Janner ‘dementia’ queried. Why no power of attorney?

Dear Tap,

You might find this request of interest.
Essentially if there was no Power of Attorney then the property transfer by Lord Janner on 26 March 2014 was undertaken entirely under his own steam which would strongly suggest that as at that date at least he had full mental capacity.
If of course there was a Power of Attorney registered then that will be of interest of itself. If Lord Janner is so ill with dementia (which his own experts have stated is an irreversible condition) then how is it he is still writing to the House of Lords Clerk on his own behalf – this would suggest that there is no power of attorney in place as if there was I would expect that the House of Lords would need to be informed of the situation and that an attorney was acting for him. The House has not been so informed.
If it is established that the assertion of dementia is not factual well then the situation gets very serious.
Malingering in order to defeat a criminal prosecution for very serious offences would itself be a very serious criminal matter.
If others were involved then this would be a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice which the police should look at.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Still signing for his dosh though. He is getting £300 a day and hardly missed a day. Plus thousands on expenses etc… the man is a fake. But he works for the minority group who play the victim and the oppressed. Yea right.

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