What climate engineering is doing to the earth – and us


The attached photos were taken in Bournemouth, U.K. on Friday 6th March 2015. The first photo was taken from the plane at the end of January 2015 – it was solid cloud, as in the photo, ALL the way from Dublin to Southampton. (see 365 days of climate engineering over the U.K. – below)

Climate engineers openly admit they want to create more cloud, their excuse is, “more cloud cover will deflect the rays of the sun, create global cooling and counter global warming”.

What they don’t tell us is:

1)      No sun, makes us and all living plants and animals sick………… No Sun – No Life!

2)      Increased cloud cover may cause temporary superficial cooling, but since climate engineering damages the ozone layer, the more damaging, hotter rays of the sun are able to penetrate the Earth’s surface, heating up the oceans rapidly, seriously accelerating global warming. (For full explanation, watch video 3 where Dane Wigington explains in detail).

365 Days of climate engineering over U.K. and Ireland in 2014


62 years in 13 seconds


Dane Wigington explains what climate engineering is doing to the Earth



Climate engineering is weather warfare



Clear and Present Danger – Dane Wigington – Dec 2014



Chris Hedges – 24th Feb 2015







4 Responses to “What climate engineering is doing to the earth – and us”

  1. RabbiT says:

    There was a considerable change in the climate in the UK starting it seems in 2004.

    The programme has clearly changed but for the next 8 years or so my garden went to moss and algae due to lack of sunlight.

    Seems they backed off about 3 years ago but the Chemtrails are still going on.

    RAF have used such for chemical warfare testing on UK citizens.

  2. Gordon says:

    Re RabbiT:
    Interestingly, over the past few years I too have noticed a dramatic increase in moss and algae not only in my back garden facing north but also in the front garden facing south. Likewise I’ve noticed the same phenomenon on south facing rooftops.

    I’m an organic gardener and over the years I’ve proven the case that weed killers on paths and lawns are the primary cause of moss. Your weeds will surely die when you apply the weed killer but the following year not only will you have weeds to contend with but also moss, and so an ever ending fight goes on.

    If weed killers (chemicals) then produce moss and algae, why then should I as an organic gardener have moss? It’s clear to me that the cause has to be airborne and a result of chemtrailing.

    The following is an excerpt from “Chinadialogue.”

    China’s algal blooms have caused widespread alarm, but other regions including the US and Europe are suffering the same problem.

    If residents of Toledo, Ohio, in the midwestern United States, needed reminding of the power of even the smallest organism to bring their modern lives to a standstill it came this Summer, when single-celled algae – albeit in their billions – colonised Lake Erie.

    As many as 500,000 people were warned not to drink tap-water after dangerous levels of the toxin microcystin, caused by a bloom of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, were found in water from two of the lake’s treatment plants.

    It is a recurring problem in the area. Erie experienced its greatest algal bloom in 2011, when cyanobacteria covered roughly a fifth of the 25,000-square kilometre lake.

    While algae are present in water in low concentrations and algal blooms occur naturally, their number, size and potential toxicity is increasing as a result of human impacts on the environment, with climate change and fluctuating weather patterns seen as key factors in their size and spread.

    Blooms can occur in both fresh and sea water and even when not toxic can have significant harmful effects. Proliferating shrouds of algae create “dead zones” – blocking out sunlight and leeching oxygen from water – in which subaquatic life cannot survive. More oxygen is consumed by bacteria when the mass of algae dies and begins to decay.
    Read more: https://www.chinadialogue.net/article/show/single/en/7271-Algal-blooms-fed-by-climate-change-farm-pollution-and-aquaculture

    I’m not saying that chemtrailing is the cause as other mitigating factors are at play. What I am saying is that by joining the dots chemtrailing has to be a serious contender. Only 3% of Earth’s water is drinking water, destroy that and we’re up the creek.

  3. Linda says:

    I cannot process mycotoxins from mould and have been seriously ill since 2001. It is a genetic condition that started in earnest in 2001, the year they started chemtrailing heavily. It has taken every penny I own in an attempt to find out what was wrong. Luckily I found the answer (being double-jointed is a risk factor), but if this was purely genetic then surely my genes wouldn’t have made it this far, with my ancestors failing to contribute their faulty genes to the population due to inherent weakness. No, something has changed drastically, and yes, organic gardeners are the first to spot this. The use of Roundup has created super toxic mould, which when it gets inside newer build houses, runs riot and with people like me, poisons them half to death with potent neurotoxins which mimic chronic fatigue, MS, cause fibromyalgia symptoms and also account for the strange ‘invisible bug’ sensations people have been complaining of over the world (morgellons). It’s called biotoxin illness and I am lucky to still be here after 14 years of suffering. Now I know the enemy, and consider myself lucky even though I have lost everything I own through contamination. This affects 1 in 100 people, with 1 in 4 suffering a slightly impaired ability to process these mycotoxins. Very effective cull.

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