UFO Caught Live on RT?


Was it a UFO that zapped across the window behind the Russia Today studios on June 13th 2013?
It goes behind Stacy Herberts head, down the Thames outside the RT studio and House of Parliament
2 days later, Max Keiser comments on it, playing it down naturally
My analysis: This is a white hat strategy within the Secret Government, to not only go past the RT studio, but to get Keisers on air acknowledgment , SOMETHING went past the studio window. So that confirms it wasn’t a computer graphic/photoshopped.
What was it?  Take a look. Watch it 5 times if you have to.  its quite big, cigar shaped, and goes shooting down the Thames at superfast speed. Looks like an Electrogravitic craft to me.  Please note, whats significant here, as opposed to the endless UFO sightings on youtube, is Max Keisers acknowledgement that something went past. This is significant for acceptance by the distrusting general public.


Sent in by Adam



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  1. Lynn says:

    They have the reverse anti gravity capability courtesy of the Germans (Operation Paperclip) We have paid for this and it will be used against us. I have heared that nothing can enter this Planet due to the hostile Van Alan belts. We have never left this world due to the radiation and burn up, no materials have yet been invented to allow it. All a hoax and we have been warned they will try to pull off an Alien invasion.. Total BS.

  2. Gordon says:

    This is slow compared to what I’ve seen over the years.

    • Adam Lightworker says:

      What have you seen, where have you seen them? How big? Did it look solid and like an electrogravitic craft? Or did it seem more organic and extradimensional?
      Was it our secret govt or a genuine ET, any indication?

      • Gordon says:

        It was around midnight approximately twenty years ago that I was heading off to bed and was about to pull the curtains and noticed what appeared to be a very bright star north by north west from were I live. Initially I thought this star to be Jupiter but then realized that Jupiter should be in the south which I confirmed by sighting it from the south facing lounge window. I returned to look at the star again and was watching it for a few minutes puzzling out in my head what star it could possibly be when suddenly it started heading away for about a couple of seconds then took off at lightning speed much like what we see on youtube these days, but remember this was in the early days of the internet and youtube wasn’t around.

        From the same window some years later I was looking over the panorama when I noticed an orange orb heading very fast along the horizon at low altitude until it disappeared. It was about as fast as the RT video but not as fast as the previous sighting and certainly much faster than any military jet which fly around around the area.

        Within a week or so without a whisper the same orange orb flew at low altitude directly over my head.

        On another occasion I was star gazing the north when I noticed what appeared to be a faint star heading west to east. I thought this to be a satellite and was following it for a minute when another faint star followed it along the same trajectory and if that wasn’t enough a third followed suit. Now one satellite, fair enough, but three on the same trajectory! I can’t say what they were as they were so far out but all in all, very odd!

        Closer to home one cloudy night I caught sight of bright localized bursts of orange flashes defused within the clouds very much like from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I could tell the first flash was fairly close because with it came a faint deep sound like a thump and each of four more flashes thereafter were fainter until no more. Where it went, heaven only knows.

        These are only a few of my own accounts but by far my friend Dave and his wife take the cake having been abducted. But that’s another story. I could send photos to Tap.

        Seen the plasma orbs also.

  3. Adam Lightworker says:

    This looks like a T Townsend Brown electrogravitic craft the US govt factions classified in the 1950s, keeping the technology for themselves

    Apparently it can draw in 100MW from the surrounding space, 100MW per sq foot. G Forces aren’t a problem, something to do with the electrical charge on the craft creating a bubble around it.
    Supercapacitors and magnets too I think, are used, and this creates +ve gravityand -ve gravity areas of the craft, and this propels it along at Superfast speeds, maybe 30,000mph or even more
    It takes 5 days to get to mars with this, or maybe even less. 3 months to the nearest star, or less.
    Because the Black Projects have certainly made more amazing technologies since the 1950s.
    And of course, there are no electricity bills on board these electrogravitic crafts!

    Just think how equalising and transforming this tech could be for everyone on earth, and think what this says about the nature of the people, who are suppressing it

    Goto Paul LaViolettes etheric.com website to learn more and have your mind jolted and blown open, to the Truth

    • Gordon says:

      I do believe to some extent your correct Adam. Magrav technology is the way we’ve been going for neigh on eighty years. The trouble with this technology is that firstly it wipes out the oil industry and secondly it can produce limitless electricity from small units. Unfortunately, this technology will only come to fore after WW3 much like so much came after WW2. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have our heads in the clouds while our feet are on the ground.

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Gordon your friend Dave and his wife were abducted? There are photos? I really think that story should be told and sent to Henry, posted on tapblog

        Btw its looking like there have been some high level cabal defections and theyre now safely living off world in a kind of witness protection programme, and they are providing key incriminating evidence about lots of things
        I really think my gut feeling that david frost didn’t really die on that cruise ship, could be right

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


        “Corey explains that full disclosure of extraterrestrial visitation and different SSPs, requires humanity to be prepared for all aspects of how humanity has been historically and more recently treated by these groups. Revealing this information is not designed to frighten or sensationalize, but to allow the collective consciousness of humanity to integrate the truth of what has happened, in order for humanity to evolve to a much brighter future – what Corey describes as a Star Trek-like society…

        “Corey describes some of the perpetrators of the galactic human slave trade, and includes among the list the “Tall White” extraterrestrials earlier revealed by Charles Hall to be working closely with a covert faction of the U.S. Air Force… Corey also explains the dangers posed by Artificial Intelligence that has turned on its creators in many other worlds, leading to many extraterrestrial civilizations being destroyed or hunted to extinction. He says that major public figure such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have probably been secretly briefed about the danger, and this has influenced their public warnings against AI.

        “Finally, Corey describes a very positive future for humanity after “Full Disclosure” which will experience a future Star Trek-like civilization where former victims of the galactic human slave trade can safely return. Humanity will be finally able to evolve into a positive fourth density society…

        “…the number [of civilians kidnapped by the SSP] has decreased in the past year because of the Outer Barrier. I understand this is some very disturbing and controversial information. I was asked to deliver it because it appears that the bulk of these people’s crimes against humanity will be coming out soon according to the evidence that has been presented by some of the Cabal Defectors who have been taken off world…”

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        •Multiple Moon bases & U.S. Military Space Shuttles as cover programs
        •Corporate bases on Mars and Nazi infiltration of US Secret Space Program
        •Ancient space programs & human-extraterrestrial alliance meetings
        •Recruitment & Covert Service for Secret Space Programs
        •Secret space programs more complex than previously revealed
        •Whistleblower reveals multiple secret space programs concerned about new alien visitors

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        More revelations from CoreyGoodET SSP whistleblower.. This technology surely means its possible to Skype with the dead, with those beings in another dimension, if the QCD could be taken through a portal to another dimension. All good news I think

        QCCD “Quantum Communication Devices”

        The communications devices that are now used are “Quantum Correlated Communication Devices” and use “Quantum Entanglement” of something like isotopes inside the communication devices that have been “Entangled” with other devices so no matter where in time/space/reality each communicator is they can speak and video share. They can tell if you are a % out of phase time/space wise by the reception on the home ends calculation devices.

        They are supposed to be able to track and calculate exactly when/where you are once a signal re-establishes the natural quantum entanglement (There may now be a difference that is used to do the calculating before they naturally recalibrate) vibration and over quick increments of time shift back into harmony or alignment.

        This is a Secure P2P communication which is encrypted as it is being sent through the QCCD and cannot be hacked or tapped into by other “Beings” or “AI’s”

        Note: Having a few Questions about the differences between the “Natural Portal’s” and “Dimensional Portals or Rifts”.

        Certain types of technology assisted RV’ers are tasked to keep a “Minds Eye” on a certain “Dimensional Rift” that Entities & Craft “Appear” to be coming through and have been noted around the 36th Parallel North. SSPRV’ers and Patrols are also focused on “Patrol Grids” along this line.

        This has been a very active region around the planet (I am sure there are others, maybe not all along a complete parallel of the Planet). I understand the 33rd Parallel North is important… The “Space Fence” was placed along the “33rd”… The “Roswell Incidents” occurred on the “33rd”… And there are quite a number of sightings of “Unknown Craft” along the “33rd” as well…

        I was born directly on the “33rd” and seem to have always been drawn to live on or around it for some reason unknown to me. I have never lived more than a few couple of degree’s away from it for any extended period of time in my whole life (Except for College and of course while not “On the Globe” at all).

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        (Adams comment)
        secure P2P communication , encrypted, that can even act between dimensions. Between this dimension and the etheric dimension. Exciting stuff. I think we all need to study Stargate film again with Kurt Russell and James Spader. I think this shits real

        Evidence is emerging, I think and sense is true;

        – Cloning technology is real , of blank slate adult bodies suspended in liquid, that get DNA infusions. In 36 hours you have another Obama, or Putin, or Rumsfeld.

        – The cabal somehow has presence, activity, in the etheric dimension. And they have technology, based at Montauk Long Island, they can go in the etheric dimension. And bring a killed cabal members soul back into this dimension, into a cloned body

        – The cabal I thinkis derived from Kabbalah. Because some strange faction of jews aren’t jews at all, theyre satanic mafia

        – I have a feeling, I sense, that G H W Bush , as one example, has had his soul reincarnated intentionally for the last few thousand years, into the next generation of their bloodline. SO in that sense, he might be thousands of years old

        – Princess |Diana also said, how the Royals do a similar thing, and queen mother, her soul was intended to reincarnate into a baby when she died. I think this might not be as laughable as we think

        – Except the US military industrial complex seems to have somehow, taken these occult ritual amazing things, and converted them into technology . because after all, its all physics, science at the end of the day

      • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

        Some UFOs are alive; they are people. Some UFOs are not only bigger than any Earth city yet built, they are bigger than the Earth itself. Indeed one or two UFOs currently active in our local solar system are as much as 4.2 times bigger than the Earth. Images of these large motherships have traditionally been airbrushed out of photographs by covert security agencies. However some are beginning to come to light. For example, a cigar-shaped mothership can be seen here in a Hubble telescope image, and three can be seen here in some French reportage on the Hubble imagery. These motherships are associated with the rings of Saturn.

        Another large hexagonal mothership forms a cloud city above the north pole of Saturn (pictures here, here and here). These images were obtained from the Cassini spacecraft. The north polar Saturn entity is not the normal sinuous cloud structure seen on other planets. It is a long-lasting precise hexagon with six nearly equal straight sides and six corners. The honeycomb-like feature has been seen before. NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged it more than two decades ago. The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles (25,000 kilometres) across. Thermal imagery shows that it extends about 60 miles (100 kilometres) down into the clouds.

        Other UFOs look like planets or moons. Some have mountain ranges, forests and oceans inside them. Some have mountain ranges, forests and oceans as part of a self-renewing biological skin on their outer surfaces.

  4. Adam Lightworker says:

    Antigravity floating cities

    Floating cities would and are surely possible, cities of light and amazing colours. Amazing sights. Im sure these exist and theres an internal battle on between factions, that want this exposed, and those that don’t. I feel strongly we are winning and going to see these floating cities soon

  5. Bob says:

    Its a bird….you can see it flapping its wings! You crazy fools

  6. RabbiT says:

    I watched a bright spherical object from my window a few weeks ago. It was moving slowly and I wondered if it was a UFO then thought it might be a helium party balloon although it did seem too far away for such.

    Having studied the object for what seemed several minutes it changed direction, it then became clear that it was a light aircraft like a Cessna 152. The spherical light was obviously caused by the sun shining upon the canopy.

    The camera never lies…

  7. NPP says:

    34.30 mins: “…a 100 thousand children totally unaccountable through FBI archives cannot be traced anywhere…”

  8. Adam Lightworker says:

    Since ive realised the physics around us inst the whole truth, and human existence, and Reality theyre telling us, is a lie….I can look at things in a much more broad view, and more mature view, and be forgiving to a lot more people and things

    Realising T Townswnd Brown and Tesla technology, and what Paul LaViolette says is real, has had a Spiritual effect on me. Sofija too has had a Spiritual effect on me, words cannot say how deeply in love I have fallen for her, its getting better though

  9. Adam Lightworker says:

    Green lush places, fertile places, beautiful places, can be created with the Free Energy Technologies, etheric technologies, scalar psychotronic frequency technologies. The deserts can be greened. The slums in Phillipines were people are struggling on adollar a day, that can vanish. Bangladesh, Africa too, the misery and oppressiveness of existences. We must ask, what makes the Vatican elite and Royal elite and US elite tick? Im certainly not happy

    I recommend we all, reconsider major Hollywood films, and view them in a new light. Men In Black, and that new one with Jeff Bridges Ryan Reynolds, RIP. You could add to that Matt Damon and Emily Blunt Terence Stamp film, forgotton the name

    Matt damons an upstanding guy, he has beautiful wife and children, and cares about his childrens future. That’s why hes chosen to make films like Bourne films, and others like Elysium. What was that George Clooney film too, where he took on organised corporations, cant remember the name. Tilda Swinton was also in it, Michael something? George Clooneys awake too. Hollywood has tremendous power, for good and bad. George Lucas teaching us about the Force, is he an insider? The Force seems very real, as paul LViolette is showing and the Electrogravitic craft shooting past the Max keiser studio window in London in 2013

    ive certainly dropped out and become very dismissive of our current society, when ive realised what lies are being put about, how Truths and Reality are being suppressed by Elites, and whats going on

    What helps me, and gets me through, is nature, beauty of nature, and Love. Love from family, and people who matter, but also desire and love towards women,, which gives me tremendous hope and excitement, of the power of the Universe and the effect women can have on men

  10. Jennifer says:

    George Clooney is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations. Say no more. It looks like he is being groomed for great political things.
    There is NOTHING good about Hollywood.
    And I’m not so sure that Matt Damon and most Hollywood actors share your love and desire for women. You get me?

    • Adam Lightworker says:

      Don’t laugh, bear with me

      From what ive been reading, about the kinds of technologies the US military industrial complex and whoever else, has been keeping secret,

      My sense is, I think they have been able to make machines, that make contact , communicate with, and even transport things and people, into the etheric and maybe even other Dimensions

      I think, perhaps on a much more basic level, that the elite people on earth have been at least communicating with other dimensions at rituals, and maybe even seeing spirits or demons appear

      But I think what the US military have achieved, is technology that cuts out all the weird mystical ritual stuff. And basically spiritualism is just another technology, a science, like electricity or nanotechnology or radio, or anything else

      And I think one day, it will be considered very normal, possibly with no weird mystical connotations. It might be a very technological fact of life. It might be like picking up the telephone, or online video, communicating with other dimensions and maybe even going back and forth.

      Ultimately, im not too bothered, interesting and exciting as it all is. Id just like to see free energy for all on this planet, happiness amongst everyone, no oppression, no deprivation, and a beautiful clean planet, and able to live happily how we wish, maybe with wonderful inventions like Rife frequency machines and antigravity luxury homes

      Theres certainly something very strange going on

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Do you think that George Clooney is a fully paid up member of the illuminati and is a benevolent front face for the public, but hes as bad as the rest? I mean, it cant be can it?
      I know hes chatted a lot with Obama, and got involved in Sudan.
      But I think im good at sensing things and people. Clooney appears like he really is a good guy.
      Look at Michael Clayton film, a very powerful showing of what really goes on. hes made a lot of other films too that could be considered helping, awakening, working for the white hats.

      Couldn’t it be, hes in there at the CFR, backed by the white hats, part of them? White hats are in all organisations. Its a mosaic of factions and secret people planted. A very complex war going on under our noses most have no idea about
      Don’t you think too, Elysium with Matt Damon was sending a powerful awakening message to the American public and us all? I think so. It made me sit up.

      All that said, what do you think as well
      Is Matt Damons apparently lovely relationship with his wife, and children, all a sham front? Is he gay, and its all a front, or worse, wrapped up in illuminati evil things?

      Ben Affleck too? Gay? But he seems like such a regular, decent guy. Are things more sinister than I see? I mention Affleck because I have noticed his marriage is on the rocks

      I am perpelexed about Clooneys CFR membership.
      Tomorrowland, his new film, seems to be telling a lot of truths and positive message

  11. Jennifer says:

    Oh, yes, and keep your eyes on Ben Affleck.

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Watching the 2009 Star Trek film now. Loads and loads of things that are chiming and correspond to all the SSP disclosures im reading about now. Even in space, you cannot help but go through time dilatations,. Prequel young Kirk gets kicked off the Enterprise and goes to a planet, and meets Spock as an old man, Leonard Nimoy plays the old Spock.

      It is said, some of the advanced factions of the SSP, are just like star trek. All the technology gene Roddenberry wrote about, including Replicators and warp drive, are real and in existence now. Today

      And a small minority on earth now know this and have liberty to go back and forth up there.

      Software programs in the Etheric plane , mean pressing a button, anything can manifest in a replicator in this dimension. This changes society at a fundamental level.

      On other news, intel has come out this week, there are indeed cabal illuminati defectors, willing to testify at the upcoming illuminati trials. Who are now safe in witness protection programmes up on the Solar Warden SSP ships. the good faction. Nowhere on the internet says this. its my gut feeling that David Frost didn’t die on the cruise ship. Frost was a major insider, and Establishment Gatekeeper. I think Frost could have defected

      • Truth Hurts says:

        If you’re referring to Sir David Frost, he was a known abuser Adam.

  12. Adam Lightworker says:

    Yes I realise Hollywood is riddled with, and built on, mind control, sex slaves, paedophilia and im sure sinister things go on. And yes, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in Liberace seemed well into their roles.
    I did not know that about Clooney and the CFR. I hope , that maybe, hes part of the Good people, acting for the Light?

    Put it this way, the only way any positive gains are going to be made, is by fighting fire with fire. Agents from secret societies good and bad have infiltrated organisations, working to different Agendas. Maybe this is why clooneys in the CFR. Im hoping

    Yes I know theres a lot of evil in Hollywood. But I don’t think its all bad
    Look at the evidence. Whoever made Safe House with Denzel Washington was trying to awaken us about important things, about factions and fifth columns.
    Theres The Matrix too, a very powerful influential film
    Yes the people who made planet of the apes recently, are bad evil working for the Dark. Trying to plant seeds in the Collectives Mind, to link in with the ebola strategy, so that martial law and forced vaccinations and fema camps become reality
    If Clooney is however part of the same old bad elites, being groomed for President, and hes bad, I will be shocked and worry whats going on

  13. Adam Lightworker says:

    And Elysium – that’s surely being made by good forces in Hollywood, with Matt Damon. Even the Earth oppressive police force that keeps the people in line, clearly shows in the film, DHS on the vehicles. This is a wakeup call for americans, to get rid of the Patriot Act etc

  14. Adam Lightworker says:

    Stanley Kubrick too was trying to tell us things. EWS. The Shining(paranormal abilities and reincarnation). Lolita – clare quilty being a pimp for powerful people and touching on the paedophilia problem
    Clockwork Orange, Govt meddling, Mind Control, and I suppose alerting us in a basic way, to what were discussing here on Tapblog, psychotronics, mind control technologies by bad elements
    Dr Strangelove. 2001 a space odyssey. Theres NASA images of monolith on Mars, and Mars moon, Phobos
    I blog till im blue in the face, about free energy and Secret Space Programmes

    And apparently Kubrick had final cut say on EWS, and the studio disagreed, and Kubrick died a few days later, and I think they edited it how they wanted

    My point is, Clooney being a member of the CFR council on foreign relations, there might be more than meets the eye. I certainly hope so.
    His film choices with Solaris, (Soderbergh too), show us how a planet, and the universe, can have an intelligent Consciousness. Michael Clayton I would say is surely acting for the Light, trying to let us see the horrible things going on and methods used, corruption.
    And Clooney is just so great, solid, reassuring to Sandra Bullock in Gravity, I feel in my heart hes a Hollywood white hat, is friends with Matt Damon (Elysium). And maybe if Clooney does become President, its been arranged and hes got the backing and support, strategy, from Good secret socieities, and consequently good factions of the CIA or whatever
    Safe House has taught me a lot

  15. Adam Lightworker says:

    In Cobras post on 31st March here

    He explains about the war in the solar system since the 1996 Archon invasion. Apparently the Portal in 1996 was in Rwanda
    And he explains, the Galactic Confederation ships that are in our solar system now, of various sizes, are in place to harmonise and stabilise the incoming Energies that are going to be emitted from the Galactic center. Theyre protecting the Earth, protecting us all it seems if the Superwave ever comes

    Not only this theres some interesting info about the types of ships. Some even seem organic, and interact with Consciousness

    ‘These ships are not ships as we understand them, they are multidimensional biosatellites, an organic interaction of consciousness and intelligent Light matter.’

    After seeing the lights on Ceres, (Nasas Dawn Probe should be making a closer orbit very soon), the electrogravitic craft that shot past MaxKeisers studio window on RT in London, and Gary McKinnons interview, those 3 things alone make me feel theres some valuable truth in this Cobra article

  16. Adam Lightworker says:

    He explains about the war in the solar system since the 1996 Archon invasion. Apparently the Portal in 1996 was in Rwanda. The Rwandan Genocide in 1996, was actually bad spirits called Archons, coming in via an interdimensional Portal in Rwanda

  17. Adam Lightworker says:

    Something big is going down. Not just on UFO topics, but in every sphere
    I can feel it
    For us to win, Truth is our sword. We will get nowhere, being angry, shocked, hating the evil ones, name calling them, calling for their death
    This is not the way
    The way to fight is with Truth, and getting enough people to wake up where TPTB become embarrassed and the charade cant go on anymore
    We must be like Gandhi, nonviolent nonthreatening, simply searching for and spreading Truth
    Apparently too, a lot of the ‘cabal’ for want of a better word, evil as they are, seem to have been traumatised themselves, as children, exposed to god knows what
    Trauma based personality splitting seems to go on, amongst the children of the elite, I don’t know how accurate this is or how widespread, but ive read it
    I agree theres a good few out there id love to see have a taste of what they’ve doled out.
    But the day will come soon, where many will repent, and ask for forgiveness, and be genuinely sorry
    One day, I expect a totally nonviolent process, there’ll be arrests, trials, jailings, and maybe even South Africa style Amnesty hearings
    But back to my point
    Something bigs going down I can feel it.
    Lightworkers everywhere….all tapblog readers and contributors are part of the army of Lightworkers who have incarnated here……must prepare for battle

  18. Adam Lightworker says:

    Immortality, no loss and grief, or fear of death

    if the physics LaViolettes proposing, his subquantum kinetics, is real, and Free Energy and Spirits exist, and interdimensional portals that can take us round the Universe, that excite me hugely, dotted round the earth…..

    If all this is real, then that means, death of a loved one is no problem at all. it will mean a phone call, or email, or Skype conversation with the lost, missed, love one. This is the kind of reality, truth, and technology, I think very powerful people are withholding from us. This is wonderful news as I wont cope well at all if youre not here, knowing youre here and ok

    Our natural response, is to dismiss all this as rubbish, a stupid conspiracy theorist. So lets look again at the lights on Ceres in the Asteroid Belt from march 2015

  19. Adam Lightworker says:

    the System works hard, to compartmentalise people, so everyones working, but don’t knownwhats going on

    This doesn’t apply to you really, a hotel business is a hotel business, and maybe youre in a bubble of your own, which is good

    but corporstions, and governemt agencies, etc etc, its all highly compartmentalised

    Not only do the Controllers want to compartmentalise us physically

    very important, they want our Minds compartmnetalised too, in small boxes, focussing on a very narrow thing, our daily existence, and skynews

    A compartmentalised Mind means, a Mind that cant analyse, and see any bigger picture. That cant join dots. That cant assess and be curious and look for information, and have an objective view in search of Truth

    the fact youre openminded is a big thing. many people are brainwashed and cannot register anything if any strange concept is put tothem.

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