Voices from the Gasfields

810f2ccf-2e4f-497c-8bed-0c0da6250ad1   New DVD Release – 31st March 2015

A hard-hitting documentary exploring the devastation & contamination caused by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Queensland, Australia
… and now threatening the UK!

This one hour documentary exposes the impact of more than seven thousand unconventional gas wells, which have been drilled and fracked over the past seven years, through the testimonies of farmers who have had their soil, air, rivers and livestock poisoned by an industry that puts ‘Profit above ALL else’!

The full title of the film ‘Voices from the Gasfields – it started with just one well’ points to the relevance of the film to the UK, where only ONE well has been drilled and fracked to date (Preese Hall fracked by Cuadrilla in early 2011).

The film’s produceer Ian R Crane says, “My aim is to let the victims of the Unconventional Gas Industry speak to the world. Those who have had their livelihoods destroyed are now dedicated to giving a direct warning to farmers and residents of rural areas like the East Riding, North Yorkshire and the Fylde in Lancashire. The UK coalition Government is desperate to prove that shale gas and coal bed methane can save the British economy regardless of the direct threat to water supplies and the environment.”

Ian R Crane is a former oilfield services industry executive who has devoted the last two and a half years to raising awareness of the irrefutable devastation & contamination caused by the unconventional gas industry.

“The oil and gas industry refers to ‘Sacrifice Zones’, it is imperative for the well-being of this small island and all its inhabitants, that we learn from the experience of those who have the misfortune to live in areas of the world which have already fallen victim to the unconventional gas industry.”



2 Responses to “Voices from the Gasfields”

  1. Deadly poisons are used in Fracking which contaminate the soil and the water causing an extreme health hazard in every part of the planet and educating the public through documentaries of this nature will increase the awareness of the danger it poses to mankind and the animal kingdom as well as to plant life.

    Roundup, GMOs, Microwave Radiation
    from WiFi can pose additional threats to human, animal and plant life causing extinction of all life on earth.


  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    TPTB cant have that loss of power and control. Utss not just about Free Energy technologies, theres the accompanying Spiritual truths too that inevitably come with it, you cant separate out those truths
    , though thats a big part. Can you imagine? To decentralise, andput the decision making and power into every household in the land, that can generate their own energy? Independence from the state

    the physics allows this and permits this. technology is possible. Freedom from bills. freedom from high produce and service costs. In fact he entire world economy would need to be restructured, gradually, over a workable 7 year changover plan, into a Spiritual, Free |Energy economy and society. Shepherded by leaders with out interest at heart. That means the mafia must fall, without violence

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