Rothschild of India

In the Lufthansa crash article (24th March), Gordon in a comment, referred to the AIIB – the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a huge monetary force to rival The World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. He thought it may have been ‘infiltrated’.
Here’s how The Vatic Project see it.


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  1. Gordon says:

    China is creating the AIIB as a direct blow to the Rothschild, FED controlled world and America is not pleased.

    Published on Mar 24, 2015
    Washington wants to work with a new global development fund – spearheaded by China. That’s a massive U-turn by US officials who just 2 weeks ago slammed London for seeking to engage with the Bank. RT is joined by Gerald Celente.

    Bottom line concerning Germanwings plane crash.

    1). Germany challenges American decision to send more arms to Ukraine.

    2). Germany and France hold secret meeting with Putin.

    3). Germany is first EU country to join AIIB rebuked by America for not towing the line.

    4). Germany takes the hit.

  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    TPTB aren’t that bothered about free energy being released, if we can be sufficiently docile, compliant, suppressed, distracted, weakened, and herded. Into cities as part of Agenda 21. Then free energy release wouldn’t be a problem for Rockefellers and the others, as we would be in a Logans Run/Elysium/1984 / Insurgent etc etc world. theyd still have control

    However. it seems like the Rockefellers have miscalculated

    I think they were behind Steven Greer and his Disclosure project. Hundreds of NASA and other Black Project insiders coming forward .

    All very exciting and convincing. But Steven Greers connections with Rockefellers are a concern

    Like with any sophisticated psy-op. That gets taught at the british military colleges for example. Or Sun Tzus book, the Art of War that prince Andrew carries about with him always

    I think the Rockefellers have miscalculated. The world isn’t being subjugated and suppressed in the way they expected in their planning stages in the late 1990s, upto 2015. We are winning. Battles not over but we are winning

  3. Adam Lightworker says:

    The Air Force military infrastructure, with its fancy radar, and HAARP, and eyes on diego Garcia and alice springs Australia, and fylingdales Yorkshire. They pretend to us its to counteract some ‘threat’. or maybe a leftover from the Cold War.But theres a Quarantine going on, preventing good ET craft, showing themselves

    instead, I contend, and theres evidence for this, its a UFO monitoring network to intercept whats out there, to stop the |Earth population waking up. The implications aren’t just free energy, theyre also other dimensions, Spirits. With visible UFOs/antigravity TTwonsedn Brown Electrogravitics crafts, the physics will naturally lead us to, Spirituality and other Dimensions and Vortex points on the Earth

    TPTB cant have that loss of power and control. So its not just about Free Energy, though thats a big part. Can you imagine? To decentralise, andput the decision making and power into every household in the land, that can generate their own energy? Independence from the state

    the physics allows this and permits this. technology is possible. Freedom from bills. freedom from high produce and service costs. In fact he entire world economy would need to be restructured, gradually, over a workable 7 year changover plan, into a Spiritual, Free |Energy economy and society. Shepherded by leaders with out interest at heart. That means the mafia must fall, without violence

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