Mischief afoot

Tony Blair yesterday faced accusations of ‘megalomania’ over an interview in which he vowed to set up his own ‘leaders club’ of ex-statesmen – and appeared to dismiss the need for democracy.

The ex-PM said he wanted to create a ‘cadre’ of former leaders to advise governments, saying: ‘You can get some of these guys who are fantastic executors. Why not use their talents and their experience?’

Talking about the group of ex-leaders he hoped to deploy in his business, Mr Blair suggested that only those who had risen to the top of their countries could properly relate to each other

The article – which described Mr Blair’s ideas of leadership as ‘close to a benevolent dictatorship’ – added that Mr Blair had concluded from the foot-and-mouth crisis of 2001, when the army slaughtered ten million sheep and cattle, that soldiers were better at emergencies than governments.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    And presumably this ‘cardre’ will consist of only Satanic 33 degree masonic Bilderburgers who will have the world’s best interest at heart. When he says ‘executors’, I think he means it – that’s a veiled threat surely. Are the NWO positioning for the Endgame?

    • RabbiT says:

      Nice comment Jennifer.

      Adam sadly appears something of an an intellectual nut-case what with his “energetic vibration galactics” belief.

      IMO Bluebeam will not take place before a WW3 our loosing a third of mankind.

      Scripture has been revealing this long before individuals decided to label themselves as “lightworkers” having discovered the externalisation of the hierarchy for themselves.

  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    Theres a fluid, ever changing game of double and triple bluff going on Jennifer, and taking last minute decisions depending on whatever circumstances there are.
    This endgame jostling, cat and mouse were now in, is being played with equally powerful good people, forces of Light too.
    I think the bad people realise their plan to sufficiently control the planet and subdue and control the people, so that project Bluebeam can then happen, hasn’t worked
    So a different endgame timelines happening. We are all lightworkers, helping to shift the timeline. Spiritual guides and forces are at work, helping influence, if we can be aware of the cues

    I think Blair does mean executors literally. And I think, the foot and mouth thing, was a test run. And the ebola thing now, theyd love that in the UK

    Like I said, im not in fear, don’t feel fear, as thats the energetic vibration they want
    Im reassured there are good forces at work

    • Eric says:

      What’s all these references to “light” and “light workers”?? Are you refering to Lucifer,the bringer of light who all these Bilderberg nutcases worship?. Are you saying you too are a Luciferan?

      • Adam Lightworker says:

        Not at all
        Im saying its become clear to me, and this world makes a lot more sense, that the physics has been a lie, Free Energy technologys real, antigravity crafts, and by the same token, Spirituality too, entities, angels and demons. Go and see paul laviolettes etheric.com website
        And its quite clear now,
        All the incomprehensible evil on this planet. And the definite concerted attempt and strategy, to weaken us and reduce our numbers and take from us, and take our mental energy too,
        Its quite clear that these elites running the system are evil and demons are at work behind the scenes influencing them. Look around you. Look at thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com
        as an example.
        Go and see Lawrence Wilsons lightworker article to learn more

        Im saying, theres a literal battle between good and evil going on. And we cant be spectators any longer. Weve either got to align ourselves with evil, go down that road. Or align ourselves with all that’s right and good, for the Light. Because angels and demons are working behind the scenes, and because times non linear in the other dimension
        like a huge ocean where they can swim to different depths, meaning time, theres massive ability they have to oversee, and plan
        And I don’t think a lot of things that happen in our lives, are just random coincidence
        So there is behind the scenes influencing going on
        Doubt what I say?
        Look at the lights on Ceres, evidence of the secret space program. This means Paul LaViolettes physics is right. That’s why with UFOs and aliens, we mustn’t just be thinking in this 3D plane
        A lot of aliens are extradimensional who visit
        This is what David Icke means, when he mentions Reptilians.

  3. Adam Lightworker says:

    Plus Cobra said ebola or any other type of martial law, wont be allowed by the galactics. They’ll be allowed to intervene then

  4. Gordon says:

    I thought we already had a “cadre” of people called “elite.” Either way, this cadre being made up of former world leaders are the very ones who kept promising a bright and prosperous future for our children, and our children’s children while in reality delivered unemployment, austerity, war and wanton destruction of our environment, habitat and ecosystem.

    Try pulling the wool over someone else’s eyes Mr Blair.

  5. charles allan says:

    The “leaders club” would of course need to charge a small “nominal” fee for their advice and reclaim travel and subsistence which will be low carbon hard choices.

  6. Harriet says:

    Tony Blair and his crime partners [in politics and intelligence agencies] in Britain, US and Israel can no longer deceive the world!

    MI5/CIA/Mossad are all Zionists and Zionist controlled.

    When will the US stop organizing foreign coups


    • WASP says:

      Wake Up: Blair Is A SMOM, & “Vatican Puppet”. Understand Who The Real “PUPPET MASTERS” Are. We again have Blair with his Jewish Background, Fronting for The Vatican.

      MI5 , is Senior To the CIA, which was set up by Crazy Bill Donavan, & Reinhard Gehlen, both High Ranked, SMOMS. I would at this stage refer you to Operation GLADIO, & Operation Paperclip, as we llas The Rat Run, then, Banco Ambrosiano, & God’s Banker, Roberto Calvi’s & Lucio Gili’s involvement in this, & P2. I have given in the past adequate References to these issues, read these, & you might learn somthing, instaed of Spouting off about the 13th. Tribe!

      Donavan was one of The Highest Ranked SMOMS ever, The Jews are just SIDE LINE PUPPETS, to deceive those like you, & most of the others who need to do a great deal more research.

      This will avoid misleading people who read this Blog. I would suggest you start from improving you search techniques, if you are incapable of verifying this.

      The Ultimate Aim of The Vatican Is A New World Order, or Fascist Dictatorship, i.e. CATHOLIC DICTATORSHIP, which I have stated on many occasions.

      Israel is a Vatican Puppet State, it was set up by The Third Reich, after filtering out the Orthodox Jews, & Gnostics, & is controlled by SMOMS. Perez is a SMOM, Ben-Gurion was also a SMOM, read about it.

      I have given countless references to this, but few bother to use them, preferring the Jewish Diatribe which the BRAIN DEAD MORONS, continue to ramble on about.

      You, & others of like minds need to do a great deal more reading, & use your common sense, before making rash statements, which have very little or no validity, & can be easily disproved.

      SO MOTE IT BE:

      REGARDS …………. WASP


      Wake Up: Blair Is A SMOM, & “Vatican Puppet”. Understand Who The Real “PUPPET MASTERS” Are. We again have Blair with his Jewish Background, Fronting for The Vatican.

      MI5 , is Senior To the CIA, which was set up by Crazy Bill Donavan & Reinhard Gehlen, both High Ranked, SMOMS.

      Donavan was one of The Highest Ranked SMOMS ever, The Jews are just SIDE LINE PUPPETS, to deceive those like you & most of the others who need to do a great deal more research.

      This will avoid misleading people who read this Blog. I would suggest you start from improving you search techniques, if you are incapable of verifying this.

      SO MOTE IT BE:

      REGARDS …………. WASP

  7. Lynn says:

    How did Blair rise to the top !! remind me again. He was placed at the top for being a dispicable cut out. A man and men like him should be behind bars. A total deviant and bottom dweller. Who does he think he is kidding.

  8. Lynn says:

    Well look at his go at ME peace Envoy…Epic fail!! the man needs sectioning. He is truly Insane. A mass murdering coward.

  9. Wake up Zionist shills!

    Stop spreading false propaganda and learn the truth.

    Crimes of Israel: the criminal state

    Uncut Chronicles: Gaza-Israel War. Deadly July 2014


  10. Zionists are committing fraud and crime on a daily basis and have hijacked governments of many countries (not just the US, European and Indian governments) but the government of Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc and the result is tyranny and oppression of people across the globe.

    Zionist owned Mainstream news media with their unwillingness to talk about the Zionist connection to war and other orchestrated crime and fraud on a global scale do no justice!

    There is more information coming regularly about the fake global war on terrorism and this huge Zionist business known as “Counter Terrorism” aimed at fighting fake terrorism. This “Counter Terrorism” business is big in India (just like it is in the US and Canada) because the corrupt Indian politicians have all been bought off by the Zionist Jews just like the Jews have bought off the US (and Canadian) politicians.

    The fraudulent war on terrorism has killed millions of people (Muslim [mostly] and Christian which the Zionist hijacked Christian church has chosen to ignore) and set the stage for the police state in the US, Canada and other European countries to go after the White people as well as minorities living in these Western nations.

    Fake “war on terror” (“A Jewish Hoax” – according to the website: Real Jew News) is a global war on Muslims and Christians and the Zionists are expanding it to include White people in Western countries as well as Buddhists and other non Jews in Western and Eastern countries) through the police states in the US and many other countries. The Zionists are also committing countless other crime including crime on individual citizens who are innocent by punishing them with prison sentences based on fabricated charges.

    Unbalanced Jewish power has taken the world to the edge of a cliff and people are being severely oppressed by the Zionist tyranny which is trying to take away the freedom of all of mankind and it is crucial that we take an interest about what is happening to citizens of other countries on a global scale especially those who have been courageously standing against Zionist tyranny and oppression and Zionist crime as individuals (MP Laurant Louis of Belgium, Peter Markan of Queensland, Australia and others like them) or as a political party like the Jobbik Party of Hungary.

  11. Whole world need to watch for the safety of all courageous politicians and individuals who have opposed (and continue to oppose) Zionist tyranny and oppression (which is really 99% of the world’s problem) because we know about the world’s most vicious crime syndicate namely the organized Zionist Jewry which is worse than any other known mafia.

    We are aware of the recent attacks of organized Jewry on Belgium MP Laurent Louis for being against the war agenda and for having exposed child sex trafficking. Organized Jewry also has gone after the French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala and French philosopher Alain Soral. They are being labeled anti-Semitic and are being persecuted by organized Jewry in France and they are both fighting a huge battle with Jewish censorship and political manipulation caused by the unbalanced power of Jewry in France. Jewry has unfairly used their power to ban both of them from public media, Soral and Dieudonne have been accused of using the Nazi salute in reverse called the quenelle. European Jewry is trying to interfere as the Jewry always do with their freedom and ability to build a political movement that can free France, other European countries as well as America and Palestine from the Zionist yoke.

    Organized Jewry’s use of unbalanced Jewish power and influence to harm members of the public (individuals, groups, specific organizations etc) are seen in all areas of our life whether it is through various Jewish organizations like AIPAC, ADL, SPLC in the US and similar organizations in other countries where there is Jewish domination of the political system, financial and the income tax systems, judiciary and the mainstream media or Jewish run medical and law and other licensing bodies or Zionist hijacked Christian church which advocates war instead of peace (on behalf of the Zionist Jews who are terrorizing the entire world in all different devious ways) – The result is the same.

    The result being the destruction of one’s profession and livelihood and in some cases there can be total derailment and fabrication of charges against innocent people – and these unfortunate Jewish targets even ending up in the prison or getting death threats and even being murdered.

    Certain medical doctors, vets, lawyers have been targeted and their careers have been destroyed because they opposed the Medical Industrial Complex and Pharm Industry’s harmful vaccines and drugs or spoke against GMO food industry. Three doctors who have been under attack that we know of are Dr Cass Ingram, Dr Rebecca Carley and Dr Joseph Mercola.

    Zionist owned Mainstream media covers up Zionist crime and Zionist owned social media interferes with people who try to share the information about Zionist crime and these two groups should be held responsible for enabling Zionist Jews (who were also the Communists) to continue their crime on the rest of humanity which they have already done for decades or even centuries.

    Anyone who dares to expose this Zionist crime syndicate is deemed “anti-Semitic” in order to immediately discredit them and efforts are made and steps are taken as a tribe to utterly destroy the profession/business/livelihood/their families and even the very existence of those people considered “anti-Semitic” by the Zionist Jews through murder.

  12. “Nearly 95 per cent of terrorist arrests have been the result of FBI foiling its own entrapment plots as a part of the so-called post-9/11 War on Terror, a new study revealed.

    According to thereport entitled ‘Inventing Terrorists: The Lawfare of Preemptive Prosecution’, the majority of arrests involved the unjust prosecution of targeted Muslim Americans.

    The 175-page study by Muslim advocacy group SALAM analyzes 399 individuals in cases included on the list of the US Department of Justice from 2001 to 2010.

    “According to this study’s classification, the number of preemptive prosecution cases is 289 out of 399, or 72.4 percent. The number of elements of preemptive prosecution cases is 87 out of 399, or 21.8 percent. Combining preemptive prosecution cases and elements of preemptive prosecution cases, the total number of such cases on the DOJ list is 376, or 94.2 percent,” the report concluded.” -RT

    Inventing Terrorists: US orchestrated most domestic ‘terror-plots’?


  13. Former Congressman of Louisiana USA: Dr David Duke in this video tells us what exactly President Ahmadinejad said about Israel and he did not say “Israel must be wiped off the map”.

    President Ahmadinejad was misquoted by the Zionist Jews and parroted by hundreds of others (including anti Muslim Tamil politician and Mossad asset: Dr Subramanian Swamy of India) in order to continue to spread Zionist lies and Zionist stories aimed at portraying Zionists as victims when they have been and are the aggressors who victimize people globally through various means.

    CNN Wolf Blitzer gets totally owned by Dr David Duke


  14. Could there be another Zionist orchestrated event like 9/11 but worse or could it be Israel exploding bombs in most US cities (Sampson Option) or Zionist orchestrated failure of the US grid in the form of a virtual 9/11 (and blame it on Russia, China or Iran) or some race riot orchestrated by Zionist Jews leading to Martial Law prior to murdering American citizens by the Zionist DHS? Jewish DHS has been preparing to murder Americans for a long time! DHS can plan and/or commit these atrocities on the American people only because America doesn’t have courageous politicians like President Grimsson and Interior Minister Jonasson of Iceland or Belgium MP Laurent Louis who has been a light to the world. And because there is no political party in the US like Hungarian Jobbik to recognize the real problem of Zionism as a global problem.

    Zionism is terrorism and the agent causing over 95% all the crime and other troubles globally.

    Any individual or political party that does not recognize Zionism and Zionist terrorism as a global problem will not be able to help self or others!

    Any individual (or a political party/politician) who continue to propagate the myth about Muslim terrorism instead of the real terrorism namely the Zionist terrorism is doing a disservice to mankind!

    And thank you for supporting the Jobbik Party of Hungary: the only political party in the entire world that has recognized Zionism as a global problem – which they know how to resolve especially with your help and understanding!

    Jobbik Party and Jobbik politicians are under Zionist attack.



  15. Thank you for supporting Jobbik Party of Hungary!


  16. Here are two excellent teachers: Dr Preston James and Mike Harris to educate those who continue to spread false propaganda and disinformation while refusing to learn the truth!

    America, Khazarian Mafia Vassal State and Israeli occupied territory By Dr Preston James and Mike Harris

    Ever since America was invaded by the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia in 1913, America has functioned as a Khazarian Mafia Vassal State. Israel attacked America with nukes on 9-11-01 and used nuclear blackmail to create Homeland Security and transform America into Israeli occupied territory.

    In 1913 a “bought-off” US Congress passed the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, and a corrupt President signed it into law.

    Ever since it has been down hill for America as a nation.

    The Federal Reserve is a franchisee of the Khazarian Banking Mafia also know as the Rothschild World Moneychangers who are notorious for creating money from nothing and lending it 98% of the World’s nations in order to receive pernicious usury in exchange.

    The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters have not only created about 98% of the World money from thin air, they have continually charged those who use their money pernicious usury. Usury alone adds 40% to the cost of all goods and services in the Global community.

    Read more;


  17. WASP says:

    Both, G_T_F., & O_G_T. appear to be incapable of any thought processes above that of a very Elemental Level, producing a great deal of verbiage, but with very little important content.

    I think we are all in agreement that, the “Jews” Steer The Vehicle but disagree as to who give the directions w/r/t. You appear to be incapable of assimilating the fact that, Israel is a “Puppet State” of The Vatican, controlled by SMOMS, & so will forever, remain Blissfully Ignorant, still happily continue to chase “Jews” or is it Jews?

    The Jesuits have been making fools, out of people like you for hundreds of years, & will continue to do so, if you can only think on such an Elemental Level!


    REGARDS ……….. WASP

    • Tapestry says:

      Did Jews create Jesuits? Are Jews in fact Egyptians? Was Achenahton in fact Abraham? Does the earth hace a conscious existence? Can the earth communicate? Also the sun? Only asking.

      • Jennifer says:

        Some have linked Akhenaton to Moses – where does Ellis fit Abraham into that timeline?

  18. Harriet says:

    I agree with Adam Lightworker to say that there is an ongoing battle between the good and evil – which means the battle is a spiritual one.

    Winning this battle requires those who are affected (global citizens) to be honest, courageous and compassionate. Evil cannot be fought with evil. There should not be any hatred toward the criminal [enemy of humanity]. Nevertheless factual information should be shared on a global scale – in order to wake up as many people as possible to the truth.

    Like all Italians are not Mafia members all Jews are not criminals. Jewish bankers and organized Jewry that subvert other nations and Zionists who stole the Palestinian land are the main culprits not the individual Jewish citizen.

    Individual Jewish citizen must not take offense when they hear the factual information being discussed in the same way Italians should not be angry when blame is pointed at the Mafia members for their crimes.

    Peace to all!

  19. Harriet says:

    Ed Miliband And The Jews By Gilad Atzmon

    “I want you to know”, Miliband told The Lobby, “that if I become Prime Minister in less than a year’s time, I will be proud to do so as a friend of Israel, a Jew and, most of all, someone who feels so proud to be part of the community gathered here today.”


  20. Debunking the “The Saudis did 9-11” nonsense! By Mike Rivero

    The official story of 9-11 is collapsing. Most Americans are now well aware of the strange collapse of WTC Building 7, the video that captures the sound of the actual explosion that initiates the collapse of WTC7, the very strange behavior of the Secret Service as President Bush read about goats at Booker Elementary School. We have all seen the photographs that confirm the remains of demolition “cutter charges” in the remains of the towers. And we all know how the BBC reported that Building 7 collapsed 26 minutes before it actually happened. indicating a script was being followed (but alas, not carefully enough).

    With the official story in free fall, Americans are wondering just who did this heinous deed. With the US Government itself the prime suspect, many are asking if the US Government had help from an outside nation, one with a long track record of world-changing dirty tricks.

    There is a great deal of evidence that implicates the nation of Israel as a co-conspirator with the Bush administration. First, there was the massive Israeli spy ring uncovered in the United States just before 9-11, and how some of the “Dancing Israelis” arrested after being seen cheering and dancing as the World Trade Towers collapsed turned out to be Mossad spies! Then there was the strange case of Odigo, an Israeli-owned company whose New York offices received a warning about the attacks before the planes used in the attacks had even left the ground! All four of the hijacked planes departed from airport gates whose security was provided by the same Israeli security company. Israel has a long track record of playing dirty tricks against the United States and other countries, including the Lavon affair (framed on Egypt), Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty (initially framed on Egypt), and Israel’s smuggling a radio transmitter into Libya that was used to send fake messages that tricked President Reagan into bombing Libya.

    As people start to seriously examine the plethora of evidence regarding Israel’s numerous perfidies it comes as no surprise that recently we have seen Israel’s “useful idiots” launch a propaganda campaign to claim that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9-11 attacks, based on a lawsuit brought against Saudi Arabia by the families of t

    Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/debunksaudis.php#ixzz3XPYWDoLn

  21. This certainly doesn’t help Americans and it’s not fair to send so much money to a foreign country especially (Israel who is using that money to wage violence on innocent Palestinians) when Americans have lost their jobs and homes.

    Israel Lobby:AIPAC and other branches of organized Jewry have bribed the US lawmakers to get these unfair favors to benefit Israel at the expense of Americans.

    Footing Israel’s Bill

    It’s tax season again. How about a little accounting?

    Every year, Washington sends $3.1 billion of taxpayers’ hard-earned money to Israel. It’s only fair to ask what Americans are getting in return.


  22. Thousands of Jews are not obeying these Jewish laws including Tim Guithner (former Treasury Secretary) who owed thousands of dollars in taxes but the Jewish run IRS leave them alone. IRS Jews go after non Jewish people harassing them in cruel ways.

    Joe Bannisters Lawyer Warns Non-Filers ‘You Risk Going To Jail- Be Prepared To Lose Everything You Have


  23. This is a huge crime against young Palestinians which in all fairness should end soon.

    HRW: Palestinian children pass out, vomit, from farming with illegal pesticides on Israeli settlements

    Bad pay, hard labor, nasty skin rashes, and poor sleep in constructions sites are just the tip of work conditions found in Israeli agricultural settlements, said Human Rights Watch (HRW) in a report released Monday. The 74-page “Israel: Settlement Agriculture Harms Palestinian Children” is a devastating look into underage Palestinian laborers farming for Israeli companies. Minors as young as 11 are interviewed about their work as farm hands in the Jordan Valley, a bread basket in the West Bank—rather a “date basket” as dates are the top export from the region, and Israel is the highest supplier of dates in the international market. Children working on these farms are exposed to toxins that cause serious illness.


  24. Lynn says:

    The Zionist’s are Rothschild &co. The setting up of the Federal Reserve has made them fortunes. Thats how they have corrupted the world. Until this criminal cartell is broken up and the illegal usury system destroyed they will continue to wage wars and blackmail their way to NWO. We have been duped and deceived by the Security agencies who are their inner armies. The Zionist movement operates on tax payers money from Izrahelll. You cannot critisise the jews because they are the shield who cover for the Zions. We are sick to death now of this evil regime that has caused so much bloodshed. They are the true Nazi’s and they have infiltrated every nation. The world is dying and rotting and mass slauaghter is coming. Yes they want the Holy land and they have damned near got it. These are the true Satanist’s they will destroy the jews once they have there prize. They are the Anti Semites imposters who run the show.

  25. All wars are bankers wars including the drug war!

    And the real war is against the White male – something very cruel and not sufficiently addressed and there is an attitude of “who cares about White people” – it’s only fashionable to be politically correct.

    White people are being suppressed in the work place, schools, universities etc. Jews and other minorities are being elevated. Ivy leagues are the worst. White male students are being framed for crimes they haven’t committed. Minorities have become too aggressive and college life for White students can be a nightmare.

    And here is how the White male is being unfairly punished. Israel trains our police force which explains most of these crimes against the White male.


  26. Exposed! Ex-Philly Cop Admits Planting Drugs In Scheme Targeting White Males


  27. This hatred for White students in the hearts of minorities is incited by the Zionist Jews who want to rob their life and totally wipe them out of existence in their zest to be the rulers of the world and the minorities are being used as tools for this purpose.

    Here is the original story from RT

    Ex-Philly cop admits he planted drugs in scheme targeting white ‘khaki-pants type’ males

    Testifying against his colleagues, a former Philadelphia cop told the court about the extortions, robberies, drug deals and other abuses perpetrated by six narcotics officers currently standing trial for a six-year racketeering scheme.

    “White males, college boys, wearing khaki pants, easy to intimidate,” were the group’s preferred targets, ex-officer Jeffrey Walker told the jury. “We’d catch them doing whatever they were doing, we’d scream at them, sometimes get physical. I’d slap them around. These guys crack under the pressure.”


  28. Michael Rivero: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars!

    As long as Private Central Banks are allowed to exist, inevitably as the night follows day there will be poverty, hopelessness, and millions of deaths in endless World Wars, until the Earth itself is sacrificed in flames.


  29. Where are those so called “White Supremacists” except the Federal agent provocateurs who act as them in order to portray White men as racists. This entire KKK was created by the same mischief makers in order to brand White men as racists and White men including David Duke got deceived when he was 18 years old (and Wolf Blitzer and other Zionists still call him a KKK member despite the fact that he has had no dealings with this Zionist run group for the past several decades).

    NoDisinfo.com has exposed this treachery against White men in several articles.

    Did anyone here hear about the Jewish police chief who was a federal agent trying to create trouble for gun owners – while acting as someone for gun rights?

    And Bloomberg and Feinstein are not the only Zionists who have been trying to take away America’s guns. So may hoaxes have been perpetrated against Americans by members of this Zionist cabal among which the Sandy Hook hoax became widely known.

    Here is one more hoax aimed at gun control:


  30. SPLC and Mossad are working together to bring disrepute to White men through deception, lies and by setting up hoaxes while simultaneously aiming at gun control!

    Frazier Glenn Miller is a Zionist who has deceived people and most of the websites of “White Supremacists” are run by the Zionists like F, Glenn Miller.

    “Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders”

    F. Glenn Miller is the former “grand dragon” of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which he founded and ran in the 1980s before being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African Americans.

    This, like the Jewish Community Center hoax, was surely a set-up by the SPLC. It is, regardless, this entity which is the spreader of hate not its fighter. Even so, as a result of the SPLC’s role in spreading the associated lies, the Harpham case – the rat poison dud bomb – bears further investigation.

    Who is behind the SPLC? It is, in fact, rabid Zionist extremists:


  31. There have been cruel schemes at work where drugs were planted on innocent White people including College students aimed at destroying their lives. And this drug war just like the war on terror is a war on innocent people on a global scale which allows cruel Zionist bankers and organized Jewry and their agents to go after anyone they dislike and many lives have been ruined by this global crime syndicate.

    Is the “War on Drugs” as phony as the “War on Terror”? By Professor James Fetzer

    The former Chief Psychiatrist for the FBI, Alen J. Salerian, M.D., of The Salerian Center for Neuroscience & Pain (formerly, The Washington Center for Psychiatry), in Washington, DC, has been blowing the whistle on false statistics being disseminated by the Center of Disease Control (CDC).

    These stats are being used to justify the “War on Drugs”, which criminal elements within the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) appear to be enforcing by conducting their own “War on Physicians” who are attempting to change the nation’s drug laws for the benefit of the people.

    The physicians who have dedicate themselves to exposing this charade and to doing something about it by creating “The Pain Relief Network” on-line and by organizing “The Pain Brain Festival” in Washington, D.C., have not been dealt with kindly.

    In what may or may not have been merely a remarkable coincidence, on Christmas Eve, a plane crash occurred near Columbus, Ohio, that took the lives two of the leaders of this effort.

    The exposure of these false statistics threatens to undermine the “War on Drugs”, which undoubtedly would have the effect of encouraging the legalization of drugs, reduce if not evaporate the vast profits accrued through the sale of illegal drugs, and thereby diminish if not completely destroy the wealth and power of the major drug cartels, including of the CIA, widely regarded as the largest drug dealing organization the world has ever known, which appears to me to have led to the harassment and even death of physicians across America whose only offense has been to assist their patients in coping with pain, where, if treated as a medical rather than a criminal problem, it could be dealt with relatively easily and cheaply and improve the lives of millions worldwide.

    But it also would dramatically reduce the profits that are derived from the “War on Drugs”, which, alas, appears to be as phony as the “War on Terror”.

    Read more:


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