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  1. user123 says:

    About the video of Dane Wigington:
    He is talking and talking and still manages to avoid the real culprits of the unnatural weather beside chemtrails.
    In order to have cloud forming you need a lot of water vapor in the air. Now look at all the power plants that run 24/7 and how much water vapor they put into the atmosphere! Put that together with chemtrails and you get a hazy sky.
    Last thing that is missing is some facilities that can steer these hazy clouds in particular directions. That is done by weather surveillance radars like Nexrad. This has been going on for many decades now.
    I urge you to visit this address if you want to know the truth about our weather:

    Especially look at the psyop-section and you will see that Dane Wigington is a psyop who misleads you! Don’t fall for that.

    But I don’t want to persuade you with my words, just look at the site, the material that ww101 provides and make up your own mind!

    As for the depopulation agenda I assume the unknown material within a chemtrails are part of that. Also morgellons. This video gives you some perspective:

    But also consider the vaccines:

  2. Anonymous Lightworker says:

    Anonymous Lightworker because of what Edward Snowden said

    April 13, 2015 at 11:55 am Reply

    Bitcoin, crowdstarter kickfunds, alternative medicine taking health into your own hands with NB science for example, as well as the suppressed Free Energy technologies that would put a machine in every home, car, for unlimited free warmth and light and power……these are all examples Craig of Decentralisation.

    Governemnts, excessive government is an example of attempts to centralise by elites. Free energy got suppressed because its a very powerful equaliser and decentraliser

    if we all were fully taught the Spiritual secrets, about our pineal glands, about the Ether physics, about whatever other methods and secrets. About how we are actually very powerful beings, that telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance (the reason clairvoyants sometimes get it wrong is, the timelines shift, because in the spiritual etheric dimension, time is non linear – this gives great oversight and planning abilities for angels and demons. Therefore how much of our lives is coincidence random?)….this would also be powerfully decentralising.

    I have to wonder just how many lies have been told, to keep us down.

    The SSP lights on Ceres shows it, my arguments grounded in physics lies.

    Another example of decentralisation is the internet, and each mind being awakened, having independent critical thought, being exposed to truths, and crucially Craig , being able to communicate that with others on the planet at the speed of light, effortlessly, via a variety of online ways. This is almost like telepathy. And the controlling forces don’t like it. This is why theres an information war going on, disinformation

    But by looking at hard evidence at the ‘Crime Scene’ , of solid strange things we see around us, we can work back, and intelligent minds can connect dots. And it doesn’t take a genius to see a clear picture

    Im relieved to get those thoughts out

  3. Anonymous Lightworker says:

    Quite profound realisations talking to Craig – Have a read

    Hi Adam

    My immediate thought was that you were using the terms angels and demons as metaphors. Because to use them literally may contradict other things previously discussed

    I too certainly see the world in a different way now and certainly think there is a system behind the world we live in.

    Having studied business and marketing I can see that the events that take place in the world are just as much brainwashing techniques as what you learn to do in marketing when trying to make people buy your product. when I watch tv now I always have to mute the advertisements because I can’t stand people trying to brainwash me.

    I certainly do believe that the world this is just a large marketing ploy but I’m not sure exactly what the product is yet. Perhaps it is this is a adenda 21 that you have mentioned before who knows.

    Hello Craig,
    On the contrary, theres no contradiction. This is the big lie that’s been pulled on us, as they try and keep all facts compartmentalised and distract the masses. Physics and Einstein 20th century lies being no exception

    Why is it that so many elite people use clairvoyants, have personal astologers? Why is there so much Satanism around? Rituals, sacrifice? this isn’t just for kicks, in my view.

    Thisis the big secret. Spiritualitys real, and theres a big battle ongoing, Easier to chat about in person.

    However keep these things in mind. Look back at the Pine cone pineal gland email I sent. The fluoride pineal email. All these elites know it. And I think at some point, people like Charles as an example, will go through some kind of spiritual initiation ceremony, to get transported via his pineal, to see other dimensions. Where times non linear.

    And because the etheric dimension, is like a huge ocean, spirits there can swim to different depths, meaning different times, and try and help and influence people in this 3D world, to make changes and help

    And vice versa, reptilian demons for example, are influencing very powerful people on this planet.

    Not only this, Paul LaViolettes being proven right on loads of counts with his SQK physics. SHowing up 20th century dogma for what it is, a hodge podge cover up of lies to keep control.

    Because Craig, this fact cant be gotton away from.

    – If you have antigravity superfast crafts, like Townsend Browns electrogravitics (seen the RT max keiser email)

    – If you have Tesla type and Townsend Brown type zero point over unity energy, drawing 100MW per cubic foot from the surrounding Ether ( So much evidence for this )

    Then, Craig, other dimensions and quantum entanglement, ability for the Mind to travel, for things to go way faster than the speed of light, is true. And Spirits therefore exist. it cannot be any other way

    So ok, you might say, wheres the proof? Well look at the lights on Ceres. Look at the leaking now about the SSP, what Gary McKinnon saw. Good factions of the SSP are deliberately letting themselves be seen by the ISS camera feed, to help wake people up. The bad factions want to delay it, because the world hasn’t sufficiently been brought to heel. The Rockefeller/Rothschild project Bluebeam plan.

    So the SSP is the Achilles heel for proof to underpin what I say. Superfast UFOs that turn on a dime with no G Forces inside, are a fact, and are seen. They aren’t all hoaxes on Youtube

  4. George says:

    He did an excellent job of connecting the fact that yes, they are Geo-engineering as well as us over taxing our planets environment, without the Geo-engineering.
    The Geo-engineering is an attempt by the elite to give the human race a knock out punch, pushing the planet to its edge, and starving us out. But, the quest could very well wipe them out as well as un-stoppable methane melts take over their job.

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