More EU soldiers refuse to fight with NATO against Russia

Translated for RI by Anthony Grulich


Czechoslovak reserve forces against the war planned by NATO commanders

On January 19th 2015 the facebook group,which combines all members of the CSLA, PS, VMV, SNB in reserve or decommissioned, issued an important memorandum, which has become even more urgent in light of the situation today. A defensive back up location in the event that the group gets „disappeared“ from Facebook, the group of the same name exists on as well.

For the first time since the end of the 2nd World War we see a genuine threat of war yet again. Consequently, we consider it necessary to issue the following statement.

We, the Czechoslovak soldiers in reserve, unanimously reject any participation in battles that are geopolitical acts of aggression of the global elite by way of NATO and the support of our governments.


We swore to defend our homeland the Czech and Slovak Republics. We swore to protect the freedom and independence of our proud and sovereign nations, for which our ancestors laid down their lives in the world wars. We are guided by this oath in a civilian initiative to deal with a crisis situation. Freedom and independence is being jeopardized long time by a system of representative pseudo-democracy, where an elected representative does not have the obligation to advance the interests of voters and in practice, laws represent but the personal interests of the legislators, the interests of political parties and economic interest groups. Our homeland is under the pressure of global elites and economic interest groups, who are doing away with the power of citizens through a system of representative democracy.

Our deliberately flawed constitution and charter of rights and freedoms is being perverted and constitutional laws are violated by legislators themselves. Legislative power is being privatized, executive power is being politicized and judicial power corrupted by lobbying laws and pressure from our governments. The results are an unplayable public deficit, deindustrialization, the privatization of the republic’s property and defrauded budgets, food and energy dependence, the privatization of natural resources, pensions and the health of citizens. Our country has been unlawfully divided, looted, indebted, people enslaved and their families liquidated by repossession genocide, national infrastructure transferred into the hands of western corporations. Destructive chaos and despair dominates in the community.

For this reason, we the Czechoslovak soldiers in reserve recognize our military oath and together we come with a vision for the defense of our nations. We unequivocally reject fighting in the ranks of NATO against the Russian federation or other Slavic nations and we likewise intend to stand up firmly through organized civilian pressure against the further liquidation of our democracy, freedom and independence. We are uniting in a crisis situation and by utilizing our civilian and military skills and expertise we intend to create sufficiently strong, organized civil pressure for the period of time necessary to assert our patriotic goals.

We swore allegiance to our homeland, the Czech and Slovak Republics.

We, the Czechoslovak reserve soldiers,
will fulfill this oath!

sent in by Colin


3 Responses to “More EU soldiers refuse to fight with NATO against Russia”

  1. Lynn says:

    Respect to them. So true and about time. Lay down the weapons, and time to stop all the fake wars, the time has come to say no to these traitors once and for all. Well said !!

  2. Aldous says:

    I don’t know the suicide rates for veterans (as well as those during active service which are also on the rise) in NATO/EU/UK but I should imagine the percentage is similar to the US but a more closely guarded statistic.

    Record Number of US Military and Veteran Suicides
    Posted by Stephen Lendman on February 10, 2013

    Headlines like this should shock: Suicides Outpace War Deaths. Surge in Military Suicides. Nearly Two Dozen Veterans Commit Suicide Daily.

    These reports and similar ones reveal imperialism’s dark side. War takes its toll. Civilians suffer most. So do many combatants and veterans after returning home.

    Most people don’t know. Little gets reported. Why do active duty personnel and vets take their own lives?
    Under the Obama Administration, at least 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Active duty suicides in the military jumped by 30% since 2008, with one soldier, sailor, or marine expected to commit suicide in the next 25 hours. Ex-military suicides also increased 10% over the same period to about one every hour.

    Our troops should take these horrific figures into account when deciding whether or not to take part in these illegal wars for a Greater Israel and its Khazar Mafia owners. Just because they have survived the conflict (in one piece or not) doesn’t necessarily mean that they will survive civvy street for long.
    Also, just because they have managed to overcome an overwhelming urge to end it all during active service doesn’t necessarily mean either that it is the end of the matter. Their suicide could still be in the post as a result of PTSD brought on by guilt of their participation in the butchery or their witnessing of the horrors of war, loss of comrades and mass slaughter of civilians.
    I would like to know the suicide rate amongst pilots and sailors who often don’t witness first hand the horrors their actions have inflicted on others defending their homeland from KM gangsters.

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