H.A.A.R.P. Weather Manipulation

(N.Morgan) The rumors of the HAARP facility being shut down, are just that, well laid rumors to put everyone at ease about if the Weather Wars have ended. The regime has upped the ante and we are getting a full blast of this sinister technology. Technology that many still deny even exists. The videos below are evidence to what is really happening to us and our environment. Another alarming video from the “The HAARP Report” YouTube user worth to watch: Polar Vortex Psy-Op, created by SBX Ionospheric Heater, Melts Arctic Methane. This technology has the capabilities of mind control and weather control, but imagine what else it may be capable of. The possibilities are horrifying and very real.

This video shows how the SBX-type ionospheric heaters are being used in the eastern Pacific, to drag cold air, down into the USA. At the same time, warm air is being pushed into Alaska, which is accelerating the melting of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). A “TEXTBOOK”, crystal clear, HAARP down burst is shown, a thousand miles west of Baja, California. The purpose of the down burst, is to prevent a low pressure from forming, west of Baja, which would break up the “ridiculously resilient ridge” of high pressure, holding the Polar Vortex in place. Also, man made high pressure (HAARP down bursts) were used, for four days in a row, to keep a low pressure from forming, north of Hawaii. If this low pressure had formed, it would have caused the man made high pressure, west of California, to break down.


Dr. Natalia Shakhova has stated that, up to 5,000 gigatons of methane is capped by frozen sediments, only 150 feet deep, under the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS). The total amount of methane, in the atmosphere, right now, is 5 gigatons. So, if the ESAS warms enough to melt the shallow sea floor, the amount of methane in the atmosphere will increase by 1,000 times. Since methane is roughly 1/3 of the total greenhouse gas, right now, this melting would mean a 300 fold increase in greenhouse gas, over the next few decades. This would drive global temperatures to unbelievable levels. Preventing this methane release is the most extreme planetary emergency, and warrants all possible efforts to stop the melting of this shallow sea. The HAARP and Aerosol program managers are deliberately pushing cold air down into the USA, as a psychological operation, to hide the fact, that the ESAS arctic methane emergency is imminent. By hiding this planetary emergency, enough delay can be created, that it will be unstoppable, by the time world leaders take it seriously. This is also the reason the IPCC does not include the accelerating methane release in any of its climate projections. Both the IPCC, and the “ice age” propaganda are delaying tactics, to guarantee a global depopulation.

The controllers of these Geoengineering programs are the worst criminals in modern history. They must be arrested, and put on trial for state, federal, and international, crimes. Failure to arrest these criminals is a death sentence for planet Earth. I call on all national authorities, to investigate the evidence of jet stream control, toxic aerosol spraying, and premeditated weather profiteering. Every region, and nation, must take action, to stop these crimes, over their own territories. The SEC, FBI, and US Military, must investigate these weather control operations, and arrest anyone who is both: 1) profiting from large positions in CME Group weather futures and options, and 2) in any way connected, directly, or indirectly, with these weather control programs.

First press briefing of the Arctic Emergency Methane Group(AMEG) held on Dec. 4, 2014 at the 20th annual Conference of the Parties (COP 20) for the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Lima, Peru. AMEG Chairman, John Nissen, is the primary speaker. He talks about the catastrophic dangers that the warming of the Arctic region poses to modern civilization and the possible extinction of humans due to abrupt climate change.

Abibimman Foundation: United Planet Faith & Science Initiative

COP20: Global Arctic Methane Emergency #1 (12-4-2014 in Lima Peru)

COP20: Global Arctic Methane Emergency #2 (12-5-2014 in Lima Peru)

COP20: Global Arctic Methane Emergency #3 (12-6-2014 in Lima Peru)

Rethinking Economics in the Age of Climate Change #1

Rethinking Economics in the Age of Climate Change #2

From Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube Channel


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  1. Bluefeather6 says:

    Interesting information and videos

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks, Bluefeather6, that looks like a very interesting site and resource for anyone interested in weather warfare and geoengineering.

  3. Lynn says:

    It is war !! they are hell bent on controlling every aspect of humanity. Food shortages and earth destroyers all of them. Time we all let them know they will be on trial for these shocking covert missions. They will not stop until they are forced.

  4. Harriet says:

    Nuclear and other forms of blackmail, war, mass murder, famine and other modes of terror have been used by criminals for decades and now there is HAARP at their disposal as modern warfare which can be used to destroy countries, towns and cities which criminals have not been shy to do. Tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, heavy rains and mudslides, tsunamis have all been geo engineered and waged on unsuspecting masses.

    Sometimes an entire town has been totally flattened and people killed and misplaced, their homes and businesses destroyed. Most recent example is Fairdale, IL where the town was leveled.

  5. Harriet says:

    Will the planetary criminals attack Iceland using HAARP again?

    Can the President of Iceland and other Iceland politicians travel safely in planes, trains or automobiles?

    We are watching for their safety.

    Strange and bad things are known to happen to countries and people who oppose Zionist Jewish bankers, Zionist Jewish orchestrated wars and Zionist corporations (the US tax system known as the IRS, companies that manufacture GMOs, pesticides, toxic drugs and vaccines etc) and/or criticize organized Jewry, the Jewish Holocaust and/or criminal Zionist state: Israel.

    Some of the people who opposed the Zionist plan for world domination have died of car and/or airplane and other accidents. It is strange that Israeli planes never crash and Jews don’t die from accidents like non Jews. Sometime ago 90 plus people (politicians and government employees) from Poland died in a single plane crash and more recently a politician and his supporters from a South American country died in a smaller airplane crash. There was also a plane crash that killed ten people from Laos.

    Belgium MP Laurent Louis spoke against war and child sex trafficking and he was violently and falsely arrested and beaten up.

    President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson got rid of the parasitic bankers. Iceland Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson said no to the Zionist FBI. FBI no doubt was trying to infiltrate into this nice country: Iceland to create trouble to the Iceland Government and people and because of the astute politician the country was saved. Iceland Minister of Interior also spoke on behalf of Palestinian rights, Iceland Foreign Minister wanted UN to immediately stop the Gaza genocide and Icelanders took to the streets to protest against Gaza murders and these things have angered the Zionists – and a volcano and earthquakes began to surface in Iceland. It looks like Communist Zionists are having a secret plot to harm Iceland to take revenge and get even.

    The most recent news is that Iceland Government is going to do the money printing instead of allowing Zionist Jewish bankers to do that which has produced a lot of financial trouble to Iceland and most other countries in the world.

    The entire world needs to watch for the safety and security of Iceland politicians, other Icelanders and the country: Iceland.

    We need to pray for this tiny and lovely country because Zionist bankers are a cruel lot and we are watching.

  6. Harriet says:

    Dangerous technology like HAARP can be used by the cruel criminals for all sorts of purposes such as murdering millions of people and taking over an entire country under the guise of coming to their aid.

    That is what happened to Sri Lanka [and probably to Indonesia too] after the manmade/HAARP created tsunami took place.

    As aforementioned [in the previous post] a few months ago Iceland had a volcanic eruption. Ongoing volcanic activity has become a problem and life in Iceland is still not totally safe because of this and the earthquakes and these are caused by manmade weather manipulation which is a known cause for disaster making – another tool in the dangerous Zionist hand to be used to create more chaos and harm to innocent people who through their opposition to Zionist tyranny have become a serious threat for the New World Order of Jewish world domination and the establishment of Greater Israel as per the Protocols of Zion – and thus has become a target of the angry Zionists. God Bless the courageous and good-hearted Iceland politicians and lovely people in Iceland and their beautiful country!

    Hungary had floods! Hungary said they did not want GMO food and they destroyed all GMO crops in their country. Hungary also got rid of Zionist banks. And Hungarian Jobbik Party has recognized the harm Zionist Jews are doing (have done) to Hungary and Hungarian people and are voicing it openly and fighting back this undesirable and negative force that can totally ruin their country and people. They have been falsely branded “Extremists” by Zionist Jews for trying to take back their country from the grip of the Zionist invaders. In reality these Jews who cry wolf about patriotic Hungarians being anti-Semitic are the extremists.

    Japan had Fukushima! Japan refused Zionist vaccines and Zionist GMO food, Japan printed the “Protocols of Zion” which is the secret Zionist agenda (sort of a blue print Zionists have been using from generation to generation) to achieve the Communist Zionist dream of Jewish world domination and for a “Greater Israel” at the expense of all other non Jewish people globally. We need to find out about other things Japan may have done to anger the Zionist Jews who were Communists before they became Zionists.

    Several years ago Indonesia (a Muslim country) and Sri Lanka (A Sinhala Buddhist country) were both affected by the same Tsunami and in Sri Lanka there has been a land grab after the Tsunami and many Sinhala citizens lost their homes, businesses and land, There also could have been Muslims who were living in the Southern parts of Sri Lanka who lost their homes, businesses and land. Since the Tsunami crime rate in Sri Lanka has escalated. What do these things indicate? They indicate that an evil force has taken over the Island and that Tsunami was a creation of the geo engineers who are criminals that prey on countries and the innocent people living in those countries.

  7. WASP says:

    The “Dick Brains”, never took any notice of the importance of the information I sent, so I coined a term to aptly describe them “BRAIN DEAD MORONS”, Having carried out a considerable amount of research into The use, & applications of SCALAR WEAPONS, it was obvious that this tied in with The Vatican’s Rip Off, to Market “CARBON CREDITS”.
    I would refer you to this Link on several of these HAARP ARTICLES.

    You should be under no doubt that Waal Street, is controlled by the Jesuits, though The “BDM” still appear to think Jews are the controlling power, behind the Financial Banking World, so will continue to remain ignorant, & never understand how the system works.
    Anyone who has studied the presence, & The Jesuits influence, on the history of America, would be under no illusion that this is so.

    I have studied a great deal of this this information, only a fraction of which I have related to you, over the years. I notice, however, that there is a continual resurgance, of information on subjects that I brought to light years ago. This would tend to suggest I have a far better understanding, of that which has occured, & is continuing to shape our lives, than the “BDM” who just haven’t got a clue, & never will have if they continue to chase Jews.

    My time for Blogging has been drastically reduced, due to other commitments, I do, however, still carry out research into the aspects of ‘Esoteric Physics’ that I am interested in, & occasionaly look at the Tap, to see what’s happening.

    I have in the past given comments on the muilti dimentional aspects of our existance, the fact that *G* is best thought of as Energy, many would refer to this as “Off Planet Influence”, this is the point where Science & the Occult Coalesce. Parameters don’t exist in Nature.

    Religion is best looked at in terms of the Occult, & not the State Manufactured Version, most woud call Religion. which is in fact just a CONTROL SYSTEM, to stop people thinking to deeply about our existance in relation to the Cosmos.




    • Tapestry says:

      WASP – do you have any stuff about the earth being a living entity able to communicate with the sun? I am reading gnostic books at the moment, and finding occult knowledge which modern religion has tried to destroy. What is the esoteric physics you’re researching? It sounds interesting.

    • Adam Lightworker says:

      very profound comment, ive copied and pasted on, thanks

  8. Professor William Cook has done excellent work on the story of Palestinian land theft by Jews.

    The Untold Story of the Zionist intent to turn Palestine into a Jewish State

    William A. Cook

    May 11, 2010

    (Based on classified documents from the Jewish Agency and its affiliated organizations seized by the British Mandate Police, materials that confirm that the Zionist controlled Jewish community intended to remove the Arab inhabitants of Palestine from their land and make the whole of Mandate Palestine a Jewish State, an intent that continues to the present day as the new book, The Plight of the Palestinians: a Long History of Destruction, available at Macmillan.com, demonstrates.)

    A Tale of Lies, Deceit, and Terrorism: the Birth of Israel

    “Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because Geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either … There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.” (Moshe Dayan, Address to the Technion, Haifa, as quoted in Haaretz, 4-4-1969)


  9. Israeli soldier: Palestinians are our training targets

    The Israeli army uses Palestinians as targets for their training, Haaretz reported a former soldier as saying.

    In an article entitled “From an Israeli combat soldier to conscientious objector”, Haaretz said that “after two years in the Israel Defence Forces, Yaron Kaplan, 21, of Lod, is declaring himself a conscientious objector and is refusing to continue his service because of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.”

    “From the moment I began my training I understood how violent this place is,” he said. “It was a totally traumatic experience. Every time we would do shooting practice, we would be ‘executing’ someone – ‘Now we shoot Mohammed; now we shoot at Ahmed’,” he said.


  10. Israel’s addiction to Nuclear Blackmail and Terror By Dr Preston James

    Israel has become a rogue Nuclear Terror State and has detonated mini-nukes in America in covert Gladio-style False-flag operations to set up a phony War on Terror so they could create and deploy their DHS Secret Police Occupation Force against “We The People.”

    Seymour Hersh was the first investigative journalist to publicly disclose Israel’s Samson Option.

    Israel’s Samson Option is a long standing nuclear retaliation program they set up during the 1970’s after they were able to acquire a substantial amount of weapons grade Plutonium from America.

    This Israel program of nuclear revenge was based on their determination to destroy the rest of the World if they were ever seriously attacked and destroyed by another large nation or superpower.

    This plan was of course privately communicated to the World’s top leaders because with out doing so no motivation would be obtained for these World leaders to cooperate with Israel’s defense establishment and help support the survival of Israel.

    Israel chose the name “Samson Option” based on the Old Testaments depiction of the Biblical character Samson committing suicide and pulling down the King’s building and wiping out his court after Samson was captured and weakened.

    The key belief and message here to the leaders of the World’s major powers from this Samson Option is that they better not allow Israel to be destroyed or they will be destroyed by Israel’s nuclear retaliation with nukes planted in their large cities.


  11. Harriet says:

    Who Sold Iran to the “Khazarian Mafia” in 1872?

    Mayer Rothschild once said: “Our late father taught us that if a high placed person enters into a [financial] relationship with a Jew, he belongs to the Jew.”[1]

    There is plenty of evidence for this. All you have to do is look at the covert operation that the Rothschilds themselves undertook when they first started to hold Europe by the balls. Citing Niall Ferguson, E. Michael Jones writes,

    “After Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s sons spread out to the major financial centers of Europe: ‘the multinational structure of their firm enabled them to engage in arbitrage, exploiting price differences between, say, the London and Paris markets.’

    “‘They could also bail each other out in the event of liquidity and solvency squeezes. Never—not even in 1848—did financial crisis strike everywhere in Europe simultaneously and with equal severity. When Britain suffered in 1825, James could bail out Nathan. When Paris collapsed in 1830, Nathan could reciprocate.’”[2]

    This was largely how the Rothschilds began to dominate much of Europe. Now the members of the family do not need to bail each other out anymore. The government will do that for them. What is equally worse is that they can literally destroy the economy and get a $20 million raise for their evil work![3]

    Finally, a Jew by the name of Greg Smith, who worked as an executive director and vice president of Goldman Sachs for years, ended up calling the company “toxic and destructive” because it is guided by “morally bankrupt people” who are literally “ripping their clients off.”[4] Smith said,

    What is interesting here is that the
    In short, the Dreadful Few, or the “Khazarian Mafia,” as Preston James would have put it, can literally plunder the entire economic infrastructure with little consequences:

    Dreadful Few used similar covert operation to own major countries both in the Middle East and Europe. In 1872, they infiltrated Iran through a monkey business:


  12. user123 says:

    don’t concentrate on HAARP!

    like the first comment here I urge you to visit this address for all types of unnatural weather:

    Especially look at the psyop-section (including HAARP Report!)

  13. This is from Jewish Nathanael Kapner who became a Christian convert according to him



  14. Islamic State group destroys ancient ruins of Nimrud


    This is what Michael Rivero of What Really Happened wrote about this
    Islamic State group destruction of ancient ruins of Nimrud:

    A lot of people are probably wondering why ISIS, in the middle of war, is wasting time, money, and explosives demolishing ancient archaeological ruins.

    One possible theory is that this destruction is a quid pro quo to ISIS supporters in Israel. Israel’s entire claim to the lands of the Palestinians rests on biblical myths about the Kingdoms of David and Solomon and the First Temple, for which there is no hard archaeological evidence. The two best known claimed artifacts for the First Temple, the Pomegranate Temple Staff ornament and the Jehoash Tablet have been exposed as clever forgeries, and locations in Israel said to be connected with David and Solomon are so named out of tradition and “confirmation bias”, with archaeologists admitting there is no actual hard data as to what they really were.

    Contrast that with other nations such as Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. where one cannot take three steps without tripping over the evidence of their ancient histories. Such a plethora of archaeological evidence in other countries has proven to be a severe embarrassment to Israel as it underscores the paucity of such evidence for what Israel declares to be its historical origins. Much of the Torah is now known to have simply been copied from other sources. The story of the Exodus actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Hebrews, and the story of the great flood was copied almost verbatim from the Epic of Gilgamesh. People can be forgiven for asking if the stories of the First Temple are also likewise purloined from other places and peoples.

    So Israel’s governments, which justifies its theft on those stories, has a powerful motive to want the archaeological sites in other countries erased, to “level the playing field” by reducing the obvious contrast in the amount of such remains in other countries versus Israel itself. This may explain why, following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, armed forces guarded the oil ministry while the Baghdad Museum was left wide open for looting and why American forces defaced the ancient city of UR, including building portions of a runway over the site.

    Read more: whatreallyhappened.com ttp://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3XDzN8BM6

  15. Here is the link to Mike Rivero’s website

    Whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3XDzN8BM6

  16. “War on terror is a Jewish hoax” says Nathanael Kapner of Real Jew News


  17. Harriet says:

    Excellent site and thanks for the link!


  18. Will they use geo engineering to cause more harm to Iceland now that Iceland Government has decided to do their own money printing?


  19. Harriet says:

    NSA is busy using my domain everyday while the computer has been turned off by me. Every morning I see a message in my window that “several tabs have been opened which need to be closed” when I have closed them already before the computer was turned off.

    And here is an article that may explain what these criminals are up to!

    ‘Redirect to SMB’ vulnerability allows login theft, even in Windows 10

    Security researchers have identified a new variant on an old hacking technique to steal Windows user credentials, including the victim’s username, hashed password and domain – and it works just fine on the Windows 10 preview release too. Applications vulnerable to the technique include those made by Apple, Oracle, Symantec, Adobe and Box, with several popular security and antivirus suites susceptible. Microsoft has never addressed the historical exploit on which the new attack is based, even though it was made public 18 years ago.

    ‘Redirect to SMB’ allows attackers to perform Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks by redirecting users to malfeasant SMB authentication servers which are capable of exfiltrating the credentials and granting intercepting parties the opportunity to harvest private data in confidential locations, shepherd the victim machine into a larger botnet, and even completely take over the machine.

    The attack vector was developed from the 1997 vulnerability exposed by Aaron Spangler, who discovered that URLs which begin with the word ‘File’ (i.e. file:// would prompt the Windows OS to authenticate via SMB (Server Message Block) at the IP address used in the crafted URL – analogous to asking a thief for a character reference.
    Security researchers have identified a new variant on an old hacking technique to steal Windows user credentials, including the victim’s username, hashed password and domain – and it works just fine on the Windows 10 preview release too. Applications vulnerable to the technique include those made by Apple, Oracle, Symantec, Adobe and Box, with several popular security and antivirus suites susceptible. Microsoft has never addressed the historical exploit on which the new attack is based, even though it was made public 18 years ago.


  20. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair – what’s he up to?


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