Wilhelm Reich and Orgone


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THE ESSENCE – In the early 1980s, DeMeo embarked upon what was then, and still remains, the most comprehensive and systematic global cross-cultural study of human behavior yet undertaken, a 10-year research effort which focused upon the geographical parameters of human behavior, as expressed in archaeology, history, and cross-cultural ethnography. DeMeo’s numerous behavior maps of various social institutions and eventual discovery of the social/environmental region of Saharasia as the original historical source region of patriarchal authoritarian societies, solved the riddle of what Reich called the origins of armoring.

INTRO – Welcome to James DeMeo’s research web site, and home page for the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory. DeMeo has been investigating the work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich since 1970, and founded OBRL in 1978. With cooperative assistance from a network of professionals and institutes supportive of Wilhelm Reich’s original discoveries, OBRL has grown to become one of the world’s primary centers for genuine and uncompromised research and educational programs focused upon Orgonomy, the science of orgone (life) energy functions in nature, as developed by Reich in the first half of the 20th Century.

The Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL):

A Non-Profit Science Research and

Educational Foundation, Since 1978

Founded and Directed by James DeMeo, PhD

Building Upon the Discoveries of the

Internationally Acclaimed Natural Scientist, Wilhelm Reich, MD

Wilhelm Reich, MD

Here’s a short introductory YouTube clip you should enjoy (another one given below).

Starting in 1977, as part of his graduate research at the University of Kansas, DeMeo undertook replication studies of Reich’s biophysical research — specifically, a systematic evaluation of the Reich cloudbuster which yielded positive results. The acceptance of DeMeo’s work by the KU faculty constituted the first time any aspect of Reich’s controversial biophysical research had been validated by peer-review within a mainstream academic institution. Through the organizational structure of OBRL, and with the cooperative assistance and support of many other individuals and groups dedicated to Reich’s works, DeMeo has since directed field applications of the cloudbuster apparatus, successfully ending droughts across the USA and overseas as well, with applications towards reducing the energetic stagnation characteristic of wetter regions suffering from chronic air pollution and forest-death. A number of Desert Greening expeditions have also been organized and directed by DeMeo within the arid zones of the Southwestern USA, and into the dry regions of Namibia and Israel, producing a dramatic verification of Reich’s earlier findings on the ability of the cloudbuster to bring rains under even extremely dry conditions. With the support of local governments, a five-year desert-greening experiment was also undertaken in the 1990s, in the East African Sahel region adjacent to the hyperarid Sahara Desert. All of these projects have produced significantly positive results with sometimes-dramatic increases in rainfall, ending dry episodes of sometimes decades duration, filling reservoirs and greening parched landscapes. This work constitutes a major breakthrough in combating the intractable problems of drought and desert-spreading, with their attendant famine and social-economic upheavals, and is a major focus of research activity at OBRL.

In the early 1980s, DeMeo embarked upon what was then, and still remains, the most comprehensive and systematic global cross-cultural study of human behavior yet undertaken, a 10-year research effort which focused upon the geographical parameters of human behavior, as expressed in archaeology, history, and cross-cultural ethnography. DeMeo’s numerous behavior maps of various social institutions and eventual discovery of the social/environmental region of Saharasia as the original historical source region of patriarchal authoritarian societies, solved the riddle of what Reich called the origins of armoring. Saharasia, now in a comprehensive book, demonstrates the origins of human violence in traumatic and sex-repressive social institutions during the historically-unprecedented epoch of drought, desertification, famine and mass-migrations which gripped the Old World after c.4000 BCE. This work constitutes a precise and systematic cross-cultural validation of Wilhelm Reich’s sex-economic hypothesis on the origins of human neurosis and irrationalism, and proof of the global validity of his Mass Psychology of Fascism. New research continues into this important subject area, confronting popular claims on the “genetic” or “innate” nature of human violence, with attempts to bring the findings contained in Saharasia to a wider public.

Experimental investigation into orgone energy functions in nature continues at OBRL, verifying many of Reich’s original findings on the orgone accumulator, with efforts underway towards quantitative evaluations of the elusive properties of living water (“activated” or “structured” water). DeMeo’s work along this track has uncovered measurable changes in water evaporation and surface tension due to orgone-charging, as well as plant growth-enhancement effects. Through OBRL and the Natural Energy Works publication and distribution company, DeMeo’s Orgone Accumulator Handbook, Saharasia and the OBRL Pulse of the Planet research journal have been distributed world-wide, in English and other languages. Research undertaken by DeMeo and associates of OBRL constitutes a major support for Reich’s earlier findings, with important extensions and bridges built between Reich’s orgonomy and a few of the more open and genuine elements of modern science.

The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, Greensprings Center near Ashland, Oregon, USA

In 1995, the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory relocated to a pristine, energetically-vital forested environment in rural southwestern Oregon, and the Greensprings Center was born. A new laboratory building was constructed, which doubles as a seminar facility, and an orgone-energy darkroom was added in 1998. New research was initiated, and laboratory-oriented educational seminars, taught by teams of top-notch professionals with decades of experience, have been offered each summer on central aspects of orgonomy. These include weekend seminars on subjects such as “Bions, Biogenesis and the Reich Blood Test”, on “The Orgone Energy Accumulator”, and a “Guided Independent Study Program” or “Laboratory Seminar on General Orgonomy”, for the more serious individual. Special seminars on Saharasia and Global Weather are also offered periodically, as are other special topics. Professionals and students, young and old and from around the world, meet each summer at the OBRL Greensprings Center to get a first-hand experience.

From the Laboratory Director:

“Where psychiatry and psychoanalysis have failed to resolve the dilemma of destructive human aggression, Reich’s sex-economy succeeded. Where mechanistic biochemistry failed to elucidate the riddle of the origins of life, or of the cancer cell, Reich’s bion experiments, and discovery of a specific life energy, has brought forth their solutions. While neither mechanistic science nor mystical philosophies have shed any light on the longstanding problems of sadism and warfare, or on the world-wide human fear and hatred of nature, Reich’s work pinpoints their origins in specific traumatic, sex-negative social institutions which damage the young, and from which sadistic urges develop. Indeed, his sex-economic work has withstood the most rigorous cross-cultural testing, and explains the genesis of destructive human aggression and violence better and more completely than any other theory. Moreover, his work demonstrates the preventable nature of such violence, exposing its roots in our awful treatments of babies, children, and adolescents. My own geographical research extended his findings to show exactly when and where violent, patristic human societies first appeared on Earth, the exact conditions under which they arose, the means by which they spread, and from which their modern-day political expressions developed. Reich’s complementary discovery of a specific life energy, the orgone, is likewise founded upon sound, verifiable experiments. Even his orgone accumulator, dismissed by know-nothings as a ‘quack’ appliance, turns out to be a potent therapeutic device, capable of beneficially stimulating the physiology of plants, animals, and people. The orgone, as a directly observable and measurable atmospheric energy, also plays a fundamental role in our weather, as proven by many experiments with the cloudbusting instrument, a device which has already been used to break many droughts, and bring rains to deserts. For many years I have researched and tested Reich’s various discoveries, and found them to be sound, and worthy of our most serious considerations. He has laid the foundations for an entirely new functional science and world view, which has already borne significant and badly-needed fruits.”
— James DeMeo, Ph.D., April, 1987.

Sent in by Linda
Plants grow well next to orgonite, yet next to wifi they don’t (there is a study floating round somewhere by schoolkids showing that plants net to wifi grow much
slower and unhealthier than away from wifi). I think it all depends on the quality of the orgonite. I thouht about making it but decided I probably wouldn’t make it as well as the experts. One of the better ones is actually on eBay (photon_orgone is their ID) and they explain why their orgonite is better too. They use reiki and only make them when in a good mood, and proper mix of crystals etc. Animals flock to orgonite too, like with crystals. As good orgonite contains crystals, it can work like crystals do. That eBay shop has a great range that suit all kinds of different purposes (including meditation, mental use for manifestation, psychic protection etc etc). Good general info here: http://www.whale.to/b/orgonite.html
Another good orgonite shop is http://www.lifeforcegenerators.co.uk/.

Wilheim Reich made a good discovery there with orgonite, but I agree, nothing is fool proof. You can buy emf nets for your bed, certain paints and curtains for windows etc, but only those with emf sensitivity seem to go that far. Best the average person can do is to be aware that mobiles and wifi do harm, and restrict use accordingly. We use plugs for the Internet in our house that use the house’s electrical wiring system, so need for wifi here. More stable connection too…guess most people use wifi as it’s pushed hard and they have no idea of the dangers.
Transhumanism and mind control via wifi and radiowaves sounds like a tin foil hat theory, but it is the planned future. Drones and robots already on the way. Microchips are planned too in the US by 2017. This electrosmog we are living in damages our health and vitality, but ‘they’ don’t care about that at all, as long as we are monitored, controlled and consuming their gadgets and then their pharma drugs when we get sick from it all.

I have looked at Tachyons too, and Tesla pendants…will try at some point.

I will check out Lawrence Wilson


21 Responses to “Wilhelm Reich and Orgone”

  1. RabbiT says:

    Seems Tap has gone from truth seeking to more and more “tin foil hat” ideas with orgonite.

    Perhaps cause he is on holiday – who knows.

    While my earlier post about the subject was tongue in cheek I challenge anyone to prove they can by any means disrupt chemtrails.

    Scam comes to mind but let us not be hasty – some convincing articles if you please cause I for one am not wearing it.

    Your YouTube video’s just bring us back to this article: No evidence here then.

  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    And im sorry to confront and burst everyones belief system but

    its my feeling and sense that, Michio Kaku and Steven Hawking are establishment Gatekeepers. kaku may have been promised riches and celebrity, and a powerful position at NYU, which he has

    I don’t see anywhere, where Kaku or Hawking grapple with and give consideration to what Paul LaViolette says. To my laymans eyes and senses, it looks like Michio Kaku is averting his eyes from the physics in front of him. loads of fancy string and other theories, and bluster, and media coverage. But the Ether, superluminal travel, and unified theory where the Spiriit etheric world and free energy and gravity are all connected, Kaku refuses to look at that

    Its highly suspicious to my laymans eyes and sense. And yes, this might seem like a load of bullshit

    So lets look again, at the bright artificial lights on Ceres by NASA Dawn probe, in March 2015, and at the Electrogravitic craft shooting past Max Keisers RT studio in 2015, as 2 examples

  3. Adam Lightworker says:

    I think theres been a battle since the Roman Empire, and even before, the Roman Elites, to suppress the masses, keepingnparanormal supernatural Truths, to themselves in their inner circle. This is why, Jesus, whoever he was , whenever he was, and however many people he was over whatever timeframe, represents, the Roman Elites attempts to suppress Rome still endures, it morphed into the Vatican, and still endures

    From what ican tell, theres 2 other power centres , City if London which like the Vatican, is an independent entity all to itself, its own police force, not answerable to the UK at all. The home of the Bankers, Power people who are occultists too. Secret societies going back thousands of years, are good and bad. White hats and Black hats

    The City of London im sure is no different from the US military industrial complex. rather than Washington DC, which is in many ways is a cabal centre. But rhe real N American city of mafia shadow power, is Denver Colorado, where a huge city has been built under Denver airport. Denver is a major illuminati centre

    But im sure white hats operate in the city of London too. Its clear to me now, good and bad secret old socieities, are still secret socieities today and are alive and well. And operate within all powerful organisations. And theres a cat and mouse game going on

    Don’t ask me if the knights Templar are good or bad, I don’t know. But at least I know, by zooming out and standing back, I can sense, a picture, of whats going on

    naturally, between London, Vatican, Washington |DC, all city state independent entities, there will be blending between these major world factions, and very hard to know where they meet and end. Not necessary, just assume the elites in these power centres are one and the same

    You might ask, what about japan, another major power centre? it seems Japannhas been very controlled by the US mafia. However elements of the Royal UK mafia too may have had an influence in Japan. The point is Japan, whilst being very useful and valuable, is a pawn. Shinz Abe and his government, hes a blackmailed slave to the US mafia

    But many factions for good and bad, are working and operating. I suppose when I reflect on it all, ignorance might be bliss. What the BBC and SKY viewer gets to see, is nothing whats going on, I don’t know whats going on. Ive only tried to give a glimpse, in a general sense, my best sense of the world

    but something funnys going on, and I look to the lies about physics, science and free energy, and evidence of free energy truth, to guide me to truth and out of the lies, goodnight

  4. Adam Lightworker says:

    Since ive realised the physics around us inst the whole truth, and human existence, and Reality theyre telling us, is a lie….I can look at things in a much more broad view, and more mature view, and be forgiving to a lot more people and things

    Realising T Townswnd Brown and Tesla technology, and what Paul LaViolette says is real, has had a Spiritual effect on me. Sofija too has had a Spiritual effect on me, wors cannot say how deeply in love I have fallen for her, its getting better though

  5. Adam Lightworker says:

    Don’t laugh, bear with me

    From what ive been reading, about the kinds of technologies the US military industrial complex and whoever else, has been keeping secret,

    My sense is, I think they have been able to make machines, that make contact , communicate with, and even transport things and people, into the etheric and maybe even other Dimensions

    I think, perhaps on a much more basic level, that the elite people on earth have been at least communicating with other dimensions at rituals, and maybe even seeing spirits or demons appear

    But I think what the US military have achieved, is technology that cuts out all the weird mystical ritual stuff. And basically spiritualism is just another technology, a science, like electricity or nanotechnology or radio, or anything else

    And I think one day, it will be considered very normal, possibly with no weird mystical connotations. It might be a very technological fact of life. It might be like picking up the telephone, or online video, communicating with other dimensions and maybe even going back and forth.

    Ultimately, im not too bothered, interesting and exciting as it all is. Id just like to see free energy for all on this planet, happiness amongst everyone, no oppression, no deprivation, and a beautiful clean planet, and able to live happily how we wish, maybe with wonderful inventions like Rife frequency machines and antigravity luxury homes

    Theres certainly something very strange going on

  6. Linda says:

    Mind control via electronics:

    Effects of orgonite on plants and animals:

  7. Linda says:

    More info on electronic targeting: http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html

    There are also devices known to be able to induce a heart attack from a distance, like with Robin Cook who spoke up about there being no WMD.

  8. Linda says:

    And if anyone thinks transhumanism is not the planned future, check out ‘singularity’ and ‘transhumanism’ everywhere on the net.
    Here are the dangers of the planned move to cyborg humans:

    • Adam Lightworker says:

      Linda this is an urgent situation
      But we will get nowhere, or make negligible progress, by even if we hit on truths, talking, blogging about it
      We need to attack Achilles heels. The house of cards will then fall, because the veil of lies will come down
      That means, the paedophilia and child killing, will naturally be exposed. The false flags. The transumnaism and MK Ultra and psychotronic weaponry.
      The house of cards will fall

      So I have a very good reason, for banging on, being a nuisance, being a bore, constantly talking about the RT electrogravitics craft that went past Max Keisers window. This is secret government, not Aliens, and it being on RT was a White hat stratey

      Also talking about how the NASA Dawn probe, to Ceres in the Asteroid belt that got there in march 2015, the Secret space program people, left the lights on on the Ceres colony.
      Maybe the same white hats, that caused confusion at the BBC 14 yrs ago, and caused them to report the Salomon bldg. collapsing, 25 mins before it did?
      Theres many sinister concerning things going on Linda
      Equally , there are white hats, that are tight groups with their origins in secret socieities going back millennia 9just like there are bad secret socieites too),

      But we must focus on exposing Achilles heels. The white hats are giving them to us, to talk about and expose. The whole charade and black veil, the Mtrix, will rapidly start to deconstruct and collapse, once the critical mass realises

      theres something strange going on, despite the BBCs trancelike lulling nothing to see here folks strategy

  9. Linda says:

    Yes Adam, there is so much going on that it’s difficult to even keep up, and yes, alien technology has been transferred to govts so the crafts we see are government, not ‘alien’ in origin.
    We all also need to be aware of where technology is heading before it’s too late. Raising awareness does help, because you can’t be a conscientious objector if you don’t even know what you are objecting to. But sadly it seems difficult to stop the planned future unless we all change course and yet most don’t even know what course we are on, let alone objecting to it. Transhumanism is their way of controlling us before the sh*t hits the fan as humanity awakens. It is a race against time that the general public is sleepwalking towards. Robots, drones and hard drive brains may seem exciting, but it will be the death of humanity…literally. Ray Kurzweil is the man to research. The plan is to have transhumanism fully in place by 2045, maybe as soon as 2025. Then, any conscientious objectors will be electronically ‘deleted’ and we will have lost the fight for humanity.

  10. Adam Lightworker says:

    it is a race against time Linda
    its a race, that, TPTB realise the human race aren’t so easily suppressed, despite all the tricks, the depleted food supply, the destroyed soils
    The denying of the fabulous health value of mineral rich bacteria rich soil, growing organic mineral rich vegetables
    Monsantos trying destroy this
    TPTB, their plans not working out as well. And its not just due to our best efforts
    There has to be Powerful White Hat help, tinkering and helping. For some strange reason the mainstream media seems very controlled by the bad. Butg even here, good forces, Agents, have infiltrated into the mainstream media. Just like idiots and shills have infiltrated into the alternative well meaning media

  11. Adam Lightworker says:

    The race against time imeant is, TPTB know were notnstupid, and notso easily bowed. its the Spirituality truths, that genie, they want to keep in the bottle. Free energy too, but they wont mind free energy being ubiquitous, if, humanity is sickened and weakened and herded and mind controlled. free energy wont be a problem then
    What is a problem for them is, if Truth about Spirituality, other Dimensions, and the fact our Minds are incredible things, and can leave our skulls. They don’t want that truth Genie out the bottle.

    therefore Linda, the race against time is this. Some big situation in the Galaxy or Universe, is happening now and were in the midst of it, whether its 2012 or whenever. TPTB are in a desperate race, to vaccinate us, suppress, weaken via chemtrails and GMOs, and various other confusions, because somethings bigs coming, some big Truth. Or maybe simply, the natural event, a critical mass of humanity, are waking up. They want to suppress us sufficiently, before Free Energy and superfast antigravirty crafts come on the scene.
    They wont suppress me and get control of my Mind, I promise you that

  12. Jennifer says:

    For anyone interested in Transhumanism there is a short novel written in 1909 by EM Forster, called The Machine Stops. It is uncanny how it foresees the internet, and deals with how humanity loses it’s connection to the natural world and become dependant on technology.
    It is available to read online (ironically) at


    • Adam Lightworker says:

      the Ceres NASA march 2015 dawn probe Jennifer, The white hats are giving us help, and cues. Working backwards, from whatever weird and wonderful technologies might exist that can make possible, a Ceres colony, its inevitable that that very same Physics, is going to show other Dimensions and Spirtuality is real, This is a House of Cards waiting to come down Anyone, on the inner sanctum, with all this UK election bullshit, parliament recall, pomp and circumstance. Is bullshit
      these are elitist occultist freemasons who are very sly, know certain truths, and the BBC and SKY feed us an entirely false version of events, but hidden in plain sight
      And yet, these Elites, and their string pullers, the Feudal Lords high above, seem to need our votes and permission?
      Maybe its more than just votes. Maybe they need a substantial proportion of mental energy, from millions. occultism and mystic technology is whats going on
      I know ill be laughed at but one day, people will say, Adam was speaking truths

  13. Adam Lightworker says:

    this is all interesting Jennifer. But I say again, we are in an urgent situation and time is of the essence We need to attack Achilles heels, and go for the jugular, exposing undeniable bizaare evidence, that anyone and everyone will sit up and take notice of. Clear evidence. The White Hats are giving the cues to us. They want to help
    Max Keiser electrogravitic craft has got me very excited. Im sure other white hat cues will be released soon, its our duty to take up

  14. Linda says:

    I agree Adam, we are multidimensional beings capable of amazing things yet we are told to work, consume and die.

    The robot clones are coming, and the job market will collapse, and it’s part of their plan: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/sirius-xm-founder-robot-clones-are-coming-thanks-digital-media-163492

    Adam, you may be interested in the work of Wes Penre and Andrew Bartzis.

    Wes Penre explains the nanotechnology threat and the planned transhumanism future so well, as well as going through the true history of the world, as does Andrew Bartzis.

  15. it’s a good idea to credit sources – http://www.orgonelab.org/

  16. Adam Lightworker says:

    The transhumanism thing is scary. I just hope theres some powerful people going to help us out of this

  17. Linda says:

    I guess the best thing we can do is not to buy into their gadgets. Technology itself is neutral but they only let us have all these techno goodies when it suits their agenda. All alien TTP stuff, like the Internet, which was actually given to us to monitor us and get us ready for transhumanism, although they didn’t count on us using it so much as a tool to educate, inform and awaken

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