them instead of working for the public good. Make them happy to breach the Seven Principles of Public Life as set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life and act ultra vires – beyond their powers. More here.

4. Conspire with corrupt public officials to abuse public funds. More here.

5. Silence the media – recruit media editors as Common Purpose members so the corrupt activities of Common Purpose will not be discussed in the mainstream media.

6. Censor your opponents: cpexposed.com, tpuc.org and eutruth.org.uk have all been subjected to censorship by Common Purpose.

7. Abuse due process – take council decisions outside democratic process. Councils such as Sheffield City Council have been cesspits of Common Purpose corruption for years.

8. False pretences – pretend to be an educational charity when your objectives are really political.

9. Evade tax – Common Purpose uses public sector facilities and office space for which it has made no payment nor signed any formal agreements in order to evade tax.

10. Breach data protection laws and ensure that Common Purpose members in the Information Commissioner’s Office prevent action from being taken.

11. Undermine the hierarchical management structure of the police and armed forces.

12. Keep schtum – hold meetings according to the Chatham House rules with no agenda or records.

13. Collude with the disgraceful family court system to cover up cases of child abuse and child abduction.

14. Fraud – obtain money for training unlawfully by pretending the courses are of benefit to the taxpayer.

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Source: http://www.stopcp.com/index.php

5 Responses to “NWO Agenda 21 – The Secret Lives of Common Purpose Sharks”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Every traitor that follows the Common Purpose Communitarian mantra does the bidding of terrorist Amitai Etzioni.

    The source of Communitarian / Common Purpose quasi philosophical vomit is self confessed israeli terrorist Amitai Etzioni who changed his name from Falk he was born in Germany 1929 sadly he is still alive.

    By Amitai Etzioni

    One evening, we attacked a radar station near Haifa. A girl and I, in civilian clothes and looking as if we were on a date, casually walked up to the radar station’s fence at the same time half a dozen others did. We cut the fence and placed a bomb. It exploded, but the British shot our leader in the head and we retreated.


  2. Lynn says:

    Recruiting their own twisted doers. People will do what they can get away with so it isnt a problem. Thugs and scams going on at the top of the food chain. These people think they are insiders but when the heat is on they will realise they were duped. The more you know the less protection you have and you will be the 1st to fall.

  3. Bill says:

    Cameron has been involved in this for some time, he was sent to SA by Maggie to buy some Nukes in 1989, along with Dr Kelly. As the Times prints here; http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=212332.0 Clegg was installed has his handler in No10?

  4. Bill says:

    In light of the expose of BBC on here, can we expect any movement on this issue; http://atrueindependentscotland.com/bbc-handed-explosive-evidence-of-massive-corruption-that-is-set-topple-the-british-establishment/ They were presented with this evidence on 1/3/2015.

  5. Emilia says:

    There is fraud happening in country elections inn Suffolk. At the European Elections in my village, you could clearly see who people were voting for and the pencils were incredibly soft, hardly leaving a mark. As I put my tick on the paper, I could see tat both of the people running the election were watching, which means they were colluding,Every place where voting takes place needs watchers.

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