Welcome Jennifer

Welcome to a new author!  Today Jennifer placed two posts direct onto The Tap.  I asked her to become an author in her own right, as the posts she was sending in were almost aways excellent, and it’s time the blog tried to move on from just me.

I don’t want to put any pressure on her, but if she wants to carry on posting, she’s very welcome.  Sometimes my attention is taken up with family, travel or business matters, and it’s really good to have another pair of eyes browsing the net and dropping off posts here.  Let’s hope she does another post soon.

I know little about her although we have spoken by phone for about fifteen minutes.  She’s an artist who lives in the West Midlands, is all I gleaned, apart from her interest in The Tap, and her liking the blog being so eclectic moving between many topics.  Maybe she’ll open up more about herself and how she sees the world later once she gets into the posting habit.  She says she finds it a great honour to be asked to be The Blog’s second contributor, and she feels very responsible to maintaining the standard.  Truth be told, it’s only because of people like her that the standard is what it is.  Most stories come in from the readers.  Welcome Jennifer.  It’s great to have a kindred spirit aboard.


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  1. Julie says:

    Jennifer/Tap. Just watched this about fracking on “Going Underground”.

    ‘Anybody… witnessing significant harm from fracking can sue their MP’ – Jojo Mehta explains.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Well, thank you, Tap, that’s a bit overwhelming. To be perfectly honest, I don’t what I would post if it weren’t for ‘Before It’s News’!

    • Gillian says:

      Hi Jennifer, Well done to you.
      I seem to recall in one of your posts you mentioning that you were once a teacher?
      Or, maybe I’m confusing you with someone else.

  3. Lynn says:

    Well done Jennifer!! you are among friends, we all appreciate the effort and help in keeping us all informed. Good choice Tap.

  4. Aldous says:

    G’day and welcome Jennifer 🙂

    On the latest regarding the ongoing child sex abuse scandal(s) and their subsequent cover-ups, it is becoming abundantly clear – as if it wasn’t already – that the only ‘Commandment’ that theses perverts and their protectors care much about is the 11th Commandment – Don’t Get Caught. There seems to be one or even two other ‘commandments’ that are also in play that we are gradually becoming aware of.

    Having got caught by one means or another, ‘justice’ is the very last thing that must be done or seen to be done as these miscreants are ‘protected’ as they say. That must be these sickos’ Commandment Number 12. Only when they have ‘timed out’ or been ‘disappeared’ – dying overnight from cancer in the case of the Lithuanian Jew Leon Brittansky – are they to come under the controlled msm spotlight, and even then, only in a begrudging half hearted way. Keep these unspeakable crimes – although the dead or disappeared can never receive a criminal conviction or record – focused on the dead or nearly dead and firmly in the past. I suppose that would be Commandment Number 13.

    God will revenge it, although I hope we get there well ahead of Him in the near future and mete out some Earthly justice for the victims who deserve no less.

  5. Mark says:

    All the best to you Jennifer.

    On the criminals. God is judging them. And sites like this are his means. They’ve escaped as far as… but ‘on earth…’ justice ‘as it is in…’
    Write on. Shout out. Judgement and liberty for the abused children.

  6. Spud says:

    Note how the emphasis has shifted from investigating senior legal establishment figures and Politicians… to an investigation of the Police.


    The ball careers into the long grass. And disappears.

  7. Lynn says:

    This wont dissapear !! said all along these pervs would be outed. Too many watchers now. The cover is well blown away. Watch this space. They wont sleep quite as well these days. One wrong move and BOOM.

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