Lufthansa Airbus crash in the Alps. Same pattern as the others.

Another plane comes down with no distress call or pilot conversation with ATC.

This keeps happening over and over again.


What’s the pattern?  Malaysia suffered three crashes with similar lack of communication from the crew, despite them having radio contact easily available.  France lost two long haul flights in similar circumstances a decade ago.

At that time France was refusing to join NATO, and was not willing to involved with NWO wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  That chnaged and the crashes stopped.

Malaysia convicted the George Bush and Tony Blair of crimes against humanity, by starting the war in Iraq.  The planes started to crash.

Now Germany is resisting the war in Ukraine and dragging her feet about involvement in a war against Russia,  and she gets aircraft-dropping-from-the-sky treatment.

Jim Stone gives a more technical analysis agreeing with this view

It seems a switch can be flipped, power to the aircraft gets cut off, and without power, the plane inevitably crashes.  Is this the standard method of country control now?  Aircraft all have a kill switch, operable by the CIA/Mossad.  It gets used as  a way to pressure the nations into line.  I feel for the families who lost so many children today.

The BBC article I linked to, saying there was no communication from the plane has gone offline.  It’s back.  

First Images Of Germanwings Crash Debris Emerge; White House Says “No Indication Of Terrorism”

While the White House, seemingly an expert in determining airplane crashes causes within hours if not minutes of the accident (see flight MH-17)  has already opined on the tragic crash of the Lufthansa Germanwings airplane:


This will hardly be comfort to the families of the 148 people who lost their lives the crash which took place in the south Franch alps, and where the first images of the debris have just been released, via


Further evidence that the airplane crash was not a midair disintegration is that while the vertical airspeed was susbtantial, it wasn’t freefall, and it took the airplane about 10 minutes to drop from a height of 11.5 to its final resting place some 2 kilometers high in the alps (via Zeit).

And here are all the latest crash developments from AP:

A local lawmaker says the debris from the plane crash in the French Alps that killed all 150 people on board is spread over 100-200 meters (110-220 yards).


Gilbert Sauvan, president of the general council of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, told the AP that “everything is pulverized.”


He said the largest pieces of debris are the size of a small car.


Sauvan said no one can access the site from the ground, but that helicopters are circling the area to get information and 500 firefighters and gendarmes are in the area.


The boss of airline Germanwings says the plane went into a long descent before it crashed into the French Alps, likely killing all 150 people on board.


Germanwings CEO Thomas Winkelmann said the plane began descending again shortly after it reached its cruising height following takeoff from Barcelona Airport. The descent lasted eight minutes, he told reporters in Cologne. Radar and air traffic control contact broke off at 10:53 a.m.

He said the pilot had more than 10 years’ experience working for Germanwings and its parent airline Lufthansa. Airbus said the A320 was delivered to Lufthansa in 1991.

Germanwings said the passenger manifest included two babies. Officials believe there were 67 German nationals on board.


To the idiots out there who might say “Oh, the conspiracy crowd solved this before a single investigator arrived at the crash scene:” There are only a few things you need to know to solve this one, the rest is just scammery:

1. The plane descended for 10 minutes, and NO WORD FROM THE PILOTS. How can that happen? Jamming of communications. Who could have jammed communications?

2. The fighter jets, which were following this Airbus. THEY could have jammed the communications with ease, AND shot it down. They probably did not shoot it down OR EVEN NEED TO JAM COMMUNICATIONS because:

3. The plane was equipped with remote control (for “hijack recovery”) AS A STANDARD FEATURE. That level of external control would make switching off communications via remote control a NO BRAINER.


Why would fighter jets be following at just the right time anyway? That alone CINCHES IT. We really do need to figure out who was on that plane.


TAP – Jim explains the plane crashed at full throttle doing 600 mph, which suggests control of the aircraft from outside the plane.



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  1. Tom says:

    Exactly what I thought. Clearly sabotage, the explosion planned for over the Alps so the wreckage would be hard to recover. Israeli revenge for Germans and French dealing with Putin?

  2. Gordon says:

    Well noted!

    I’m not a lover of Alex Jones but he does seem to have got this one right.


    See also:
    What Do Missing Nukes, Missing Airlines and Fired Generals Have in Common? The Answer Will Provoke You to Rage! Infowars Weighs In!
    Monday, March 23, 2015

    • sovereigntea says:

      Jones dances to the tune of Bronfman

      • sovereigntea says:

        The Murdoch NYT reports – PARIS — As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed amid a relatively clear sky, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.

        A senior military official involved in the investigation described “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

        “The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door, and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger, and no answer. There is never an answer.”

        He said, “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”

        While the audio seemed to give some insight into the circumstances leading to the Germanwings crash on Tuesday morning, it also left many questions unanswered.
        Continue reading the main story
        Related Coverage

        Clockwise from top left: Oleg Bryjak, a bass baritone at the Düsseldorf opera; Maria Radner, a contralto in Düsseldorf; Greig Friday, a mechanical engineer from Australia; and his mother, Carol Friday, a nurse.
        Among Germanwings Crash Victims, Opera Singers and NewlywedsMARCH 25, 2015
        French helicopters passed over Seynes-les-Alpes on Wednesday on their way to the crash site.
        Challenges Weigh Heavily on Recovery Efforts in Germanwings CrashMARCH 25, 2015
        Students at a memorial on the steps of Joseph-König-Gymnasium on Wednesday in Haltern am See, Germany. Sixteen students and two teachers died in the Germanwings plane crash.
        In German Town, Crushing Grief at Losing 16 Students and 2 Teachers in Jet CrashMARCH 25, 2015
        A few hours after officials recovered one of the black boxes, they called off the search for the evening.
        Germanwings Crash in French Alps Kills 150; Cockpit Voice Recorder Is FoundMARCH 24, 2015
        Students and teachers from the Joseph-König school in Germany were returning from a language and culture immersion program in Spain when their plane crashed on Tuesday.
        In German Town, a School-Year Highlight That Ended in DisasterMARCH 24, 2015
        French: Terror Attack on Plane UnlikelyMARCH 25, 2015

        “We don’t know yet the reason why one of the guys went out,” said the official, who requested anonymity because the investigation was continuing. “But what is sure is that at the very end of the flight, the other pilot is alone and does not open the door.”

      • sovereigntea says:

        Also There Was A US Spook On Board

        The mother, Yvonne Selke of Nokesville, Virginia, had worked for Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. in Washington for 23 years, and her daughter Emily Selke was a 2013 graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia. According to the AP, Yvonne Selke worked under contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the satellite mapping office for the Department of Defense.

        “Yvonne was a wonderful co-worker and a dedicated employee who spent her career with the firm,” Booz Allen’s chief personnel officer, Betty Thompson, told the AP.

        Read more:

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Airbus A320 plane crash in Southern France LIVE UPDATES
    Published time: March 24, 2015 10:52
    Edited time: March 24, 2015 11:40

    The French Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that 150 people were on board the plane, which includes 142 passengers and eight crew members. The Germanwings plane was bound for Dusseldorf after taking off from Barcelona.
    Tuesday, March 24
    12:05 GMT:

    The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister says 45 passengers on the Germanwings plane, which crashed in the south of France are believed to be Spanish. However, the majority of those on board are belived to be German, according to French television station RTL.

    Terror threat ‘unprecedented,’ new attacks inevitable – French security officials
    Published time: March 23, 2015 18:47
    Get short URL

    But security officials told AFP that even such desperate measures as deployment of police and military at media HQs, synagogues and other vulnerable sites, will unlikely prevent new attacks.

    “The problem is not to know if there will be a new attack. It is to know when and where,” said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, as he unveiled new surveillance laws last week.

    There are also fears that competition between different terrorist organizations may lead to even more violence in France.

    “Al-Qaeda needs to restore its prestige and will try to compete with IS with complex and major actions,” the official noted.

    He added that security services are concerned that an Al-Qaeda wing known as Khorasan is planning an attack on a major airline.

    The Islamic State “is in the process of training commandos and sending them to our territory with high-quality equipment,” the source said.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    FRANCE AIRBUS CRASH: Last Message of “EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY” Then Catastrophic Event

    • dofornow says:

      If : as is stated : a aircraft engine can communicate with the service dpt and indicate it’s health surely the converse is true!
      Too much high tec is in the control of foreigners.Esp surveillance gear.

      • Ali says:

        Or the fly by wire tech the Abel Danger crew explain very well (Uninterruptible Autopilot).

    • sam says:

      yes and didnt they cover up this in a hurry to bring in their agenda that the copilot was the villain!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Very interesting in light of what commenter Paul linked (a few days ago on this site) about Greece being the pawn in the Global chessboard, taking out the bigger pieces; ie the billions being claimed back from Germany for war reparations to Greece, can be magnified legally on the same principle to USA, to the many, many other nations it has invaded and defiled, (including Native American Nations, up to Iraq/Syria), for quillions of dollars. So completely bankrupting the USA.
    Germany has been meeting with Greece to sort out these reparations which are token compared to what USA may have to pay out if the legal precedent is established.
    Maybe this is the Cabal resisting, by giving Lufthansa a spanking, and warning Germany not to deal with Greece.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Black box found already — Assuming foul play … A possible factor ? Israeli’s visiting France to lobby re Iran nuke talks. However according to RT – Meanwhile, the US has ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack as the reason for the Flight 4U9525 crashing.

      “There is no indication of a nexus to terrorism at this time,” Bernadette Meehan, White House National Security Council spokeswoman, was cited as saying by Fox News.

      • Aldous says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong sovereigntea but “… the US has ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack as the reason for the Flight 4U9525 crashing.” is not [nearly] the same as “There is no indication of a nexus to terrorism at this time,”

        The plane only crashed a few hours ago and no one can possibly know at this stage as to what brought it down – apart from anyone concerned with, or privy to any criminal act.

        The A320 has a ceiling of 38,000 feet – at which it was flying when the emergency apparently occurred and a Mayday, allegedly, transmitted. It appears to have descended ‘steeply’ for eight minutes before contact was lost/it crashed.

        This sounds very much like a sudden double engine failure and a ‘sort of” CFIT – Controlled(sic) Flight (Glide FIT in actuality) Into Terrain.

        If the weather was IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) and they failed to break cloud, they would have stood no chance – and even if they had broken through cloud base in such an inhospitable and mountainous environment, their options to salvage something would have been near zero anyway.

        The fact that the Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice recorder have both been retrieved so soon after the crash in such a hostile and inaccessible place, should set alarm bells ringing as to the authenticity of any such find. All the news reports I have been watching remind me of recent plane crashes/9/11 and reading from a well prepared and rehearsed script. The crash is probably real but the reporting is probably fake.

      • Gordon says:

        “There is no indication of a nexus to terrorism at this time,”

        Oh aye, funny how this lot are always the first to tell us who’s a terrorist and who’s not.

    • sam says:

      more likely noy to deal with russia/BRICS! However there were many reasons for ‘them ‘ to want this plane out the way!!!!

  6. sovereigntea says:

    “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” Otto von Bismarck. Media has a track record of deceit and error as do politicians, the US State Dept and air accident investigations and most subsequent reporting. Which probably leaves us with little if any reliable factual data to go on.

    John Pilger

  7. Aldous says:

    If this stricken plane did in fact take eight minutes to descend from 38,000 feet before crashing, then it suffered a double engine failure and NOT any structural break up – where it would have dropped like a stone reaching/exceeding the speed of sound before impact – OR any flight surface control issue/issues.

    If it lost just one engine, then this would have been what they call a Pan issue/emergency (but not a Mayday) where the plane would have had to immediately divert (by LAW) to the nearest airport that could take such a heavy wide body jet. It could not have maintained 38,000 feet with just one engine but would ‘drift down’ to its single engine maximum altitude. This of course could still be catastrophic for a twin engined plane operating in mountainous terrain, though I think Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in Europe) is less than 15,000 feet which an Airbus 320 would be able to stay above on one engine.

    It is interesting that even experienced aviators and captains get caught out. Many years ago, a Concorde flying at 56,000 feet lost one engine or it had to be shut down. Now most people would naturally think that losing an engine would mean using less fuel but the reverse is true in many cases – and this case. The Concorde drifted down – unable to maintain 56,000 feet – and commenced to consume far more fuel. The crew knew this of course but forgot to remember the three most important rules of aviation: the sky above you, the runway behind you AND the fuel in the bowser/tanker!

    The captain for some inexplicable reason (gettherehomeitis) breezed pass Shannon and God knows how many other possible diversionary airports (Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton, Bournemouth) and pressed on regardless to London Heathrow. Only on reaching the London CTZ did he finally realise the desperate nature of the situation and declared an emergency.

    He was of course given a priority landing after which, on safely landing, no discernible fuel was found in the tanks. It was career over of course and a quick resignation jump before he was pushed.

    Why do such professionals take such foolish chances. If and when you find out, the AAIB UK would like to know and hear from you.

  8. Aldous says:

    I think we can more or less rule out ‘pilot error’ with this one as it appears to me that they did everything that they could but were dealt an impossible hand from a NWO fixed flight deck.

    However and having said that, pilot error is certainly the main cause of most aviation accidents which is why they are seriously considering replacing the First Officer with – wait for it – a DOG. A Rottweiler even as they don’t want to leave anything to chance.

    The Captain’s ONLY task is to feed the Rottweiler; the Rottweiler’s job is to watch the Captain like a hawk and ensure that the Captain touches absolutely NOTHING!

    • sam says:

      They dont need thecdog- They are the Dogs- see Field Mcconnell and boeings uninterruptable auto pilot for one possibility! There are many Dogs out there…worse than Rottweilers!!!!

  9. Tapestry says:

    Blaming pilots is the easy option. Manufacturers don’t need to spend millions correcting anything. Airlines can say it’s a one off so passengers will keep coming back. Intelligence agencies can hardly admit to bringing civilian airliners down deliberately.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Tap, it will be interesting to see how this latest one ‘pans out’ as it were. I did hesitate before I posted in jest but I’m sure the flight crew and passengers RIP would/will laugh at the thought of a K9 First Officer. There may well have been some pets on board.

      I wonder if the usual suspects were warned in advance to avoid this flight? That would be interesting to know and would follow the usual 9/11 MO to avoid the Twin Towers which are for Gentiles only on the day.

      Has anyone done an analysis of such modern airliners going down in such fashion where the flight crew give minimal or no information as to the emergency? It’s bordering on the crazy and untenable. It just can’t happen so often unless it’s deliberate. The lack of emergency transmissions prior to the crashes is significant. I don’t fully understand it.

      The golden rules are aviate, navigate, communicate in that order but I would like to think that one would let Air Traffic know that the game was up in such a death dive and at least go out dying letting others know what was happening of sorts.

      The closest I’ve ever come to such situations is being attached to a hopelessly naff parachute at 3,000 feet and having to decide whether or not to foolishly ride it down or jettison it and go for and trust in the reserve I’ve been given. It’s a strange decision, and that ‘no going back’ moment you release the main and watch it (and its potential life support) shooting upwards as you once more enter free fall and wait for the reserve to deploy above you in its place, is a moment etched into your mind forever.

      It’s happened to me only twice (now decades ago) and I’ve always thought of reserve parachute rides as the ‘last dash for the closing door of life’ which I owe to an anonymous parachute packer. Thanks a bunch dude.

    • sam says:

      well said!!!! Now this is more like the truth

  10. Jennifer says:

    Has it not been established that ALL civil aircraft flights are now ‘fly by wire’? Only the runway taxi is now under the direct control and guidance of the pilot – even take-off and landing are under remote control/auto, unless the pilots choose to do them for the sake of practice.
    Mountains are always the favoured spots for aero- accidents aren’t they? They are a big red flag. And it’s always worth asking, who was on the passenger manifest?

  11. richard says:

    Could be crew suicide; one pilot disables the other and flies into the ground. Having said that, about ten years ago an A320 pilot told me that he took off and made a left turn but the aircraft continued in its turn instead of following its flightplan; he disengaged the autopilot but the control column was very heavy and he found it difficult to control the aeroplane and return to the airfield.

    • Aldous says:

      No chance Richard. The aeroplane’s engines were disabled in some way imho.

      Incidentally, Palestinian suicide(sic) bombings are an absolute myth. The Israelis have got deception down to a fine art and – for example – will stop and search Palestinians, then plant a device in/on their vehicle. The often unsuspecting Palestinian will then proceed onwards into the Town where an Israeli will detonate the planted device. Simples.

  12. freebornman says:

    We need to take the Iceland option. NOW. Pots, pans, dustbin lids at the ready. Drum the fuckers out. NOW. Personally, I’ve had a bucketful of zio-social engineering, and I’m telling you it’s a Lemon. I’m tired of our soldiers being killed, or sent home without their legs.Hitler’s crime was that he was right about the jews. This insanity needs to end now. And it’s down to you and me people. Brave people like Chris Spivey, Tap, Aangirfan, etc, tell us the truth. There is no fucker gonna come charging on a white horse to save us, it’s down to us.
    Rise, like lions after slumber,
    In unvanquishable number,
    Shake your chains to earth like dew,
    Which in sleep had fallen on you:
    Ye are many- they are few!
    It’s a toss-up for me. Whom do I prefer? The takers have the edge, do the taken deserve more than death?

  13. Jennifer says:

    This is the link (to Paul’s comment).
    And very interesting is is too, dealing with the secret meeting of Merkel, Hollande, and Putin, to agree to give Greece a whole lot of money, which will upset the Cabal who want to milk the USA dry themselves.

    • Gordon says:

      Read the link and agree. Likewise I saw most of this coming and have been posting about the AIIB of which my only concern is that the rats are already infiltrating it to have privileges. No names mentioned.

  14. Tom says:

    It’s curious in itself that the possibility of terrorism has been avoided in the mainstream media despite the lack of a Mayday signal, which surely would have been made even in the event of depressurisation. Instead we get the predictable drivel from the scene and platitudes about the victims.
    Also curious that the black box was found so quickly despite the location of the break-up and that we are promised preliminary answers soon (ie so that people don’t bother speculating).
    The fact the incident appears to have happened very soon after the plane apparently hit cruising altitude possibly suggests something untoward was triggered.
    Whatever the exact cause, I’ll bet we never get satisfactory official answers about this crash, because I don’t think the authorities want to know.

  15. Carla says:

    an eye-witness said that he heard loud bangs in the air than a bit later more loud bangs. 30 secs later he saw the plane coming down. So: how can the immediate conclusion be that no terrorism is indicated ??

  16. Aldous says:

    Here we go, pilot stitch-up – the Illuminati have been watching Air Crash Investigation on TV…

    SilkAir Flight 185 19 December 1997
    Flight 185 remained level at FL350 until it started a rapid and nearly vertical dive around 16:12. While plunging through 12,000 ft (3,700 m), parts of the aircraft, including a great extent of the tail section, started to separate from the aircraft’s fuselage due to high forces arising from the nearly supersonic dive. Seconds later, the aircraft impacted the Musi River, near Palembang, Sumatra, killing all 104 people on board. The time it took the aircraft to dive from cruise altitude to the river was less than one minute. The plane was travelling faster than the speed of sound for a few seconds before impact. Parts of the wreckage were embedded 15 feet into the riverbed.

    The aircraft broke into pieces before impact, with the debris spread over several kilometres, though most of the wreckage was concentrated in a single 60-metre (200 ft) by 80-metre (260 ft) area at the river bottom. Not a single complete body, body part, or limb was found, as the entire aircraft and passengers disintegrated upon impact. Only six positive identifications were later obtained from the few recovered human remains.

    In the aftermath of the crash, several potential motives for the captain’s alleged suicide/homicide were suggested, including recent financial losses of $1.2 million (his share-trading showed trading of more than one million shares and his securities-trading privileges had been suspended 10 days before the accident due to non-payment), his obtaining a $600,000 life insurance policy the previous week which was to have gone into effect on the day of the accident (though it later emerged that this was a routine policy taken out as part of a mortgage requirement), his receipt of several recent disciplinary actions on the part of the airline (including one that related to improper manipulation of the CVR circuit breaker), and his possible grieving over the loss of three squadron mates during his military flight training, which occurred 18 years earlier on the exact date of the crash. He also reportedly had several conflicts with Ward and other copilots who had questioned his command suitability. Investigations later revealed that his total assets were greater than his liabilities, although his liquid assets could not cover his immediate debts; his monthly income was less than his family’s monthly expenditure; and he had some outstanding credit card debts.

    Germanwings crash: One pilot was ‘locked out of the cockpit before crash’, claim US reports

  17. Aldous says:

    CNN (CIA News Network) disinfo on recent crashes:

    USC Aviation – Comparing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to SilkAir Flight 185

    Mayday (SilkAir Flight 185) S12E04 – Pushed To The Limit 44:58

    Are the Illuminati seriously trying to lead us to believe that a German pilot locked his colleague out of the flight deck as with the SilkAir scenario to kill himself and all his passengers and crew?

  18. Tom says:

    The story we’re being spun this morning about a pilot being locked out of the cockpit is absolutely ludicrous. Even more suspicious is that the CIA’s organ the New York Times is disseminating the propaganda. I feel more convinced than ever that this was state-sponsored terrorism. This is all misdirection. I just hope someone has the courage to speak out and give the poor souls on board justice.

  19. richard says:

    Suspected pilot suicide, see above, looks like it was. Some aircraft have keypads on the door for ingress, looks like it’ll be a new mandatory requirement but too late for these poor people.

  20. Tapestry says:

    They come up with this unlikely scenario to explain this flight’s loss. What about the Malaysian crashes, none of which had any communication from the cockpit though the planes took minutes to descend before crashing. Same as the French Jumbos lost over the Pacific. No contact or distress signal. These planes are all being downed through a disabling of the plane from outside not inside. The pattern is confirmed by the countries concerned, all showing resistance to NWO wars. France, Malaysia and now Germany.

  21. adam says:

    Some kind of scalar weapon, or etheric weapon, that they have and have had for perhaps 80 years or longer. These weapons act outside the laws of physics, influencing gravity and the ether. I think theyre known as gravity pulse weapons.
    Because the physics taught in universities has been wrong, is wrong, and the NWOs corrupt hand has been in that
    RT, the supposed great alternative, I notice doesn’t mention any of the above, or that state actors might be having a hand. Noone of any prominence and high status is saying the truths we all know. Are they all blackmailed or scared or both?
    White hats inside need to start leaking the truth about these airplanes

  22. richard says:

    Weaponds outside the laws of physics? Crap. A better idea would be to have three crew. The chances of two wanting to top themselves must be close to zero. Therd are extra seats in planes flown by 2 crew for examiners etc, might be a good idea for an auxiliary crewman to be routinely carried.
    Re: the theories on special weapons, if someone wanted to crash a plane it would be much easier to nobble a crewman. Either dire threats to family or else drugs or other techniques which increase suggestibility and of course the “suggestion”.

    • sam says:

      I remember flying 3 in the cocpit but theyre saving money with only two and a computer which apparently is not 100 percent safe

  23. Adam says:

    It might not have been scalar weapons or some exotic weaponry in this case, but they do exist. Nanoimplant technology is widespread and seem to work in conjunction with these exotic technologies – thoughts can literally be beamed into someones brain. Sounds crazy I know
    And yes drugs, or blackmail leaving someone feel they have no way out. Or whipping someone away for a few days to give them Ipcress file/Manchurian candidate treatment.
    But this has got the sinister hands at work of TPTB. A black box might even have been planted in the alps, that gives the impression of suicide.
    These people work in all sorts of ways.
    But it seems like, geopolitical shifts with France and Germany this has been done as revenge.

  24. Adam says:

    Its essential I think, the world gets some openness about these technologies and methods. Our ignorance of them is a major tool in their arsenal, because then events they engineer can get attributed to anything the media wish,
    and because we don’t realise these technologies exist, we would never suspect, and I think this is a large part of how the control matrix works. Ignorance of the trauma based mind control, the implants, the technologies, means the man in the street instantly labels anyone questioning things as conspiracist.

  25. Adam says:

    Take your pick. Lets pick an example out the hat to further an Agenda
    – the Batman Aurora shooting

  26. abledangerouspeople says:

    definately suspicious could well be uninterruptable fly wire and seeing that the black box is in the lying government/s control and their is no survivers they can say anything they like about the crash even that the co pilot was outside the cockpit trying to get back in banging on the door [ quell surprize] if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat then sure is a RAT brought down by the usual suspects

    • sam says:

      Yes more like Rodent gigantus!!!
      There are 3 ways to overide a locked system of the door!!!
      I wont discuss for safety reasons – 1 manuel and 2 electronic-absolute bs being presented for their agendas

  27. Stroppy says:

    As mentioned elsewhere, where is the point of impact? Did the rocks crack or crumble ( ike the metal in the twin towers)?

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