Lloyds of London withdraw insurance for illhealth from use of mobiles phones, wifi and EMF/EMR

School districts, school boards and school medical health officers in Canada have been notified that Lloyd’s of London has now excluded any liability coverage for injuries, “directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.” This includes the radio frequency radiation emitting from Wi-Fi and other wireless devices in schools.
On February 18, 2015, the UK agent for Lloyd’s stated, “the Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionizing radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.”
This must-watch video explains how the human body has a frequency that is altered by wifi amd EMR/EMF, and why the Schumann’s response is vital to our health:
Scientific study of damage to blood cells when exposed to emr using live blood cell analysis, and further statistics regarding health and wireless, emr and mobile communications:
The biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health:
Please do not let your children have unrestricted access to mobiles, as the danger is greater for youths for DNA damage, altered brain metabolism and learning ability, as they have thinner skulls:

1.2. Children’s greater absorption of MWR

There are multiple studies showing that children absorb more MWR than adults. In 1996 a study reported that the absorbed MWR penetrated proportionally deeper into the brain of children age 5 and 10 compared to adults’ brains [2].

In 2008 Joe Wiart, a senior researcher for French telecom and Orange reported that the brain tissue of children absorbed about two times more MWR than adults’ brain tissue [3].

A 2009 study reported the CNS absorption by children is “significantly larger (∼2×) because the RF [MWR] source is closer and skin and bone layers are thinner”, and “bone marrow exposure strongly varies with age and is significantly larger for children (∼10×)” [4].

In 2010, Andreas Christ and team reported children’s hippocampus and hypothalamus absorbs 1.6–3.1 times higher and the cerebellum absorbs 2.5 times higher MWR compared to adults’; children’s bone marrow absorbs 10 times higher MWR radiation than in adults, and children’s eyes absorb higher MWR than adults [5]. These calculations were based on porcine measurements taken from sacrificed animals.

1.3. Microwave radiation is a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen

After 30 experts from 14 countries reviewed the science, the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared that RF-EMF [MWR] is a Class 2B (possible) carcinogen [6]. It was a near unanimous declaration (one dissenter).

Including MWR, there are 285 agents listed by WHO’s IARC as Class 2B carcinogens [7]. Exposures to almost all of these agents are regulated. Some of the commonly recognized agents are: carbon black, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, DDT, lead, nickel, phenobarbital, styrene, diesel fuel, and gasoline.

Like these other Class 2B Carcinogens, should anyone, particularly children, be exposed to MWR?

Dangers of the new wearable technology and an explanation of why technology is getting more dangerous as it progresses:

Dr. Hardell’s study showed that technology is progressively getting more harmful—not less so – due to progressions in amplitude and frequency… As noted by the Institute of Science in Society:4

“The case control studies covered periods during which phone technologies had changed considerably. It started with first generation analogue phones that had an output power of 1 W at about 900 MHz…

The 2nd generation GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) phones (2G) with either 900 or 1800 MHz frequency had pulsed output power averaging tens of mW.

The 3rd generation (3G) phones UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) are more amplitude modulated than pulsed, and typically use a broad frequency band (5 MHz width) from 700-3 590 MHz on a worldwide basis, and from 900-2 170 MHz in Europe with output power of the order of tens of μW.”

The findings show that 3G phones may cause more harm than earlier versions, raising the risk of brain cancer four-fold. It also appears to have shorter latency period—just five to 10 years, compared to about 25 years for earlier mobile phone versions.

Use of EMF as mind control:
The solution? Search Google for ‘wired Internet plugs’ so you can use your home’s electrical system to access a reliable Internet connection in any room in your house, object to your children’s school regarding the placement of cell phone towers and wifi deployment, limit your usage of mobiles and try to use a headset that uses air (such as Air low radiation headset), don’t sleep with it in the same room, and lastly certainly do NOT use it as an alarm clock under your pillow or keep in your bra as some women bafflingly do.


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    They know whats coming then dont they. Stop giving kids these mind blowing things that are killing them. Then they will be out on a limb. The Pharmaceutical industry did the same with Vaccine damage. What about the Insurance for all the Flights they have brought down…. yea funny that.

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