Religions are focus group tested fairytales, which enable psychopaths to control and exploit us from the shadows

Today’s been a tough one to get online.  I signed on with EE and dumped BT to get a big monthly saving only to find that their broadband signal was a lot slower.  The salesman actually said it would be ten times faster!  I’ve cancelled with EE and have resigned up with BT.  There’s no fibre optic in these ere parts which is why EE were talking out of their backsides.  BT will take two weeks to get us back where we were, so it’s a bit of a cock-up all round.  Luckily the Mrs has set us up to get wifi off her mobile, and I can get up and running this evening.

I read the last section of Ralph Ellis. Jesus King Of Edessa, this morning, and found it interesting to see his take on the effects on religion on human culture and history.  Clearly he sees religion as manufactured to control people, and the control systems that are created can have devastating effects.  In the comments on this blog, you will find daily contributions from people like Harriet who are convinced that the Zionists are behind the world’s troubles.  She may be right, but the Jews have been just as much the victims as the Christians from Islamic aggression over the centuries.  Ellis describes the horrific massacres that took place in Turkey after the first world war, in which 4 million Jews and Christians were eliminated according to a government plan.  Yet no one in modern day Turkey admits or even knows about it.  Iraq drove out half a million Jews in 1947, and great swathes of the Middle East, and elsewhere like Indonesia, have seen large Christian and Jewish populations whittled away to almost nothing throughout the last 1400 years.


The most aggressive religion by far against human populations has to be Islam.  The Talmud wraps up Jews in great big knots, much of it written in the 1st Century AD, by Johannen Ben Akkai, another pseudonym for Josephus Favius who was given editorial control of both Christianity’s New Testament and much of the Talmud by EmeperorVespasian after the Jewish Revolt was defeated in AD 70 and Manu/Jesus crucified.  Christians are taught to turn the other cheek, and Jews focus on the usual kind of things, family and business, yet neither does much to protect themselves from thuggery, or to even be aware of the threat.  The Zionists are a high cabal, including many Jews in their number, and others, and their longterm plan is to create the third world war between Christendom and Islam.

People should not get their value system from the writings of people like Josephus (St Paul/Johannen Ben Zakkai), which are fairytale manipulations designed to hoodwink, and make people easy to control.  They should redefine themselves as human beings, with the strength to perceive right from wrong, and the strength to defend themselves from unwarranted attack and control.  We should be aware of the evil of Satanism and its works, the networks of psychopathic paedophiles that try to rule and control us. and be ready to fight them, and also be aware of the strength that comes from a focus on the goodness in the world, and prayer to that force.

If you want to get your mind around all of these topics, I would suggest a read of Ralph Ellis’ Jesus trilogy is well worth the effort.



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  1. RKae says:

    And being a profanity-spouting atheist is the worst religion of all.

    It’s narcissistic smartasses like the woman in the “f*ck Islam” picture who are going to finally destroy everything.

    They are the hedonistic know-it-alls who will give us “science as our god” and the hell of transhumanism.

  2. truth says:

    “Each person lost to the Christian belief usually turns to secularism and often ends up as a “Fellow Traveller” in one or another of the atheistic ideologies of Communism or Naziism”

    …extract from “Pawns in the game” by William Guy Carr

  3. Cobalt says:

    Religion: just another control mechanism used by TPTB to control the masses.

    If you want a ‘GOD’ then learn to be at peace with yourself and other people.Churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. are just legalised money laundering operations.

    Sorry, but truth is stranger than fiction.

    – Cobalt

  4. Spud says:

    The Moon God will eat the Sun God next Friday between 9.00 and 10.00 (Greenwich Mean Time). However, my God;y Powers are even greater than those two piffling pathetic Sky Gods, and I am prepared to save the world and re-instate The Sun by 10.15 (GMT). In return ALL OF THE WORLD must listen to me, worship me and do as I ask and give me all their money.
    I shall post further details during the next week (bank account details, new rules for woshipping me, shaving instructions etc.). It is all fairly straightforward.

    Watch the skies and quake with fear on Friday March 20th 2015 at 9.00 (GMT).
    Will you want The Sun God to stop shining forever? Of course not, do as I say – or else!

  5. Jennifer says:

    If we are looking to find the God within us, we are no better than the egotistical Satanist/ Lucifarians who are driving their wrecking ball of materialism and self-gratification through our World. How ever, and why ever, we were created, no other creature in existence can feel the awe and wonder of their creation, as we can. What’s wrong with a little humility and awe in the face our being here in this Universe? And a respectful nod to what got us here.

  6. Mark says:

    I’m interested in Ellis. He has much to reveal and teach although – thus far – I disagree with his central thesis, at least about Jesus. You write; ‘clearly he sees religion as manufactured to control people and the control systems that are created can have devastating effects.’

    With Snoop signing up to take the guns (news today), I thought hip-hop might provide an analogy. If hip-hip is (or has been, in the main) – ‘manufactured to control…’ as Professor Griff, Prodigy from Mobb Deep, KRS and Immortal Technique plus a handful of well-known others maintain to have witnessed and document. Surely they’re distinctively aligning themselves with a different (hip-hop) religion: fighting wholeheartedly against injustice and the Globalist agenda. Therefore what is hip-hop?

    Now even if Jesus is/was a ‘fairy story’, the argument Jesus and followers in the N.T. (as recorded) promoted; freedom not slavery, resistance to tyranny and deception not compliance, openness and honesty not blind adherence, question and debate not authoritarian human leadership is evidentially strong. Adherents and supporters for centuries and today may have twisted and taken it, this way and that, but there’s a basis for comparing the church to hip-hop in that the roots begun without motives to appease the establishment and credentials and – sure, no ‘hip-hop scriptures’ – but was/can be (although rarely) positioned culturally to line-up alongside the direction Tap and co are pressing toward.

    I need to spend some time on Ralph. I must. Although where he’s arguing the Bible itself is unquestionably an enemy manual he’s – in my book – commenting on (back to pop music) the fake Ricky Ross-ers ‘gospel’ and not the real one(s).


  7. it’s not out of line to regard the creator of man and this beautiful universe as God!

    It’s the man’s carnal mind that creates greed lust and other evil like what the Zionist BBC is trying to hide under the carpet.

    “The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC”

    Read more at:

  8. Who are running the fraudulent EU, UN, WHO and all sorts of rogue Human Rights and other organizations and all most all governments of the world?

    Who if not Zionists?

    “Human Rights Watch FAIL: Uses Photo of American Bombing Destruction To Condemn Assad”

    Putting its hypocritical and biased nature on full display once again, the alleged human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, was recently caught in an attempt to fabricate “evidence” of Assad’s use of barrel bombs in civilian areas for the purposes of further demonizing the secular Syrian government…..”

    Read more at:

  9. Zionist Jewish trouble creators and warmongers:

    Senator who spearheaded letter to Iran got $1 million from Kristol’s ‘Emergency C’tee for Israel’

  10. Global terrorism is Zionist terrorism. Before Zionism there was Communism.

    There are reasonable Jewish people who are telling the truth although they are very few in numbers.

    Weiss: Zionism has created ‘rivers of blood’

  11. Netanyahu’s speech right out of “the Protocols”

    On today’s show Dr. David Duke discussed the irony and humiliation of having the leader of a country that has repeatedly attacked us march right into our Capitol uninvited by the government and lecture our president and legislators on how they are not being diligent enough in serving the interests of Israel. He commented on how the apparent animosity between Netanyahu and Obama is not evidence that Obama is standing up to Jewish supremacist power, but rather that he is beholden to a faction of Jewish supremacists who feel that Netanyahu’s drive for war on Iran would actually not be “good for the Jews.”

  12. Truth from one of the greatest American patriots: One and only Dr David Duke

    Dr. Duke on the Jewish Supremacist Attack on Belgian Freedom

    • truth says:

      Sodomite Dukes controlled opposition. He went to prison – the FBI’s got videos of him sleeping with black sodomites in prison. No one but Maukawk people can be a ‘patriot american’ – it’s a stolen country – stolen 230+ years ago by your ‘Thieving (catholic Jesuit) Fathers’.

  13. Why are American taxpayers paying for Israel’s crimes against humanity?

    “…Here in the United States, meanwhile, few politicians have questioned why American taxpayers continue to subsidize the Hebron settlers, accused by international observers of human rights violations that include thefts, battery, and murder. In 2003, the most recent year for which figures are available, an estimated 45 percent of the settler community’s funding came from the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund, whose status as a tax-exempt nonprofit allows Americans to write off donations to the group…..”

  14. It is time to examine the atrocities committed by Israel on innocent people in Gaza and Palestine despite wolf cries which have no basis.

    Jewish leaders condemn British university debate on Israel and international law

  15. Stand against Zionist lies and plans for destruction of Iran, Syria and Russia.

    “Israel, a country possessing 300 nuclear weapons and a record of belligerance second to none maintains that Iran, a country that’s attacked no one since 1798, has no right to any!”

  16. We can talk all we want about “poor Jews” but aren’t facts stubborn?

    Israel and Zionists are America’s misfortune!

    “Netanyahu: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered The Power of Israel over the United States” By Professor James Petras

    “Why did ten thousand American-born Zionist professionals stand and cheer, as they did the day before his congressional speech, as Netanyahu dictatedhis rabid bellicose political line to them at the AIPAC conference?

    Is it because they believe he is their Chosen Leader of their Chosen Fatherland?

    Netanyahu, with all his vulgarity and mediocrity, strikes a deep and abiding chord in the soul of his Zionist followers. They believe they are the collective geniuses of a superior species, who need not abide by the legal norms of non-Zionist states and international laws which hinder his colonial rule over millions of Palestinians.”

  17. Aldous says:

    “The most aggressive religion by far against human populations has to be Islam.”


    Just looking at the Fuck Islam image – and the thrust of this article – it’s depressing how (Talmudic) Judaism gets away with blue bloody murder.
    I don’t say Zionism because that is a relatively recent vicious political construct and ideology that would let the Jews even more off the hook.

    I don’t see Muslims sending Cruise missiles into Western nations from aircraft carriers and submarines parked in irrelevant and totally misleading ‘international’ waters – or even one’s own territorial waters.

    I would have thought that ‘the most aggressive religion by far against human populations’ is the joint religion of Western Supremacy and its Zionist Occupied Democracy?

  18. Aldous,

    “Poor Jews” have managed to steal a country through deception and lies and murder thousands of people in the land, demolish their homes, destroy their vegetation – while also buying off all the politicians in the West and the East and highjack these various governments and enslave their citizens through tribal activities.

    And have the audacity to cry wolf!

  19. And how about these crimes to escalate the fake war against Muslims while also giving cancer to citizens globally and while profiting from these atrocities?

  20. This is what the peace loving “good folks” are doing

    Takfiri Criminals Caught Collaborating with Israeli Zionists

    “It is as clear as the mid-day sun, right before the world’s eyes, which is the fact that the arch-murderers of the Syrian terror campaign are nothing other than filthy, arch-corrupt Zionist agents. Without doubt, the Takfiri criminals who are involved with the bloodshed in Syria are agents of the arch-Zionist Apartheid Israeli cabal. They may or may not have Muslim names. It’s irrelevant. They are mere thugs and ruffians hiding under the banner of Islaam, make no mistake about it.”

  21. Gilad Atzmon is having a rough time:

    Red Ice Radio-Gilad Atzmon – Hour 1 – Zionist Pressure Groups & Jewish Identity Politics

  22. Terrorism can only be STOPPED at the source! The ISIS-US Empire – Their Unholy Alliance Fully Exposed! Gather evidence to expose these CIA-created terrorist organizations in the UN!

  23. RabbiT says:

    If the author of this post is reading the comments I will concede I am not.

    I will however reply to the post:

    If you read my ongoing comments you will get an idea of my understanding of the short life we get to live on the planet in preparation for an afterlife.

    This is where God allows us to become His friends, if we are willing that is.

    To get to the point I wish to address the matter of turning the other cheek.

    I grasp the simple interpretation of the text but permit me to disclose another example:

    Some years ago I was walking with a group of secular friends.

    A young man passed us running, his head split open, gushing blood.

    I advised my friends we should think about considering a different route home but as we had all been smoking weed their response to me was everything was cool!

    As we turned the corner a group of thugs threw rocks at us from a hilltop splitting my friends heads open, causing them severe injury.

    Aware of what was going on and being able to dodge the tirade of rocks, with my friends otherwise incapacitated the thugs came down from the hill to confront us or rather me, face to face.

    Aware of what was going on (my being uninjured) I picked up one of the large rocks they had thrown at us.

    One of the attackers approached me carrying a large rock determined to hit me in the head with such.

    I could see his desire to harm me, like an animal baying for blood.

    I had already picked up an equally large rock which they had thrown at us probably around 12 inches across.

    As he walked towards me arm raised to hit me with a similarly sized rock I walked backwards with a similarly sized rock aimed at him.

    I had turned the other cheek.

    The thug who wanted to hit me with the rock was made fully aware by my facial expressions that if he tried to do so he would be likewise hit full force with an equally sized rock either of which could have been fatal.

    He was getting a buzz and a high from his evil. I was however protecting myself and more so my friends.

    Not a time to turn the other cheek but that guy could have killed me and I could have killed him in defence.

    For those who think Christ called His people to be cowards think again.

    We are called not to live by the sword but think about the above.

    If you attack one of God’s chosen you nay not live to tell the tale.

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