Who pushed Putin out?

The Putin rumours are getting very hard to follow.  The Putin who’s turned up looks like a double not the original.  See picture below.


The only clue if there has been a coup in Moscow is that the original Putin has been removed by the Generals, and replaced.  If they believe, like many, that Putin was leading Russia into another war of sacrifice, this time against NATO, being apparently an opponent of NATO, but secretly a member of the cabal, who want Russia delivered into control by the NWO, the military could well rebel and remove him, to save the Russian military from being sent to fight impossible battles against superior forces.

Such a coup if it has happened, would need to be met with a similar event in Washington and London to be effective, with a coup against the cabal in its military and banking centres elsewhere.  Stories suggesting Russia will soon remove the Russian Central Bank from Rothschild control are interesting.  To save the rouble, the government needs to issue currency under its own authority.  If Putin was previously playing the Rothschild banking game, are the people who removed him in a coup, now taking highly significant steps to stop the NWO from gaining control of Russia by breaking the economy.

Anything could be happening.  Has Putin himself planned and executed an apparent coup d’etat?  This could be to make his continued existence more likely, with his double appearing in public, while he controls the moves from out of sight.  Or he’s already gone, an NWO asset removed by his own side, who now want the US and European militaries to, in turn, wind down the growing conflict in Ukraine, and take out their leaders.  We need a few more clues really to stand a chance of working this one out.




Stalin sent 28 million Russians to die in the 2nd world war,  controlled by Averell Harriman, the US Ambassador to play the role assigned to him by the higher cabal that coordinated all sides to the ‘conflict’.  Putin, the former KGB officer who seemed to have interesting connections, photographed introducing his son to Ronald Reagan in Red Square as a younger man, could well be the next Western stooge leader of Russia.  Referred to by people like Prince Charles as ‘The Next Hitler’, people should remember that Hitler was a controlled asset of the cabal, who drew Germany into catastrophic destruction, along with many other nations.  By saying Putin’s The Next Hitler, Charles is saying Putin is ‘our man’, and there’s a game on to destroy Russia and many other nations.  If Russians are now aware of the true history of WW2, and the era since then, they would not willingly be led by Putin to engage in a war with NATO, knowing they will all be sacrificed for nothing.

Averell Harriman was a cousin of Jenny Churchill (nee Jerome), Churchill’s American mother.   It is also likely that both Hitler and Stalin were members of the same bloodlines.  The name Putin suggest Putin is of illegitimate Royal descent.  World politics is a family business.  There are posts on these topics to be found in the search box from this blog.



Benjamin Fulford says the rule of the cabal is ending now.  I’m not so sure.  Khazarian in his title is, in my opinion a fraudulent story.  (The Jews/Hebrew speakers came from Egypt).  The Pope is a member of the cabal.  Yet he’s being included in Fulford’s news roundup as claiming  to launch a Jubilee Year of mercy.  The bankers are not throwing in the towel quite yet in my opinion.  It’s interesting reading Fulford as he gives a picture of events all being linked up across the globe.  With that I agree.  Yet the cabal intends to stay in control and on top, and will not surrender without a lot more happening than has happened so far.




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    • Gordon says:

      Sorry Aldous but I have reason to disagree. Your link was dated 13/03 and the weekend would be 14th & 15th giving journalists one day notice, but as it happened no announcement was issued.

      Regarding photos of Putin: Well, that’s real easy to discern if you have a critical eye.

      Just below Putin’s left eye there is a very slight protruding skin blemish (mole), while slightly down and above from that on the right side Putin has a fairly prominent freckle. Then there are the frown lines. Just above the left eye Putin has one slight line and above that, one small prominent line. I wont discuss the rest as you get idea of what your’e looking for.

      Let’s not be fooled by photo shots and photoshops. Let’s move on to discuss the bigger issues.

  1. Gordon says:

    Just watched RT News live update 14:56pm and Putin addressing the Crimean celebrations.
    Yes! All moles and freckles present.

    • Wish13 says:

      I agree Gordon.

      It is also the 1st anniversary of the annexing of Crimea today. I read somewhere that there were to be celebrations (sorry have no link) which could explain the Convoy of trucks.

  2. This article is pure Zionist propaganda against Hitler and Putin. This is confusing information fabricated by the writer and its vicious. People should reject what this shill is writing as well as the shill.

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    The Rothschilds should chuck in the sponge. They’ve just cocked up simultaneous attempts to get rid of Obama and Putin. They’ve still got Netanyahu, who is clearly determined to destroy Israel, and of course Cameron, who is desperate to fight a nuclear war with Russia. In Chatham House they think he might well succeed. That and doubling the national debt in five years. Clearly the worst prime minister in British history.

  4. WASP says:

    Hi Tap, I haven’t had a great deal of time lately for blogging, but I have been following Putin’s History for some time, so here is a quick Comment.

    For the Rothschilds, read The Vatican.
    The Nut-Yahoo, is a Vatican Puppet.

    Peres is another SMOM, who controls the Vatican’s Puppet State of Israel. Cameron is another one of their Puppets, but appeared to be a Loose Cannon, where the EU DEFENCE FORCE was concerned.

    Obama yet another Puppet, surrounded by SMOMS, in order of Rank, Biden, Kerry, (or as some refer to him:- The Cheap Aristocrat), & Mc.Cain,fronted by Jews.

    But you should know G_L the Jesuits are firmly in control of the USA.

    Scared to death of Putin, not necessarily because of military superiority { 8th. generation SCALAR WEAPONS } but because the Russian people back him.

    Nukes, & C&BW’s are great levelers, & of the 63 Countries the Yanks have invaded, none of them had any.

    The Pentagon also know that Putin has the “BALLS” to use them, & against SCALAR WEAPONS, & Tesla Shield, their 6th Fleet is “Match Wood”.

    They were given a demonstration, of this capability, quite recently if you remember. A Russian Plane locked all their interlinked missile systems, & then proceeded to make several passes over them.

    The USA, have made the mistake of thinking they ae the only Super Power, but they are not, whilst the US was waging illegal wars, Russia was advancing it’s Tesla Technologies, q.v. Scallar Weapons. The Yanks are being lead down the road of self destruction by the Enemies Within, who are controlled by the Jesuit Vatican.

    It is significant that, China, & Russia, have one of the largest Energy Deals in History, & have set up an alternative Financial System. China has also developed Scalar Tecnologies, & have recently given The US a warning to lay off of Russia. It would therefore appear that the old animosity between the two no longer exists.

    The difference now thow is that Putin, is no longer a Puppet of the Western Cabalists, & I would sayhe loves his country, more than he loves himself. The Jesuits are practitioners of Feng Sui, but then so is Putin, by virtue of his Martial Arts Capabilities.

    They do say that a battle is won by never fighting it. I don’t believe they have ever had to deal with anyone like Vladimir Putin in their history before. “Who Ever Controls East Asia, Controls The World”. If I was a Gambler my mony would be on Vladimir Putin.



  5. Here is real news instead of sensational fake news!

    By Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    “…But while the Western mainstream press claimed that the recent reporting and “frenzy” surrounding Putin’s disappearance “tells us something about the Russian state,” what it actually tells us is something about the West and its media mouthpieces.

    First, it tells us that Western press has stooped to absolutely infantile levels to stir up, panic, and propagandize the American people, particularly when it comes to the issue of Russia. Second, it tells us that the United States and NATO will seize any opportunity – be it the killing of an “opposition figure” (whom they may well have assassinated) or a slight deviation in the Russian President’s schedule for the purposes of destabilizing Russia.

    This is really all we need to know about the state of “news” and journalism in the United States today.

    Regardless, this hysteria surrounding Putin’s disappearance should be remembered the next time the US claims that Syria has used chemical weapons, Putin is committing acts of aggression in Ukraine, or Iran has a nuclear bomb…..”


  6. paul says:

    This Just In — Breaking News!

    As those of you who follow astrology must know, the charts in recent days have been, well, way off the charts. As my e-buddy, Robert Hitt, at astroecon.com says, there has been some of the most violent astro he has ever seen in recent days.

    And yet we have not seen a huge eruption of violence on the international stage.

    Why not?

    The Dark Side loves violent astro like vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge topping, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry on top. So what has given them pause?

    Well, I suspect the context runs along the lines I will presently sketch for you.

  7. Meeting on socioeconomic development in Crimea and Sevastopol


  8. What the Story of Putin’s “Disappearance” Says about How the West Misunderstands Russia

    Read more at:


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