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  1. Lynn says:

    They have already planned this and they are hell bent on destroying Mother Earth. The white hats need to start arresting this scum whilst they still can. Or we all die off. Is anyone capable of a total round up, or are we all doomed to this madness of a few psyco’s who by the way are leaving a trail of proof behind them. The history books will tell the truth and we all stood by and let these lunatics off.

  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    Stay calm and chilled Lynn, and in the Light.
    Its Alex Jones Infowars job to get people riled upand in fear. Why?
    because whatever the masses, we, give attention and focus to, gives Energy to it, and helps it Manifest
    And anyway, ive read that this Jade thing is actually the Positive Military, white hats in the pentagon, going on the offensive against the cabal
    Denvers a major illuminati centre for a start, and the south west of the US. NY and Chicago are too of course

  3. Another CFR-Rhodes Agent for Secretary of Defense

    If my rebuttal to globalist Robert I. Rotberg didn’t prove that Western globalization is driven by a network of Rhodes Secret Society Round Tables, then let me provide some more evidence of how the American Round Table, the Council on Foreign Relations, steers US foreign policy through the office of United States Secretary of Defense. A Brief History of the Office in Bed with the CFR Ashton B. Carter, who is a Rhodes Scholar and CFR member, will be the twenty-seventh United States Secretary of Defense. Twenty secretaries of defense total (almost 75% of all defense secretaries)—and eighteen of the last twenty defense secretaries (90% of the last twenty)—have been CFR members or analysts.1 Of the last thirteen secretaries of defense, nine are still active CFR agents today: Ashton B. Carter, Chuck Hagel, Robert Gates, William S. Cohen, William J. Perry, Dick Cheney, William Howard Taft IV, Frank Carlucci, and Harold Brown. From this roster alone, one might be inclined to think that CFR membership is almost a prerequisite to attaining the office of United States Secretary of Defense. Definitely, CFR control of the office has only become more ubiquitous over the years.

    Read more at: http://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/another-cfr-rhodes-agent-for-secretary-of-defense/

  4. Adam Lightworker says:

    the System works hard, to compartmentalise people, so everyones working, but don’t knownwhats going on

    This doesn’t apply to you really, a hotel business is a hotel business, and maybe youre in a bubble of your own, which is good

    but corporstions, and governemt agencies, etc etc, its all highly compartmentalised

    Not only do the Controllers want to compartmentalise us physically

    very important, they want our Minds compartmnetalised too, in small boxes, focussing on a very narrow thing, our daily existence, and skynews

    A compartmentalised Mind means, a Mind that cant analyse, and see any bigger picture. That cant join dots. That cant assess and be curious and look for information, and have an objective view in search of Truth

    the fact youre openminded is a big thing. many people are brainwashed and cannot register anything if any strange concept is put tothem.

  5. Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI


  6. Al – Shabaab, ISIS, Al Qaeda are all created by Israeli Zionists and US Zionists.

    All terror is Zionist terror.


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