Gerrish – Child abuse by white people is being ignored by the State and the media. Being used to create racial tension.

Brian Gerrish of UK Column says that there’s a rush of people contacting him advising there’s something very nasty going on behind the scenes.  A new quasi-Marxist fascist political system is being prepared.  Christopher Storey wrote in his book (missed the title) that this was the plan, giving great details.

People are to be taken off the land.  People’s property is being stolen from under their feet.  The destabilisation phase is beginning.  Trouble in the economy.  Trouble in politics.  If you show resistance, you’ll end up in a psychiatric unit.  More shocking details given in the video.  Britain is descending into a vicious Police State.

The aim is to bring violence onto the streets to collapse democracy.  Child abuse is being used to bring people onto the streets, to foster division between communities.  Rotherham.  No one’s been convicted. 1400 children abused by gangs in Rotherham, gangs branded as Asian in the media.  Child abuse by white people is being ignored by the media.  Child abuse is being used to create the violence on the streets, which will justify the ending of democracy.

50% of child abusers are women.  This is also being ignored.

David Cameron is using Military Police and Naval Personnel to protect him.

Westminster is putting child abuse revealers under a regime of terror.

Stay peaceful.  Don’t allow the deviants in Westminster to push us into violence.  That’s exactly what they want.


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  1. NPP says:

    I try to catch UK Column news most days as I also check into the BBC news.The difference is hilarious, though profoundly sad.
    Gerrish warned of coming attempts to create racial tension in places such as Rotherham and the BBC reported issues the next day centering upon Rotherham.

    Humphreys, the ‘Rottweiler’ of interviewing? Retire John! Gerrish is so calm and seemingly incisve, while frequently reminding us to be peaceful while being active.

    If you have a spare £25, you could do worse than send it to UK Column. I think it is their standard subscription fee. I sent them £25 and have not been home since to see what one gets for £25. It may actually be a physical newspaper. It’s enough just to see them for free each day.

    Sometimes they have ‘studio’ glitches as their ‘television like’ presentation goes array, yet they plod on. Sometimes they are almost Two Ronnies or Monty Python like as they dead pan their way through challenges.

    This latest guy, forgotten his name, from ‘Response’ is it (?), the legal chap from north of Watford sat next to Brian this week, he’s great. They make the so called expert analysis from the BBC look shockingly inadequate.

    I listened to the UK election 7 leader’s debate via BBC 5 Live online. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. I thought Farage was the best of a bad lot, but the BBC either avoided or slaughtered him in the post. mortem. The Green leader was praised as was the Scottish one. It can all be so depressing, but then I have my brain hit and he makes me smile.
    TAP, Gerrish showed a picture of Cameron looking like the train on TV as per a child’s comment – if anyone knows what I’m referring to, please post it. It is uncannily like him. X

  2. RabbiT says:

    Brian Gerrish – “Religion was going to be put on par with entertainment”.

    I have downed a pint with Brian and believe he is genuine.

    I see here religion and entertainment being made the same, both have become like rock concerts.

    One of the keys is to program the masses to desire entertainment and I have seen it in the eyes of children and adults – they just want to be entertained and there is no getting through to them that the ship is sinking.

    LOVE is the key.

  3. Adam says:

    thanks for posting Tap, this has opened my eyes

  4. Julie says:

    While awaiting moderation. Typo. Hogan-Howell, not Ogal-Howell, I should have gone to spec-savers!

  5. Julie says:

    Even without a link, my comments are moderated. I have been posting comments for over two years …. in fact sending The Tap comments which he put up regularly and agreed were “useful”.

  6. Nollidge says:

    “People are to be taken off the land. People’s property is being stolen from under their feet.”
    Agenda 21.If that’s new to you,Google it.

  7. Julie says:

    RUBBISH. “50% of child abusers are women” Certainly not 50% of sexual abuse. Comments being taken down all the down all the time. Tap doesn’t like the correlation between homosexuals and child rape.

    • Tapestry says:

      The Hampstead abuse videos make it clear women are prolific abusers of children, and it explains how they do it. You’re really not concentrating Julie. The conflation of child abuse with male same sex orientation is inappropriate. I will continue to delete short comments which state that they are effectively one and the same.

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