ISIS mythology. Never any details.

Comment: ISIS in the Court of Miracles

The nature of the Islamic State and its operations presents an enigma. They simply can’t exist. Can we prove the whole thing is a “con?” Oh, we can do that easily, that and so much more, even without descending to questions of mock executions.

The myth of ISIS falls apart without getting close to any conspiracy theories, wild or otherwise.

Today, the Fars News Network reported from Iraqi sources that an American Apache helicopter was shot down dropping supplies to ISIS forces near the western regions of Anbar Province.  The photo below depicts the event:

What’s wrong with this picture?

There are a few things wrong with this picture.  The helicopter shown is a UH10 from as early as 1957.  Thousands are flown around the world, you can buy one on Ebay.  The photo lacks a date time stamp.  It also lacks things like information that could identify the origin and background of who flew it, where it came from, even the most basic forensic common sense.

Where is the pilot?  What was the cargo?  Let’s see the whole photo, where this was actually taken as the portion shown is obviously a crop of a much larger photo.  Is this New York City?  It could be. What we have is an amazing lack of curiosity here.

Last week Fars reported two British transport planes being shot down during supply operations for ISIS.  No pilots or wreckage, no tail numbers, no evidence whatsoever exists of this other than the claim. Are we being told that a two transport aircraft can crash and everyone within 500 miles won’t drive there looking for bags of cash, Rolex watches or other goodies?

Then again, supposedly hundreds of ISIS vehicles have been destroyed by the US bombing campaign, each with VIN numbers on hundreds of parts.  The FBI and Interpol can easily track each vehicle, not only with nearly any part but there are other ways as well.

There are international conventions that govern the sale of black market or stolen vehicles and parts. Every vehicle manufactured enters a database and most major parts are serial numbered and registered as well with all sales and transfers recorded and entered for global access.

Even with GPS disabled, all newer vehicles have electronic ignitions which can be tracked.  All put out radio signals unless Faraday shielding is used. A modern vehicle leaks electromagnetic energy like a flashlight in a darkened room.

Perhaps Toyota doesn’t want to explain how a thousand of its trucks shipped to Israel were modified and transported across Jordan.  Israel and Netanyahu are above any law, now Jordan is claiming the same thing.

Is this, perhaps, why Jordan is now the heroic ally of the right wing extremists in America whose heart reached out to ISIS and their friends in Kiev?  Let’s take a quick look at some things nobody thinks of.
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