Fulford is interesting. Is he right?

Benjamin Fulford: Historical black swan event imminent


(Benjamin Fulford) There are now many undeniable signs that a historical black swan event is imminent. The exact nature of this event is uncertain but it involves the end of a system of governance dating back thousands of years and the emergence of a new paradigm for humanity. Since the global occult leadership links their machinations to celestial events, there is a possibility this event will be connected to the March 19th super moon and the March 20th solar eclipse.

This comes after a March 17th election in Israel that is expected to end Zionazi rule of that nation. The humiliation of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu during his uninvited US visit last week was a clear indication of this. His speech was not broadcast by the main US news networks and was greeted with anti-Nentanyahu demonstrations by Jews in New York and Israel. To top it off, a former Mossad chief accused him of persistently lying about the so-called “Iran threat.” It is even possible Netanyahu was secretly ordered to commit political suicide with that speech.

The other sign that it is not business as usual was re-organization of the CIA that was announced last week. The CIA is now under the control of the Defense Intelligence Agency, according to Asia based CIA sources. The contents of the reorganization and the new mission statement of that agency are all in line with Pentagon thinking. Just who was purged from that agency has not been made public but CIA sources say the top ranks of the formerly Bush controlled Directorate of Operations have changed. This has cleared the way for a further purge of the Washington D.C. cesspool.

A heavy duty attack on the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate is already under way. Zionazi whore Senator Robert Menendez, former head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is facing criminal charges. So is Bush allied New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Now the corporate media is full of stories about Hitlery Clinton and $6 billion that went missing from the US State Department during her tenure there. Bill Clinton is facing pedophile allegations in the scandal involving billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The final target will be the Bush family. Once the Bushes are removed, it will be possible to see if they are a front for other, more well-hidden, puppet masters.


The Bushes 


In the UK as well, a heavy assault on the Zionazi Satanists is continuing to unfold. The latest revelation is that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and current Prime Minister David Cameron were both guilty of covering up pedophile scandals. The top bureaucrat and secret power in the UK, Chief Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood, is also linked to this cover-up.

This is like a game of chess where you start by taking down an opponent’s pawns, knights and bishops before going after rooks, queens and finally the king. By taking down these people it should be possible to then have the diplomatic immunity granted to Tony Blair removed. This would open Tony Blair to prosecution on charges of war crimes.

Tony Blair would then no doubt sing like a canary about the Rothschilds, thus paving the way for the final denouement.

That is probably why last week Jacob Rothschild said “Investors face a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any since World War 2.”


The Rothschild family and their allies have been recently burning historical archives in order to cover up the circumstances under which the League of Nations and the United Nations were created, according to Russian FSB sources. The first was a fire at a library in Russia on January 30th that contained ancient historical Slavic documents. Then next was one at a documents warehouse in Brooklyn, New Jersey on January 31st.


According to the Russians, the destroyed documents contained evidence that Czar Nicholas II donated gold to set up the League of Nations Trust before World War I began. As a result, ownership of 88.8% of the gold held by the Federal Reserve Board can be traced to Nicholas, the Russians claim. Shortly after donating their gold, Nicholas and his family were killed during the Rockefeller-funded Russian revolution. However, the Russians claim that former Russian Premiere Alexei Kosygin was in fact the son of Czar Nicholas II and so there are still legitimate claimants to that gold in Russia.

The only independent verification I can come up with for these Russians statements are some documents shown to me by a Bank of Japan librarian showing that 10 tons of Russian gold were taken to Japan by a Japanese warship during the Bolshevik revolution. Japan never returned that gold. Perhaps the Russian Embassy in Japan should make some enquiries.

If the Russian allegations are true, they may explain Jacob Rothchild’s sudden concern about “Russian aggression and expansion.” It would also explain the recent hysterical Russia bashing by Rothschild servants like UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

This may also be connected to another mystery. The King World gold bug news site quoted London metals trader Andrew Maguire as saying that HSBC would be shutting down all 7 of its gold warehouses in London within two months.


The mystery of course, is just what happened or is going to happen to all this gold?
It is possible the gold has been sold and the money laundered through the US and Japanese stock markets in order to abscond with the money before the rightful owners sue for its return. Take a look at this chart here showing how the price of gold and the Nikkei stock market have been moving in identical, but opposite, directions. Somebody has been selling gold and buying Japanese shares.


The trail leads further, according to Japanese yakuza sources, to Wilbur Ross Jr. who “spent 25 years heading up Rothschild Inc’s bankruptcy practice.” Ross is “chairman of the Japanese Society in New York and was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star from the Japanese government in February for his contributions to U.S.-Japan relations.”


There is also a strong possibility the gold has all ended up in China. That is because the Chinese Yuan, the US dollar and the price of gold have all been moving in tandem with each other in recent months vis a vis other world currencies. Furthermore, the Chinese put up a billboard up near Bangkok’s airport recently featuring a picture of a gold coin and announcing the Chinese Yuan as the “New World Currency.”


The Rothschild slave regime in Japan represented by Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party acting troupe have also been up to some stealing of their own. According to an informant from the Japanese security police, Abe has stolen at least 200 trillion yen from the Japanese national pension fund, the Postal Savings Bank and the Agricultural Savings Bank (Norinchukin). This money has been sent overseas to support Zionazi cabal banks, according to the source. According to Japan’s government propaganda newspapers, these institutions are “increasing investment allocations for foreign bonds in order to maximize returns.” This is theft pure and simple and is not going to help save a mathematically doomed cabal.

Perhaps because I wrote about this theft in a Japanese language article I got a call today from somebody at this number: 81-(0)80-5242-0737 saying they were “going to kill me tonight.” Clearly somebody is running scared and it is not this writer.

The Abe regime also seems to be in a hurry to establish a military government. Recent proposals put forth by Abe include removing civilian control over Japanese Self Defense Forces and re-establishing an international Japanese spy agency modelled on the UK’s MI6.

Perhaps he is in a hurry to establish a military government because there will be a trial at the Tokyo High Court this Friday the 13th, where evidence will be presented by the Japan Independence Party that Abe’s regime was placed in power by rigged elections. As reported before here, the “votes” that put Abe in power were over 90% counted by machines built by Mushashi Engineering. Musashi Engineering is owned by Fortess Asset Management. Fortress is headed by Peter L. Briger, a member of David Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations.

Japan, together with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries are all that now stand between the Zionazi cabal and bankruptcy. The Pentagon and Japanese police and Japanese Self Defense Forces white hats need to get on the case and kick Zionazis like Ross and Briger out of Japan.

Finally, as repeated so often here, the US and Japan both need to nationalize their central banks and give the power to create and distribute money back to the people and their honestly elected (and bribe free) representatives. Money that was stolen by the privately owned central banks and their controlling families can then be returned to its rightful owners. Honest local banks, savings associations and genuinely entrepreneurial (as opposed to kleptocratic) companies can continue to operate in such a system. When that happens, humanity will be free from Babylonian debt slavery for the first time in thousands of years. That is the Black or should I say White Swan event we are all waiting for. The time is ripe now.

Sent in by Jennifer.


TAP – I don’t find it totally convincing reading Fulford’s reports.  There is no evidence at all that the old system is anywhere near cracking.  This reads like a nice fairytale to me.  That said there are elements of truth and it’s great to read something optimistic occasionally, and which might suggest that the system of oppression might in some minor ways be gradually unwinding.  I prefer ‘have happened’ reports to ‘will happen’ ones though.


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  1. Aldous says:

    On the eve of the Feast of Purim March 4-5 March 2015, Cameron gave the following Hate Speech to his fellow Jews in the Cabinet:

    “Tolerance and humanity are signs of weakness. The Jew who feels itself incapable of cutting a Goy mother’s throat or castrating her husband, should they be called upon to do so in the cause of Zion, is of no use to me… and by the same token, of no use to Greater Israel and our Jew World Order. By the oath we take on the Talmud, we render ourselves strong in mind and body and shall not flinch, no matter what the task. We shall employ without hesitation and without qualms, the most brutal methods available to us, if by so doing we shall achieve our ends. Better to kill a thousand innocent Goyim than let one guilty ant in an afterbirth go free!”

    “We cannot expect such racial White trash, leading their X Factored lives, to understand or to sympathise with us – their imagination cannot go that far. They must therefore be ‘protected’ by our well-oiled machine of Zionist propaganda from truth and knowledge that would both be distressing and dangerous for them. The Genocide that we have to undertake amongst these sub-humans and politically undesirables must be kept strictly secret. YOU! My Jew Cabinet! You amongst all others must be hard! Hard as granite! For you, the sight of Goy blood must be no more disturbing than the sight of water running from a tap! For you, the screams of the Goyim must sound no different to the screams of a pig when its throat is cut! Learn to enjoy! – and destroy the Goyim – and above all, learn to laugh as you do it!”

    “And always remember, Talmudic Judaism has has three sworn enemies: Whites, Christians and Moslems. Be always on the lookout for them. If you can find no other justification for arresting them, then arrest them simply for what they are – and be sure to plant your own evidence as you do so! It is as well to be in the habit of carrying proscribed literature as you go about your work. That way, you can always be sure of having something to pin on the bastards. NEVER forget that the end justifies the means!”

    “I regret to say that there are those who have still failed to grasp that we have entered upon an era of bloodshed. I say to you now, my Jew Cabinet, ignore them! They too will be dealt with when the time is ripe. One last word, and that is, PATIENCE! The day will come when we will have all the stupid Goyim locked behind bars, and then I promise you a free hand – and your hour of Talmudic glory!”

    • Baron says:

      Where did you get this from?
      Or did you or someone else make it up?
      Where’s the authentication?

      • Aldous says:

        Of course it’s made up – a parody of something I read (author unknown) many years back which has always stuck in my head.
        Having said that, I suspect there’s far more truth in it than the torrent of filthy lies forever spewing out of Cameron’s hateful gob along with those other deviants and perverts who misrule over us.
        When you consider the propaganda we are subjected to in order to deceive, enslave, dispossess and even kill us, a bit of dark humour aimed back at the Zionist scumbags doesn’t go amiss imho.

  2. tony taylor says:

    ben fulford like greg hallet is seen as not being genuine, but a disinfo agent of the NWO casting red herrings for us to pick up

    • Chris B says:

      Benny Full-of-shit is certainly not a disinfo agent. That would make him almost credible. No, Bullshit Benny is nothing more than a modern day conman who lines his pockets by feeding gullible ‘truthseekers’ what they want to hear. Being a professional journalist who undoubtedly has a far better grasp on political intrigue than his readers, Benny extracts the essence from the alternative news sphere, and (quite skillfully) extrapolates the info in order to paint a narrative that appears to pull all the pieces together. And like all good con artists, he plays on his readers hopes, dreams and fears to create a modern day ‘conspiratorial’ good versus evil fable, where the baddies are set to get the comeuppance any day now and meek will finally inherit the earth through some crazy, miraculous communal wealth fund. Yes, Bush, Kissinger and co really are about to go to jail and you really are about to be given hundreds of thousands of dollars, as is your birth right.
      Having peddled the same crap for more than five years – with the arrests and currency reset always imminent – Benny must surely be wondering how long he can get away with this crap. But he’s no doubt learned to never underestimate the stupidity of the masses. He’s far smarter than his readers, well connected, and certainly much better informed than his readers, so they just assume he’s onto something.
      But I’m sorry to tell those sorry souls who believe this rubbish, Benny’s just found an easier, more amusing way to pay his wages. He’d be very lucky to earn more than $5000 a month as a journalist and that sort of salary would require a particularly demanding workload. But at $8 per ‘report’ each and every week, he only needs 625 readers to be ahead – and just think how many readers he no doubt has, given the massive exposure he gets from places like this website. All he has to produce is one crappy report a week. That’s money for jam folks. Well done Ben! I reckon I’m going to give it a crack myself one day.

  3. Observer says:

    Fullford is a player for the wrong team.

    The new global currency is already taking shape in the BRICs version of the ‘BIS basket’ it’ll be backed by Gold, which should tell you were it’s all going.

    When the west pops it’s financial weasel the “awake” will all be screaming to join the BRICs Gold standard currency, just as they’ve been programmed to.

    And that my friends, is the end.

    Watch for warnings from the IMF/BIS in the comming weeks, they will warn on record so as to claim they saw it all comming.

    Why is this not on everybody’s radar?
    see http://redefininggod.com/
    (ignore the connotations of the blog title, there is some serious reserach concerning the next moves of the elites on there)

    • Chris Jones says:

      That’s a great article but I disagree with his statement of: “Any talk you’ve heard of the NWO being a police state-like monolithic global government with a socialist/communist economic system was propaganda meant to scare you. ….The real NWO is a multilateral/multipolar global governance system paired with a “free market” capitalist economic system”

      Surely the plan is for both – a totally unregulated corporate capitalist system at the top, with us the scum below being run by a socialist/communist system under the guise of the pseudo fluffy green sustainable development/Agenda 21green

  4. Jennifer says:

    “From opiates, to statins, to a blizzard of psychotropic medications that do far more harm than good, the film covers how our entire health care system, from education to practice has been Bought… three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.”


  5. Cynthia says:

    The Rothschilds et al moved their money and core interests to the Far East some years ago, and everything since then is simply launching their escape boat.
    Oh, Israel, how you will be deceived most by the Babylonian Talmud, and its thieving banksters; the new Pharisee.
    I am glad that honest Theodore Herzl is not alive to see this.
    Pity. The ordinary jew will be blamed again, while the Pharisee take all.

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