FEMA Camps don’t exist according to main media. The roundup of ‘undesirables’ has begun.

Homelessness is becoming a crime, literally in some states.  Homeless people are being rounded up, and offered a choice of jail or FEMA Camp.  If they choose FEMA Camp, they are made to take an RFID Chip.   Who else will be rounded up, packed in behind barbed wire and chipped?  Once they’re in a camp, will people ever resurface?  The totalitarian state is here.  These are just the first.


Unemployment is rising.  Social programmes like subsidised housing are being withdrawn.  More and more people are being thrown onto the streets.  From there they’re channelled into the camps.  Anyone who helps a homeless person or feeds someone is committing a crime.  Executive Orders allow the US government to seize everything they want, including farms, people, transportation, housing, money, property.  The list is total.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency has broad powers over every aspect of the country.  Congress is neutralised once FEMA is appointed in an ’emergency’.

All Americans have left is their guns.


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  1. adam says:

    Russell Brand – controlled opposition, just like Bolshevism and the communists taking over Russia in 1917. And the rise of Hitler. Its becoming clearer that, the Cold War was a far more complex affair, all this spying and intrigue. It seems to be one mega criminal faction trying to link up with its infiltrated controlled opposition other factions in Russia ( and other countries), so anyone who stands for good, Light, ethics, serving humanity is defeated. So the One World Government can continue apace. That’s how the elites try and run and manage the game, you need one of your own in as the ‘enemy’ so you can stage the theatre you want and direct events and the world. Look around, these same machinations are going on right now, today, with geopolitics. The ‘99%’ demonstrations in 2008 too, some of them at least, could arguably have been controlled opposition. Soros enjoys this

    Aangirfans Berezovsky piece today shows this kind of game is going on. And it shows me again, despite some disinfo they might throw in, Veterans Today seem to be onto something, theres truths in what they say that cant be ignored

    Hopefully theres just too many variables, too much Free Will, too much waking up amongst normal people all over the planet…..and enough healthy chaos (is the word entropy) in the system, so that this One World controlled planet of slaves wont come to fruition.

    Its been easy it seems for these twisted insecure power mad psychopaths, to impose the Dystopian totalitarian world they dream about, up there in the secret space program and colonies in the solar system. Since they’ve started it from scratch. They wont let any colonists rise up like the American settlers did against the Crown, causing the civil war, they don’t want that up in space.

    I think theyd like to and are working to create on our planet Earth, the enslaved conditions, weakened populace, and infrastructure (Smartmeters, Smart this, Smart that) and then they will allow ‘Disclosure’ that introduces alien ‘threats’ and the totalitarianism that might exist up there on the Ceres colony can be rolled out on earth , ruled by an interplanetary Supercorporation.

    Not going to happen, not if we connect and network and awaken and tune into our inner senses, and act on them, and use the internet and awaken those next to us


  2. adam says:

    Supercorporation running the Secret Space Program?

    I have listened to some startling reports on youtube from an ‘Insider’ that gives David Wilcock some of his info, and DW says he vets insiders very carefully

    Just a quick thing ive heard from youtube, which may well be rubbish

    If this secret space program is real, it certainly isn’t some nirvana utopia up there, or on the colonies

    If Ceres for example, those lights are real, and its a colony

    Instead, what someone whos says hes a former insider says, this thing is run by a Supercorporation, an interplanetary one. And is the level above the corporations that are corrupt here on earth

    And, he said, the supposed ‘Breakaway Civilisation’ up there, is run in a totalitarian like way, and human engineers or whoever get tempted to go up with their families, but the conditions are not nice, and its a miserable existence of slavery

    There are privileged elites, who apparently enjoy the technology toys and health machines, who own the mining colonies on the solar system. But use slaves and machines. It all sounds quite sinister
    Im inclined to believe this.
    Think about it, whoever would want to withhold all the incredible technologies from humanity, keep them for themselves, and secretly create a space fleet and colonies and start mining…..theyre not nice people. Theyre likely to be the same type and ilk as the greedy oligarchs down here on earth.

    Its been said the Supercorporation Elites don’t want a repeat of what happened in America, when the colonists turned on the Empire. So its now totalitarian

    I just want Free Energy for us all here on earth, and everyone to be happy and free. If the existence within the SSP is so Dystopian, im in no hurry or interested in going up there at all.

    Maybe there are battles and struggles going on, and maybe powerful good forces are working to liberate not only us here on earth, but the slaves in the SSP too? After what he had to say I appreciated all over again being here on earth

    But what are those lights on Ceres??

  3. Harriet says:

    We need to have a clear understanding about the Jewish issue namely the corruption, organized crime, financial theft for which Jews are being blamed.

    It is my understanding that all Jews are not responsible for these crimes orchestrated by Jewish criminals and those who are responsible are the Jewish bankers, Jewish politicians, Jewish media and organized Jewry who run organizations such as ADL, SPLC, World Jewish Congress and other similar Jewish organizations, Zionist Jews and Jews who promote tribal interests and live aiding and abetting Jewish crime.

    There is at least 10 to 20% of them who are totally innocent and that’s the reason why I deeply dislike when irresponsible people (who are provocateurs) want to kill all Jews.

    No one should talk about killing Jews or Muslims or Christians or Russians or Palestinians which is wrong.

    Let all people live.

    I am only interested in sharing the truth and not killing anyone – not even the criminal.

  4. Harriet says:

    I also wanted to say that FEMA camps was a Jewish creation and people who call themselves “Jews” are behind most atrocities in the world which is by no means an exaggeration.

    Rothschilds and Rockerfellows are not Anglo – Saxon Whites although they may claim to be such.

  5. Harriet says:

    Here is something quite important:

    Nathanael Kapner was trying to package Egypt tyrant El- Sisi as a friend to the Middle East and Muslims which was totally fraudulent. El – Sisi is Jewish (not Muslim) and he is a Zionist puppet installed in order to help the Zionist plan. And now we can see his true colors!


  6. Harriet says:

    NoDisinfo.com and Dr Kevin Barrett accurately pointed out that Al -Sisi was Jewish and would be a friend to Israel while Nathanael Kapner of Real Jew News made efforts to misguide the audience by lies about Al – Sisi being a friend to Muslims and here is more which confirms the truthful information presented by NoDisinfo.com and Dr Kevin Barrett.

    Egypt to Import Israeli Gas

    Bad news for the Palestinians. Given that some of the gas, if not all of the gas belongs to the Palestinians in Gaza- I’ve covered this situation previously. This explains why Egypt is assisting in the strangulation of Gaza


  7. How big is the Israel lobby today?

    Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals lobby the US government at every level to support Israel unconditionally. Many are active on Capitol Hill, drafting legislation to economically and militarily target Israel’s regional rivals and deliver the largest slice of the US foreign aid budget to Israel. Others are community-based, vetting candidates for office, channeling the Prime Ministers policy views into local media and coordinating with national groups. Some target mass media in hopes of preventing unwanted coverage while putting a positive spin on news about Israel.

    What does the Israel lobby do?

    Common tactics include sending politicians and influential people on free trips to Israel; economically and academically entwining U.S. and Israeli institutions and spreading common messages. Active duty and retired military and law enforcement officials are sent for training and meeting counterparts in Israel. Israel activist training programs execute the long-term lobby vision to supplant key diplomats and political appointees with operatives with close connections to and unwavering support for Israel.


  8. Lynn says:

    Israhell is behind every psyop and false flag. Throughout history these Russian Khazarians have created mass murder to further their agenda. They are not Semite’s and have used this as a cover story. The whole thing is in the public domain now. The sickening truth is out and they are doomed.

  9. Israel is a criminal entity. Anyone: Jew or non – Jew who supports Israel must hide his head in shame and it’s time for all criminals to stop waging any more crimes on humanity.

    It is unbelievable what these criminals are doing to innocent people in every part of the planet.


  10. Harriet says:

    Lynn, I love reading your comments!

    You seem to know exactly what is going on and it’s a pleasure to simply know that there are people like you who understand the truth in its entirety.

  11. FEMA camps have been planned for US citizens while wars are waged to kill people in other countries. Make no mistake all these things are from the Zionist plan for world domination and to speak the truth about these things is certainly not anti – Semitic.

    President Morsi from Egypt was ousted in order to install Jewish Zionist Al – Sisi to assist the Zionist plan and Zionist Egypt has joined Saudi Arabia against Yemen.

    Iran, Russia demand immediate halt to Saudi-led intervention in Yemen


  12. The ultimate Zionist plan is to destroy Iran and Russia!

    Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use of its airspace to strike Iran

    Israel’s Mossad and Saudi officials were said to be working on contingency plans that could have included an attack on Iran if its nuclear program was not curbed enough, according to a report. It was also revealed that the Saudis were willing to assist an Israeli attack by cooperating with the use of drones, rescue helicopters, and tanker planes.


  13. This documentary is full of lies about people in Yemen. These courageous people in Yemen are trying to take back their country from foreign criminals who want to take over their country.

    Yemen’s Secret War On Terror


  14. Harriet says:

    The above documentary is full of lies. I suspect that these murders were a Zionist plot.

    Christian missionaries should have no business in Yemen or any other Islamic country or in any Buddhist country in the same way Islamic religious leaders and Buddhist monks should have no business in Western countries.

    US is doing its dirty business on behalf of Israel and Zionists and CIA/Mossad have been at work in infiltrating into Yemen – to destabilize Yemen.

    Christian missionaries are slaves to the Zionists and their plan.

  15. The cruel entity who was behind this atrocity has come out openly joining Saudi Arabian aggression against Yemen.

    Israeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen


  16. This is so true!

    Killing, Harming or Hating others would result in self destruction and that is the Natural Law which no one can fight against and Saudi Arabia and Israel and their friends who are funding these atrocities are on the way to self destruction for these endless crimes.

    Aggression on Yemen Accelerates Al Saud’s Demise

    We condemn this aggression and interfering in Yemen’s internal affairs and extend our condolences to the families of the victims and pray for the swift recovery of the wounded people.


  17. This is Zionist Jewish false propaganda against another Muslim country coming from RT. RT must be ashamed of reporters like the one who wrote most of these lies.

    Why didn’t this reporter write about the crimes of Israel on people in Palestine including the theft of the Palestinian Homeland?

    There is no place that is cruel like Israel and it’s Mossad Israelis who are behind all the trouble in the Middle East as well as in other places including India and Sri Lanka.

    “5 facts you need to know about Yemen and its conflicts”

    “One of the poorest and most violent countries in the Middle East, Yemen is also an area of strategic importance for regional players – and some of the world’s most dangerous terror groups. RT explains the underlying reasons behind the nation’s conflicts…”


  18. This can be a trap to implicate Iran in a false flag because Israel is quite capable of bombing the American ships to falsely blame Russia or Iran just like Israel bombed the USS Liberty in 1967 to blame Egypt in order to get America to attack Egypt.

    “2 US Warships Are Now Parked In The Red Sea Ready to Respond In Yemen”



  19. Oppose Zionist aggression on Muslims and other innocent people across the globe.

    Prosecute Israel and America for war crimes.


  20. Houthis leader is the honest person here telling us the truth. This military intervention in Yemen is to destroy another Muslim country and occupy it in order to steal the land and its natural resources. This is what the US Military has been doing for decades and even centuries to help the Zionist plan for NWO and Greater Israel.

    Innocent people in Yemen are being attacked while spreading lies about them.

    Houthis leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi on Thursday accused the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel of launching a campaign aimed at invading and occupying Yemen.


  21. Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews To Be ‘Organized as Mafia’ Against Anti-Semitism

    ‘Better Stand Up and Kick These Guys in the Ass’

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/217493/harvey-weinstein-urges-jews-to-be-organized-as/#ixzz3VcsvLGW8

  22. (Modi) India, (John Kerry) US, (David Cameron) Britain and (Erik Solheim) Norway constitute the real axes of evil. What is missing is Israel: the cruel tyrant behind all atrocities hiding behind India, US, Britain and Norway.

    Zionists are trying to steal Sri Lanka just like they stole Palestine and they are trying to achieve this through India.

    There are many links to articles about the attack on the Muslim country: Yemen and these same criminals are also waging an attack on the Buddhist country: Sri Lanka which no one is writing and talking about.

    “Indian Prime Minister, Narenbdra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka as expected ended up as yet another occasion of adding to the condescending words of a few leaders advising how Sri Lanka should be ruled and structured. One can recollect the arrogance of David Cameron,, John Kerry, Harper and Erik Sloheim who sang the same song assuming that Sri Lanka and her people are mere puppets to order them to dance according to their wishes…”


  23. This is organized crime!



  24. Jewish run US Department of Homeland Security and Jewish run FEMA are busy planning to murder millions of American citizens while Jewish individuals like Harvey Weinstein wants Jews to organize like Mafia against “anti – Semites”!

    Harvey Weinstein to “Anti-Semites”: “Kick These Guys in the Ass” By Jonas Alexis

    Harvey Weinstein: “We’re gonna have to get as organized as the mafia.”

    If you haven’t noticed already, you should realize that in the Zionist universe, Zionist birds always flock together. Always. They comfort each other. They receive great accolades among their own Zionist brethren, and they brag about how they aspire to terrorize the Goyim with an ideological fist.

    If you are not convinced, then ask Harvey Weinstein, who recently received the Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s National Tribute Dinner last Tuesday. Speaking like an ideologue, Weinstein told his audience,

    “We’re gonna have to get as organized as the mafia.”[1]

    Who’s we? Well, look no further: Weinstein again told his audience that Jewish radicals like himself will have to get organized for a specific purpose. “We better stand up and kick these guys [‘Anti-Semites’] in the ass,” he said. “We just can’t take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards.”[2]


  25. Excellent article by Professor James Fetzer!

    This is a brilliant presentation with so many facts!

    “Why Ringo’s Confession, “We replaced Paul”, appears to be authentic”


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