Cruel and Unusual Punishment


The State of Utah has decided to use execution by firing squad instead of lethal injection for those prisoners on Death Row.
The alleged reason for this is that European, including British, drug supplying companies are not permitted to export their lethal drugs.
Shortage of lethal drugs, is this really the reason? I thought people were dying from overdosing on heroin or sleeping tablets all the time. And there’s no shortage of heroin thanks to the CIA.
Those pulling the trigger are police volunteers, with a priority to those who are from the location where the crime was committed, so maybe they like to get a little pay-back as part of the job? Judicial killings usually have a professional executioner emotionally detached from the job in hand. What kind of person volunteers to kill someone in cold blood? What is the message of this? The police can kill for pleasure. Get over it.
One of the other big plusses for shooting over drugging is that the organs can be ‘harvested’ after death if the prisoner has given consent
The time of death is said to take two minutes – although in the case of Wallace Wilkerson it took up to half an hour of agony because it was alleged that the ‘volunteers’ wanted to make the man suffer and so they aimed for his shoulder and prolonged his death agony. So maybe better to sign that organ donor card double quick.
It’s cruel and barbaric of course, it’s no doubt intended to be. More trauma based mind control for us all.


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  1. Aldous says:

    As with all (State) executions, someone has to do it – though I don’t approve of judicial execution in a Zionist Occupied State, where Truth and Justice is a lottery and Patriots are far more likely to be fitted up for execution while paedophiles and child killers are protected. Of course, ZOG-UK has extra judicial execution by spook firing squad as in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes.

    Thankfully, several shots to the head at point blank range with hollow-point/dum-dum bullets would have ensured a near (as ever there can be) ‘instantaneous’ death by almost any definition, and in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes , out and out State Murder by ANY definition.

    I’ve never thought of Death/Execution by Firing Squad as cruel/barbaric and was certainly the preferred ‘soldier’s death’ – which they were denied by the eternally cruel Zionist Jews – by the Nuremberg Trial(sic) Defendants. instead, they were hanged, very often slowly as a result of a deliberately too short or virtually non-existent drop.

    I’m not sure asking for volunteer cops to do the execution is such a good idea at all. Their job should absolutely finish once the accused is handed over to the Courts/Trial Process/Prison Service. Cops should have no place in it whatsoever. Executions need to be carried out by those experienced who know exactly what they are doing and are being paid to do it precisely and properly. The victim’s/victims’ families/loved ones/close relatives/lawyers/judges/doctors/oversight panel (to ensure it is carried out correctly) may/should be present but I think we have long since moved on from public executions.

    I don’t think there is anything to prove that Death by Lethal Injection is more merciful than Death by Firing Squad. As suggested by Defending Council in the film Dead Man Walking, while on the outside all is calm, peace and quiet, on the inside the body is going through Armageddon – which no doubt some killers thoroughly deserve but those wrongfully convicted do not.

    I’m against organ transplants in any shape or form as I see them as just another Medical Profession/Big Pharma money racket/making scam for a remaining lifetime dependency on rejection drugs and is far too ‘Frankenstein’ for my liking. I’ll settle for what God/Mother Nature has given me and my loved ones and when it packs up, I’ll live or die with the consequences. The thought of having someone else’s heart (of all things) pumping away inside of me is abhorrent.

    Dean Man Walking – extract – The Trial 3:40
    Dead Man Walking – Executiion Scene [Note; CNN report from 4:53 – 6:38] 8:15

    I’m in favour of the Death Penalty in principle but not while ZOG is running the show as it is the only form of punishment/sentence that is not reversible in any way once carried out – as Jean Charles Menezes is a living not testament to.

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