Businessman who rejected £100,000 from Dragons’ Den launches movement that says ‘no’ to party politics

Danny Bamping

by Liam Thorp, politics reporter

A BUSINESSMAN who famously rejected a £100,000 investment on the BBC show Dragons’ Den has launched a political movement backing independent candidates.

Bolton-born Danny Bamping rejected the offer from business moguls Rachel Elnaugh and Theo Paphitis to invest in his Bedlam Cube puzzle in 2005.

The 40-year-old is now spearheading the No Party Network, a political movement aiming to get independent candidates elected at local and national elections.

The movement has its base in Bolton but already has member groups forming as far away as Devon, Kent and Wales.
Mr Bamping, aged 40, who is originally from Bromley Cross but now lives in Devon, says the group wants to “change the political conversation” and is urging people who are disillusioned with the status quo to support independent candidates rather than those standing for established political parties.

He said: “We are not a political party but a political movement — we want to move away from party politics and create a modern representation in parliament through voting for independents, who can create a true representation of people and their desires, intents and wishes.

“The idea has history on its side — for the first 650 years after parliament was set up it only ever had independent candidates — whereas today there is just one.”

He added: “We have got thousands of people signed up to our movement now through social networking and we are saying to all of them — don’t not vote, vote independent.”

Group members meet every Thursday evening at the Cotton Tree Pub in Halliwell and when Mr Bamping cannot attend, he and other members around the country join in via a Skype connection.

Among its many political aims, the No Party Network is calling for the British Constitution to be written down, or codified.

It also wants to scrap the so called bedroom tax, reform drug laws, decommission nuclear weapons and make having a TV License a voluntary option.

The group’s chairman is 58-year-old Dave Sanders from Astley Bridge.

He said: “The main political parties have got us where we are now, they are the reason we are in a mess.

“It seems very simple to me, we should go back to a position where independent politicians represent the people and the places that they are from.”

For more information on the movement visit

TAP – It all seems a bit lightweight.  Is this an attempt to head off any independent movement, like David Mortimer’s Family Law Reform Party in Milton Keynes.  I thought an independent movement would be independent..  All a bit strange


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  1. Adam Lightworker says:

    I think you have a point Tap
    Ive realised that only the decentralised awakening via blog and the internet, will work. Even if the above is genuine and well meant, anything that coalesces like this can be infiltrated
    This is why david ickes TPV, which I was very excited about at first, soon got derailed. In the current Matrix, anything that centralises and sets itself up as a target to be infiltrated, will get attacked.

    That said there are lots of powerful forces of good operating in this world, undercover, white hats, with good spirits incarnated into them. There has to be this counterbalance, to counteract the Reptilian ET/ED entity invasion that’s taken place on this planet

    Decentralisation is the key, so that its all a fine mist, then TPTB will have a very hard time attacking it. Despite their best attempts, I think were winning and the worlds awakening thanks to the internet, is going well. As Benjamin fulford said, the internets turning into a giant noosphere, a global consciousness
    And think about it. All this blogging, emailing, instant exchange of thoughts and ideas connecting up, is almost like telepathy
    And I think its spiritual gifts like telepathy, TPTB clamped down on and decided to make secret, and try to make the masses into X factor numbed automatons, neutral spectators. So the Reptilian Agenda could proceed

    • Keep going Adam you are definitely on the right track.

      • Adam Lightworker wary what Ed Snowden said says:

        Thankyou Carol
        I blog, email far and wide, even to people I don’t know, like university academics, to get in their minds. ive not been blocked yet so hopefully theyre reading.
        But I never or rarely get any feedback. Im not looking for glory. But it is nice to be acknwoeldged, thanks, ive read it, keep going
        I will keep going. And I will remember your name carol valentine and maybe once the Event and disclosure plays out I will see you, maybe on a Mothership tour of the galaxy, maybe in another dimension.
        This isn’t scif fi nonsense carol. This has to be considered as true.
        If they’ve lied about a startrek like secret space program since the early 19060s, colonising the solar system and beyond, then my comments above are credible
        Ill say one more thing.
        JFK and Khruschev liked each other and were going to make ‘Peace’. This was more than peace. I think they agreed to disclose the truthts of their military industrial complexes, free energy, and the Fiat banking system too. Khruschev didn’t last long and JFK shot.
        However the resistance is a powerful force and I realise now, Cobras 31st March 2012 onwards articles, when he opened his blog, is required reading. I only discovered Cobra in late 2013.
        Anyway, thanks for the encouragement carol

  2. Eric says:

    Don’t know if it’s strange or not but I agree about not voting for parties.The system of political parties seems to me to be just another divide and rule strategy,to fool the sheeple into thinking they have any say or influence,when of course they don’t.The rulers in the background still rule no matter which clown you vote for

  3. Adam Lightworker says:

    Of course. Were in a stage managed Truman show. But jim carrey woke up.
    David Icke is the only candidate id vote for. Westminster, this country, the world would be sorted out in a year if Icke was put in charge, backed by powerful white hats of course. Maybe George Clooneys going to try and be that type of US President?
    He and Matt Damon , and a lot of Hollywood, are very awake

    But I think a campaign should happen to put david icke in 10 downing street, watch him sort the entire shower out

  4. CrystalSurfer says:

    I’m sure many of us feel the same as Danny Bamping and yes I agree, decentralisation is key to a better future.
    Maybe bringing about change through the existing (political) system may work.. or may not. I suspect the latter. But the underlying idea of voting someone ‘into power’ is fundamentally flawed and continues the existing power-elite paradigm. For those who don’t know of Larken Rose I highly recommend his work;

    • Anonymous Lightworker because Edward Snowden warned says:

      It may seem irrelevant, but its not. Truths about reincarnation, spiritualism, angels, good beings, and demons, dark entities, are real.
      This is no longer a question of belief. This is physics fact.
      Well, theres a huge , mammoth, star trek like secret space program, in the solar system, they’ve lied to us about. It seems to have 10 or more factions.
      The physics lies, that make this possible, about free energy also means other dimensions are absolutely real.
      And the US military and others, know about interdimensional portals on this planet.
      WHy do you think Satanism is so widespread amongst elites? They know there are ED extradimensional forces acting from beyond this planet and dimension, on people and this world. Good and bad forces.
      The US military even has technology, at long island, and other places, that act via powerful magnetic fields, as strargate interdimensional portals.

      WHats all this got to do with Taps story submission above? Everything

      Because this is the big secret. The physics for it all is absolutely real, as well as anecdotal accounts from genuine experiencers of NDEs.

      And my point is, David Icke, who I think is an incredible researcher and dot connector, says that what happens at rituals, the pentagram and whatever else, esp if its done at a vortex point location where leylines meet……extradimensional beings, actually appear. Its said that Ted Heath actually changed into a Reptilian, during the ritual once. Interdimensional portals for demons acting in this world.

      Don’t get me wrong, theyre evil sickos that deserve the full force of the law , prison cells and prison food. But with what ive just said, what gets said by thecolemanexperience and aanirfan etc, makes more sense

      • Tapestry says:

        I prefer the gnostic truths to Icke’s pathway from the dots to the reptilians myself. Religion blinds the world to the existence of evil. Monotheism the key to that. If there’s only One God, then all is good. Perpetrators need have no conscience and victims must blame themselves. In fact there is goodness and there is evil. Humanity is capable of great goodness. Our natural being is good and we have imagination and intelligence to solve problems and make progress. Evil is fed into us and placed all around us from elsewhere, by those who know how to mimic and how to hide. Gnostics before the Abrahamic religions took over the world believed that the sun, the earth and the moon were one system created by goodness, and the other planets in our solar system are the sources of evil encroaching into our lives. That’s where Icke is useful, showing the pictures of the rings of Saturn containing intelligent entities broadcasting to earth. See The Ringmakers Of Saturn by Norman Bergrun.

        The earth is intelligent as we are, as are the sun and the moon. I was able to cure my illness long ago by finding access to earth energy which charged my being with positive feelings and strength. At the time I assumed it was a magnetic effect or something from the ground, but now see it as information passed to me by an intelligent planet. We must fight to overthrow the religions placed into our world by Saturn/Satan, and return to the Gnostic understanding of our being. Gnostics were massacred, ethnically cleansed and converted forcibly by those in the Christian hierarchies. Sameas happens with Islam today. THe powers of evil fear human intelligence, imagination and self reliance. Yet that is all we have. Everything else is a deception brilliantly created for the enslavement of our species. For many thousands of years, we have lived through this blinding. The earth wants us to rediscover who we are, and rediscover the earth and the forces that create life. Evil is being forced out into the open, and hates every minute of it. ONly hidden in the dark can evil survive and prosper.

  5. Lynn says:

    The only way back is civil rights… people power and our own laws…God Knows we have lived under theirs for too long. We are our only hope. Until we unite and grow into a power to be recognised and have them scared we are doomed.

    • Tapestry says:

      Exposing them works well. Also unravelling what they have told us God is. By the creation of global monotheism, evil has been hidden away and made able to operate against us unopposed. Before Abraham and the myths of the bibles were created, humanity knew there were forces of both good and evil which needed dealing with.

      • Anonymous Lightworker because Edward Snowden warned says:

        Thanks for your substantial reply Henry. A few v interesting points I need to ask.
        – Couldn’t it be true that both Gnosticism, the astrology truths of sun, moon, planetary energetics, and too after life spiritual truths of angels and demons, are both true? Just throw away all the Abrahamic stuff to control humanity. Because I think good guides and angels of light to help and plan and intervene in our lives, to try and shift the timeline for good. Im not speaking out of some religious belief here. I come from the physics end.
        – Are you saying Reptilian demons aren’t , and haven’t, invaded earth through vortex portals and possessed people?
        – Do you think Icke has it wrong, that at rituals, ppl like Heath don’t change into a reptilian demon during the sacrifice?

        Im trying to say, I think we should separate out angels and demons, from anything to do with Christianity or any other abrahmic religion. I do believe there are guides helping us.
        And by the way, I think the futures going to show, theres no difference between angels and good spirits and ETs. Theyre the same thing. All we have to get rid of is the religion bullshit that’s kept us down.

        On another, vitally important topic Henry I hope youll share. WHat did you do? Did you goto a vortex point and walk barefoot, grounded with the earth? Did you use a Rife machine? Can you write an article on tapblog to advise everyone, how cure finding access to earth energy?
        As well as earth intelligence, which I agree with, Solaris idea is right, earths a living conscious being. Teleology, as Lawrence Wilson says, innate intelligence of a conscious system to self heal.
        It could also too though have been increased amount of etheric energy entering your body, , coming from above, too, if you were grounded.

        And I totally agree. Colemanexperience evil will notn survive, with openness, truths everywhere, on every topic. The current political farce system will fall apart for one thing. Dracula cannot stand sunlight on him

  6. Anonymous Lightworker because Edward Snowden warned says:

    And I note too, Cobras recent april interview with Rob Potter, take a look at this.

    Rob – Thank you. Here’s a question. I guess it has to do . . . this is the one I was interested in. One is how did Jesus bring back Lazarus from the dead? And I have a follow-up question to that.

    COBRA – There was technology involved. There was some advanced ET technology involved in his so-called miracles.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Adam, I walk with shoes on a tarmaced area next to a large building owned by a major US bank, and still get a surge nearly every time I walk that way. I feel nothing inside a vehicle, however. The road is wide and the effect can be felt the other side of the road too, although less. I walk around a bit for a few minutes as a rule drawing the attentions of security guards and passers-by. Their faces wondering why a foreigner is wandering around outside in the street despite the heat. Incidentally I find the effect at night is far less. It must be an earth energy node, partially built over by the bank, but not totally. It’s shaded by mature trees, and is a place which changed my life, and has been a part of my life for nearly thirty years.

    • Adam Lightworker says:

      Bloody hell Henry that’s amazing, and it fits too. Because as we know, I only know these examples but im sure theres many more, Balmoral and Sandringham are built on vortex/etheric node points. Since I know the occult is everywhere in powerful ciricles, it makes a sense a major American bank would build its bank there. I mean, the CEO will need to do his satanic rituals there, of course.
      So that bank building might be acting as an interdimensional vortex point. And you have stumbled upon it 30 yrs ago. I think im going to have to find vortex points to goto visit.
      On a lesser level, guess what. In the northern city where I live, after a tumultuous life being away, in the last 3 yrs ive discovered something ive called my lucky street.
      Im sure a leyline runs down it. Im sure the major govt building at the top of it, and major war memorial too, were put in by freemasons, to anchor energies. In fact it may even be a vortex point there.
      And a lot of strange things , good things, have happened for me on this street. Including monumental unrequited love. Which has propelled me to be a truthseeker to dull my wanting her.
      I think Henry powerful forces might have acted. But for jobs too, ive been lucky on this street. And things I hoped would happen 3 yrs ago, to get 2 or 3 part time jobs to have flexibility, live with no stress, have happened. Weird.

      I think it will be very important that you only walk round that bank, with loving positive thoughts. Don’t go there in a bad upset mood. Or perhaps im wrong, maybe it will help. But my instinct is, walk there when youre loving and thinking good thoughts. Because there will help Manifestation. The freemasons seem to know about sacred geometry and Manifestation, and the mind.

      Id appreciate any quick answer you can give. Since I have so little time ive not researched Gnosticism too much.
      Do you still think Ickes Reptilian entities, at vortex ritual portals, are real? And therefore good spirits/angels too? I don’t follow how you think david ickes wrong. Cant what ickes says, and Gnosticism whatever it is, dovetail and complement each other?
      thanks Adam

  8. David Gale who had promoted “Cash for Kids” has set up British Independents which is similar

    and then there is an indi in Brighton who wants a Royal Commission into child abuse:

  9. alison says:

    Suggest anybody still thinking of voting at all watch this first: –

    I certainly have no intention of signing myself into the lunatic asylum… no matter who I’m voting for.

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