BBC attempts to put lid on Satanic Cult. Sabine McNeill’s reply.

The Satanic Cult That Wasn’t

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How Satanic abuse accusations in a North London suburb went global, but turned out to be untrue. Melanie Abbott investigates.

It’s members are, it’s claimed, drawn mainly from a school and church in Hampstead. They are said to wear shoes made of baby skin, to dance with the skulls of dead babies and to sexually abuse young children. But the cult doesn’t exist. The claims are, according to a High Court Judge, ‘baseless’ and those who have sought to perpetrate them are ‘evil’.

The Report investigates why, after a police inquiry and a family court judgement which unequivocally rubbished the notion of Satanic abuse in Hampstead, the allegations are proliferating on the internet and being spread all over the world? We hear from the supposed cult members who have had their personal details and photographs published online and received death threats. And we ask about the welfare of the two children at the centre of it all who were coerced into fabricating the fantastical story.

Producer: Joe Kent.

SABINE’s Reply to Joe –

You did not even tell me the TITLE of the program!

You MIS-REPRESENTED your invitation by participating in ‘The Report’!

You DECEIVED me and everybody else you interviewed who is on the CHILDREN’s side!

I repeat the questions that UK Column has asked Victoria Derbyshire:

“Did your research include speaking

  1. to the mother or other adults close to the children who believe their claims?
    2. to the children?
    3. to charities and survivor groups familiar with effects of satanic ritual abuse on the victim, particularly when that individual is still a child?
    4. to the police officers who were threatened and told to stop investigating the case or else their careers or their family?
    5. did you ask the police how many of the accused were formally questioned?
    6. how many premises were forensically examined?
    7. how many computers were seized and examined for child abuse images and video content?

Only if you can answer YES to all these questions can you legitimately claim some understanding of the damaged mental state of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) survivors and the tendency for them to retract accusations when isolated and confronted by authority figures and show that you have considered all the relevant facts to the case, could your current editorial line be seen as a mistake, rather than feeble support for a corrupt Establishment narrative.

The bottom line is this: the accusations were made by the children, a point not made obvious in the short clip on your website. This cannot be described as ‘baseless’, for it is based on victim testimony, which I’m sure you realise is most compelling. Whatever the qualification of the judge, she cannot make ‘black’ into ‘white’ and the allegations as ‘baseless’.

She cannot convince the public awakened by 2 years of ‘truth’ regarding the Establishment cover-up of child rape and sodomy and that it is time to go asleep once again.

Neither can you.”


2 Responses to “BBC attempts to put lid on Satanic Cult. Sabine McNeill’s reply.”

  1. Thanks, TAP! The Americans say “every publicity is good publicity. just spell my name right…”

    But it is sad to discover the BBC trying to do another Savile cover-up right in front of our eyes!

  2. Lynn says:

    The whole thing is being talked about Sabine. Across the nation young and old have seen this story !! and as they say no smoke without fire. The word is out and the cover up will be destroyed. Just like Saville. They are doomed now as propaganda is being seen for exactly what it is. They have become a joke at the BBC and this is growing by the day.

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