Electoral Commission is a joke



Farage gets angry with Electoral Commission’s decision to allow a Party titled FUKP to be placed on the ballot paper.  Why not add a few more in similar vein?  The Cuntservatives ( or should that be the bumservatives?).  The Labia Party, and The Liberal Dirty Cock Rats.  Comments are full of good suggestions.  The  story of the election where The Literal Democrats took 10,000 votes is also told there.


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  1. Aldous says:

    The Beer, Baccy and Crumpet party was told by the Electoral Commission its name could not appear on voting slips in May.


    I can’t see what’s wrong with FUKP. It’s not like many years ago (1994) when you had the Literal Democrats (in addition to the Liberal Democrats) where that dubious decision by the EC almost certainly took decisive votes away from the genuine Lib Dem candidate in a constituency where they subsequently failed to win it as expected – though I’m not the least bit bothered by it in this LibLabConspiracy ZOG sham democracy, where voting would undoubtedly be banned if it changed anything.

    The Liberal Democrats warned yesterday that the door was open for “soundalike and spoiling candidates” after failing in their attempt to have declared invalid an election in which a “Literal Democrat” polled more than 10,000 votes.
    The two election court judges ruled that there was nothing unlawful in Richard Huggett’s nomination as a Literal Democrat in the Devon and East Plymouth European election in June.

    Adrian Sanders, the Liberal Democrat candidate, lost to the Conservative, Giles Chichester, by only 700 votes – less than 1 per cent of the 527,000 electorate. Mr Sanders sought to overturn the result, claiming the returning officer should have rejected Mr Huggett’s nomination paper which was “calculated to confuse the electors”. Mr Huggett, a retired headteacher, polled more than 10,000 votes although he did not campaign or issue election literature.


    The FCUK Party might have legs if it wasn’t for the French Connection UK brand who would object, so I’m going for the ICGAF Party because I Cnut(sic) Give A Fcuk about pointless UK rigged elections.

  2. freebornman says:

    They did this at the last county council elections (I think). The ballot slip had a list of ten or more candidates, listed in alphabetic order. Several of the ‘parties’ looked like UKIP at first glance, and it took careful scrutiny to make sure one found UKIP, right at the bottom. There was a bit of a hoo-hah at the time about this. FUKP is that moronic Al Murray, pub landlord so-called comedian.

    • Aldous says:

      The whole phoney voting thing is a complete charade anyway. Anyone who doesn’t know the UKIP £ logo, can’t easily differentiate the UKIP initials or the name of the candidate they’re supposed to be voting for, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a Polling Station in even a sham democracy such as what we have.

      Have we fallen that far that we are honestly suggesting – or at least the Farage clown is – that FUKP can be mistaken for UKIP? FFS! No pun intended BTW.

      • freebornman says:

        So you are saying dyslexia should bar one from voting? I know it’s a sham, I see the UKIP as a last chance before pitchforks and pano wire is all.

    • Aldous says:

      “So you are saying dyslexia should bar one from voting? I know it’s a sham, I see the UKIP as a last chance before pitchforks and piano wire is all.”

      You can’t honestly believe that UKIP and Farage are going to save the World? Where are their Armies and Military (and media) to enforce their agenda? Where are their Fiat Central Banks to fund it?

      I may be missing your point but don’t you think Dyslexia SHOULD in fact bar someone from voting? If they can’t read the fcuking ballot paper FFS, what worth or point is their vote? Do you want to trust your destiny to such a person where one such vote makes the difference?

      NO vote cast is secret BTW as each ballot paper has a serial number on it. Whichever way you vote – or don’t bother to vote – is logged. The sanctity and secrecy of the Ballot Box is also a myth. Welcome to the Real World.

      • freebornman says:

        I try to avoid ‘believing’, I’ll leave that to the god-botherers. However, I KNOW that if we continue to vote the big three in, we are on a one-way trip to world communism. If UKIP will take us out of the EU, I will vote for them. Regarding armies and central banks, nations have those, not political parties.
        On Dyslexia, you do know it doesn’t make you less intelligent or rational, it just means you find written language difficult? The point you seem to have missed in my first comment is that the screed of similar sounding nationalist parties, none of which I had heard of, seemed designed to confuse. I would really like to see you explain to my Dyslexic friend Gary’s face why, despite being a highly skilled engineering toolmaker, lifelong tax-payer, committed family man, etc, should be barred from voting on account of his dyslexia.
        I see you noticed the dropped ‘i’ in piano, please allow me to point out that the correct spelling of ‘fcuking’ is f u c k i n g.
        For an election to be transparent, the ballots SHOULD be numbered, with a tear-off copy of the number, for the voter to retain, and check against a published list of votes cast, to ensure your vote was counted correctly. Only ‘Secret’ ballots are secret. And no need to welcome me to the real world, I’ve been here quite a while already.

  3. Aldous says:

    “Farage gets angry with Electoral Commission’s decision to allow a Party titled FUKP to be placed on the ballot paper. Why not add a few more in similar vein? The Cuntservatives. The Labia Party, and The Liberal Dirty Cock Rats.”

    I do believe there is a breed of rat called a Sucker, so the Liberal Dirty Cocksucker Party is quite apt.

    The Cuntservatives seems to be wide of the mark, seeing as most of the buggers seem to be ‘into’ little boys. The meat ‘n’ 2 veg or toady in the hole party is where they’re at.

    The Labia Party – now that’s a tricky, licky one. Having said that, seeing(sic) as anyone who would insanely vote Labour probably is ‘Sectioned’ and cannot read a ballot paper anyway, what’s the Cuntservative, Labia, Liberal Dirty Cocksucking diff?

  4. Aldous says:

    Farage gets angry with Electoral Commission’s decision to allow a Party titled FUKP to be placed on the ballot paper. Why not add a few more in similar vein? The Cuntservatives. The Labia Party, and The Liberal Dirty Cock Rats.

    Electoral Commission’s Internal Memorandum Response: “I’ve never been savaged, ravaged and shafted by a dead sheep like Farage before – inform Buck House we may be onto something new.

  5. Aldous says:

    When are people going to realise that ANYONE promoted/tolerated by the msm is a bought and paid for lackey? Western Democracy is a sick joke. it has murdered MILLIONS upon MILLIONS. Farage represents the perpetrators of these Biblical crimes and he knows it. He’s a monster.

  6. NPP says:


    Paddy PantsDown is on the BBC as I type. He pretends to be so serious, so earnest, so important… yet, he’s Paddy Pantsdown. It is incredible, the pathetic standard of political talking heads constantly served up to us. Then again, perhaps we do we get as we deserve.

    Political parties seem to be an increasingly ridiculous concept. However, for 07 May in my constituency, Farage represents a chance to rock the LibLabCon boat.

    The more I hear racism, homophobia and other labels, ists and isms alligned to UKIP, the more I am inclined to vote for UKIP just to be politically incorrect.

    You must not say Bongo Bongo Land, but by all means invade, murder, destroy and devastate foreign nations as we please. Common sense does not count for diddly squat.

    Bear in mind, alleged ‘monster’ Farage was against invasion of Syria and seems to be inclined to bring troops home rather than enagage foreign entanglement.

    A thought from Ataturk: Peace At Home, Peace In The World.

  7. Baron says:

    Anybody that votes is responsible for continuing the corrupt system.
    All the corrupt mainstream political parties are cloned from the same source. They are just given different names to entertain the “sheep”.
    The real political power is never interested in being voted for. They prefer to just run the World for their benefit.
    Don’t vote and stop giving a mandate to a load of corrupt pedophilia morons.

  8. Chris says:

    Really we need to see a future without political parties. Sure let’s have admin people, elected by us to do the paperwork, but we need to bring about a complete rethink about who’s actually in charge here. So, we need to start working towards:
    An end to political parties – independents only.
    Our public servants operating on a living wage only, like most of us have to.
    None of them allowed to work for anyone else whilst in their admin role, nor allowed to take donations (bribes) from any corporate interest.
    A system in place whereby important decisons are made by the people themselves.
    A system whereby we can kick out these public servants if they aren’t up to the job, or end up as one of the liars, thieves, traitors or kiddy fiddlers that comprise most of Westminster today. Oh yes, and let’s be realistic here, come election day the circus will carry on as before. UKIP won’t get in, and wouldn’t be the seventh calvary some people hope they are even if they did. The likely outcome will be a three or more way coalition – the start of the intended one party state – and one world government.

  9. Tapestry says:

    Farage claims he’ll win 4 or 5 seats in Kent alone.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Spoil ballot paper is OK, but don’t bother at all anD THEY’LL USE IT FOR YOU.

  11. Gary says:

    The Commission is improving but our standards would not bear scrutiny as we enforce for other, more recent, democracies. We’ve seen the BNP stand next to SNP, Independent Labour candidates etc. We can’t take account of everything, there’s a duty on voters too. It has to be a test of reasonableness, rules won’t solve everything..

  12. Lynn says:

    They dont want us voting….that is the whole point !! dont you get it yet. We have to lose faith in politics and they have tried their best to destroy the whole idea of a soveriegn government, they can dissolve it and bring us closer to One World Order. Please wake up sharpish.

  13. Jack says:

    How about the LibLabCon paedophile protector party ?

  14. RabbiT says:


    I thought we already knew the electoral system was a joke.

    And before you attack me on that I have already worked for the Electoral Commission in an earlier life.

  15. norse kode says:

    Overgrow the governments..

  16. freebornman says:

    This must be a rare thing, an un-biased article about Nigel Farage. I’m not familiar with ‘spiked’, but Brendan O’Neill seems to have actually done some real jounalism here.

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