Putin. Coup or no coup?

This is the only occasion to date that I have to disagrees with Jim Stone, but first I would like to say that the recent gunning down and murder of Boris Nemtsov in front of the Kremlin was more likely to have been a bad business deal gone wrong or an audacious stunt by anti Putin extremists as a warning to Putin that he could be picked off any time like Nemtsov.

Nemstov’s anti Putin views held only 1% of the ratings in Russia while Putin currently holds 82%. In other words Nemstov was very small fry in Russian politics yet listening to western media one would think that he was a major political figure with a rating comparable to that of Putin. Not so!

First to condemn the killing of Nemstov was the inevitable Obama and Cameron, followed by the usual protocol of muppets all too eager to get their twopenny bit in all pointing the finger at Putin. Putin on the other hand was the only one to state that the murder of Nemstov was cowardly and ordered a full investigation.

As thousands passed by the body of Nemstov western media portrayed the event as supporters of Nemstov but the reality is that Russians show respect to their dead.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine. The west have, and continue to send in the war machine while Putin has sent in thirty convoys of much needed humanitarian aid, but of course you won’t here anything of that.

I find it hard to justify Jim’s story. Somehow his article seems so uncharacteristic of him as though the gun has been put to his head. Come on Jim! There’s plenty coming out of Russia.

West cultivates rumours about Putin’s health to spur up sanctions — Russian EU ambassador.

No more comment on Putin’s health from Kremlin — spokesman

Kyrgyzstan’s president denies rumors Putin is unwell

Putin appears in public for first time since March 5

Vladimir Putin reappears in public for first time in 10 days
Russian president says life “would be boring without gossip” as he attends meeting in Saint Petersburg on Monday, after days of rumours about his absence

Now if you want to see a real asshole watch this:
US General, “Start Killing Russians”

Sent in by Gordon

However, Jim Stone takes on the doubters: www.Jimstone.is

My reputation at stake over Putin??!!??
Jonee wrote:
shortly after you went to Mexico we had a short exchange. I have to say your hyperventilating over Putin screws you bigtime, particularly what I thought was great work on Fukushima. Take a fucking second or two and look at the ears, that’s the first thing you should do. People look different in photos, are you suddenly infantile? Did you get something in your food that affected your thinking? How can you go out on a limb when so much is at stake? You are throwing your sorry ass away with this adolescent baloney. You forgot one of the prime rules, Jimmy: you never, never, ever recover from ridicule. The rest can be cured or fixed. But of course you’ll find a Jewish way to bend things once your pants are down.

Extremely disappointing. You will make it into the upcoming con artist list we will distribute so young brains are not sucked into your bullshit, if you are not entirely paid for and playing a charade.

My comment:
Cool. Glad you love my latest. Now on to facts.

As I see it, if Putin is gone, it is definitely worth getting worked up over. Maybe you don’t think the disappearance of the man who presides over the world’s greatest nuclear arsenal is worth digging into. Yes people look different from photo to photo, but there are obvious irreconcilable differences here. Look at the distance between the mouth and the chin on both photos. No matter what, the camera perspective won’t create that huge of a difference in a predominantly forward facing shot.

If you want to throw a critical thinker away over ONE TOPIC you disagree with, so be it, I cannot please everyone all the time. And tomorrow will be a different story on a different topic. I am not too stuck up to think I could be wrong, but I would certainly rather be wrong about Putin than what others have been wrong about and lived to post another story. The way things are going, people are split on this topic and I would receive the same types of mail if I ate (what I see) is the current media bullshit about Putin and fronted it as real.

Putin gone in 2010?
(I doubt it, but know this theory exists and might as well throw it out there since I am taking a bashing anyway)

Mike wrote:
Hi Jim,

Could this possibly be for real? According to this, “former Prime Minister” Vladimir Putin was indicted on corruption charges in 2010. It certainly looks like Putin in that cage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aC3WJOCg2w. It’s interesting that this video has been censored from Google, but shows up on Bing.

This opens up the possibility that the real Vladimir Putin was executed in 2010 and replaced with a body double and THAT is who was just taken out. Since ABC is palming off footage from 2014 as showing Putin yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtdT7MutIPw), it seems evident that some kind of coup has indeed happened.

My comment:
I never really focused on Putin until this recent event, so I do not have the history of various theories. HOWEVER, I DO HAVE A BRAIN, AND AN AUTHENTIC PICTURE OF THE REAL PUTIN. And that picture does not match what we just saw presented as the authentic Putin. Let me make a few points here, improved after I studied both pictures:


1. The authentic Putin is on the right. Look at the center of his face. The distance from the eyes to the mouth is greater than the new “Putin” on the left, and the mouth is closer to the bottom of the chin on the real Putin. This cannot change regardless of circumstance. 2. The nose is not the same nose, the mouth is not the same mouth, and what about that double chin? The body double is good enough to fool an assassin from a distance, but simply does not cut it for side by side comparison, even with small photos. We did not see Putin today, PERIOD.

As for when the real Putin disappeared, all I can say is LOOK AT THE PHOTO ON THE RIGHT, THAT IS THE REAL PUTIN. If any photo you see does not match, it simply is not Putin.

I have seen two fake Elvis shows, and both nailed Elvis better than this fake Putin copied Putin. Any high class stage act will nail Elvis better than this, and on top of that the Elvis both in Branson and Vegas will sound just like Elvis in a live performance. That’s a lot more difficult than faking Putin, which makes me think this is CIA Putin and the CIA knew the American “feeders” were too stupid to give a damn. Any old hoakey fake in the trough would do. They probably grabbed him off the operations floor and just used available staff as far as I see it.

As for Putin dead in 2010, I did not pay attention. Putin was just not important to me until recently. Maybe the coup happened long ago, but I sort of think this 10 plus day disappearance was the real end of Putin, and at a minimum, if he is still alive he is in a bunker somewhere. I actually liked his recent politics a lot. Hopefully he is alive and has a fake “Elvis” running around. I’d expect better than this from Russia though.

People often look different from photo to photo, but what was fronted as Putin today, in my opinion, surpassed all limits. Honest opinion? BODY DOUBLE FAKE AS FRUIT LOOPS.
Take a look at this photo comparison, there are simply too many differences that do not cancel out from possible minor camera angle differences and/or a change in weight. As far as I see it, it’s not Putin, pure and simple. And if I am wrong SO BE IT.

Here is the nitty gritty (Sherlock time):

1. IF the case is made that his head appears shorter in new photo because it is turned upwards a little, then having his head turned up a little SHOULD GET RID OF THE DOUBLE CHIN. Since it does not, we have here a different face. And in the real Putin photo, if you look at the shoulders, you can see his head is actually turned more, and pointed down more, which should accentuate the double chin effect. But it is just not there. Putin was in shape, too fit to have any pronounced double chin. THIS ALONE PROVES IT IS NOT PUTIN IN THE NEW PHOTOS.

2. If the case is made that the image scaling is different, and that is why the real Putin’s head is longer, the lips should be thicker in the real Putin photo, not remarkably thinner. And head position will not thicken/thin the lips or make the mouth larger either. Remarkably thicker lips in today’s photo where they should appear thinner if perspective makes the head shorter PROVES WE HAVE HERE A DIFFERENT FACE.

3. If camera perspective made the nose appear shorter in the new Putin photo, it would not have also at the same time widened it. It would just be a shorter, still thin nose. That proves WE HAVE HERE A DIFFERENT FACE.

4. Where did the divot below the nose go in the new Putin photo? The real Putin had that too pronounced for it to simply not be there.

5. Look at the eyes in both photos. In the new Putin photo, the eyebrows appear different, the eyes are sunken, and just don’t look the same at all. It really looks to me like a Hollywood knock off or body double.

6. HUGE OBSERVATION: Putin’s mouth is closer to the chin. The body double’s mouth, even absent the double chin is up WAY TOO HIGH. The mid portion of the real Putin’s face is much longer, which moves the mouth down, BUSTED!!!!
You can get serious changes in appearance like this ONLY IF THERE IS SEVERE DRUGGING AND EVEN AT THAT, IT STILL WOULD NOT SHORTEN THE FACE, CHANGE THE EYEBROWS AND GET RID OF THE DIVOT BELOW THE NOSE. It is not Putin as far as I see it, a coup probably really did happen.

If Putin was sick as some suggest, his face should be thinner, NOT fatter. Only heavy drugging could fatten a face like that, along with a nice torture session (which I doubt) because I do not believe it is Putin at all.
UPDATE: Tass put an article up about Putin’s return but that still does not answer the question: WHY NOT DURING THE FIRST TWO AND A HALF HOURS?
I am leaving my original post up because it asks a legitimate question and makes a legitimate point with legitimate suspicion.

Timing is everything. Tass, RT and Pravda should NOT have been absent for the first two and a half hours up until (who knows when) because I went to bed.

I am finally back after a long nap after being up last night over Putin.
Last night I concluded his re-appearance was a Western backed psy op and questioned why it did not appear in the Russian press for such a long time. I will be looking into things again today. There is a screen capture below which shows what I am talking about, for the first two and a half hours (up until I went to bed) the Russian press had NOTHING on Putin at all, while the American media had already been quoted and posted everywhere on secondary and foreign outlets. This would be expected if a CIA coup really had taken place and only completely controlled media sources were allowed access, with the Russians parroting later.

In my comments below, I state how trolls are obviously employed in force to keep this “return of Putin” as officially stated, a “return of Putin, no questions asked”. And the mail box followed suit, only ONE GUY got through with any mails about putin, (I would expect many many different people to get through an un controlled situation) and the ONE guy who got anything through at all got multiple mails through with nothing but the official line, and that someone was bashing my reputation over questioning the legitimacy of Putin’s return. And the guy who did get through is a known stated enemy that would never do a thing to help. Why no one else? Anyway, the original post is below. I will try to gather more info.

With regard to the following, I am standing my ground, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Look at that screen capture and think
Look at the reports – is it Putin or a stand in?

Another Putin perspective
On 2015-03-17, Beverly wrote:

There really was a credible threat of a coup? Tanks surrounding the Mayor’s building, troop build up to 40,000 for an ‘exercise,’ the convent next to Red Square up in flames.

Would you want to send in a double for public consumption and maybe act as bait to flush out perpetrators while keeping the real deal tucked safely away in an underground base until it was time to reveal whatever the big news was going to be this weekend? why chance any mishap?

I think you’re right, this is another man, but I don’t think it’s because Putin is dead.

But I could be wrong. 🙂

My response:
You could be right. Tomorrow, another day, another report.

Thanks for the perspective, (I am trying to not look like a narrow minded fool with this) but in my opinion, pictures are worth more than words right now, something is definitely amiss.

I did allude to Putin possibly being in a bunker, I really hope this is the case.

Putin may fear assassination which would be a good reason to go into hiding and use a body double. In that case, if it is reality, I would be doing a disservice by hammering this issue home.

However, it would be worse to allow a CIA coup to go unnoticed. If Russia has bit the big one, we are all on a highway to hell. Russia was the main world stabilizer, I don’t think the Chinese have the balls to sail their own course and keep America in check. They need to sell too many things to America to bother with whether or not they are forced to comply with America’s wishes. Russia on the other hand has already had to eat so much no payback B.S. that Russians are likely beyond giving a damn. It would be much easier for them to push the button.

The threat of World War 3 nuking the Jewish districts is needed BIG TIME to curb their aggressions with everything from vaccines to finance to social policy. We really do need Russia to prevent total world domination and cultural/identity/financial annihilation. Left completely unchecked, America would now, while under the control of zionist foreigners, be used to smash everything.



11 Responses to “Putin. Coup or no coup?”

  1. Covenant Woman says:

    Just about every picture of me looks different. Is it Vlad the Imposter? I need more proof. More similar shots from the same angle.

  2. Chris B says:

    Are you serious? The first time you’ve questioned Jim Stone’s credibility? Your bullshit meter is obviously seriously defective. Didn’t all that crap about him eluding whole regiments of special forces sent out to capture him (in a foreign country no less), the constant pursuit of NSA ‘cobra units’ – and his never ending heroic ‘Borne supremacy’ tactics in evading them – set the alarm bells off? ‘An ex-NSA official gone rogue but determined to bring us the truth from his trusty laptop in some remote jungle in Mexico where he’s forced to hide out due to the power of his disclosures… Please donate here via PayPal – but only if you’re a truly hardcore truth-seeker who’s ready to go the extra distance in the pursuit of hyper-conspiracies those less staunch researchers are too afraid to admit to.
    Sure Mr Pebble has highlighted some interesting information, however anyone these days can do a bit of research on the internet and cobble together an interesting yarn, which might broach the truth somewhere along the way.
    But surely it’s obvious that Rocky Stone is laying on the James Bond a tad too thick for him to be considered even vaguely credible. Lucky for him, there’s a never ending arming of gullible fools ready to swallow a massive dose of bullshit to convince themselves they’re way ahead of the pack in the quest for truth. The pressure on Stoned Jim to keep pumping out the rubbish must be immense, but you’d have to have stones in your head to swallow 90% his crap.
    Sometimes the search for truth can be tedious and time consuming, and the answers when they finally appear not as world-changing as eager seekers might wish. But that doesn’t mean you should sign up to the Ashtar Star Alliance – or whatever crazy name they’re called – to hasten the dawning of personal understanding. And likewise, you don’t need to pursue the crap spewed out by the likes of Stone, Fulford or Wilcox just to make reality seem more exciting. They’re nothing more than the truth seekers version of Kim Kardashian: lots of arse, lots of glam, lots of sensation – but very little substance.
    Check out the link below for an example of the sort of person who’s prepared to follow Jim Stone and his ilk

  3. Chris Jones says:

    The 2010 video of Putin allegedlly in a cage under arrest that Jim Stone alludes to is stated as being an elaborate hoax by the publishers of the you tube channel it’s on. It’s hard to verify either way

  4. Chris Jones says:

    Is the economist 2015 cover frilled with cryptic symbols and dire predictions or is it predictive programming and more fear porn?:


  5. Harriet says:

    If something bad happened to President Vladimir Putin Russia (and the entire world would be in unimaginable darkness) and there will be futility which cannot be described in words.

  6. Harriet says:

    Why did Nathanael Kapner delete my comment? – which I wrote at Real Jew News (Nathanael Kapner’s website) about the silence of CIA/Mossad asset: Nathanael Kapner aka “Brother’ Nathanael regarding the most recent circumstances around President Putin and Kapner has been acting like he really “cared” about President Putin of Russia which I knew was fake.

    Nathanael’s major assignment appeared to be to spy on the Russian President and the Russian Orthodox Church (and bring down Christianity in the US and Europe) while acting as a Russian Orthodox monk belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church – and to write endless numbers of articles containing fake photos of President Putin mixed with real ones as a psyop in order to help the CIA/Mossad to stage a coup to replace him while deceiving people by blocking the truth.

    And Nathanael Kapner deleted my comment because it drove fear into his head. My comment was too threatening because he knew I discovered his deception. According to what I have gathered Nathanael Kapner is a total fraud working for the CIA/Mossad. He is not a part of the Truth Movement and he is an enemy of the Russian President Putin.

    The most important question is:

    What happened to the precious person: Russian President Vladimir Putin?

    What did these awful criminals do to him?

    Watch out for Nathanael Kapner and these other frauds in the Truth Movement who are CIA/Mossad assets and what they are spreading for the world’s consumption.

    I was worried about President Putin’s trip to Egypt because El – Sisi the Israeli asset cannot be trusted. Several months ago Nathanael Kapner tried to mislead people into thinking he was a peace maker and was anti – Israel which is not the case. Al – Sisi is Jewish and is no friend of Muslims in Egypt and he is not a friend of Christians or other neighboring countries.

  7. truth says:

    This must be a bit a joke, about Putin – it’s a known fact he has using doubles for years – there are about 4 Putin doubles – he rarely appears as himself except at the most critical and important occasions – such as personal meetings with Obama.

  8. American Empire Exposed

    Treason in the Crime Syndicate of the Israeli-US Government


  9. Real news instead of sensational fake news!

    By Brandon Turbeville
    Activist Post

    “…But while the Western mainstream press claimed that the recent reporting and “frenzy” surrounding Putin’s disappearance “tells us something about the Russian state,” what it actually tells us is something about the West and its media mouthpieces.

    First, it tells us that Western press has stooped to absolutely infantile levels to stir up, panic, and propagandize the American people, particularly when it comes to the issue of Russia. Second, it tells us that the United States and NATO will seize any opportunity – be it the killing of an “opposition figure” (whom they may well have assassinated) or a slight deviation in the Russian President’s schedule for the purposes of destabilizing Russia.

    This is really all we need to know about the state of “news” and journalism in the United States today.

    Regardless, this hysteria surrounding Putin’s disappearance should be remembered the next time the US claims that Syria has used chemical weapons, Putin is committing acts of aggression in Ukraine, or Iran has a nuclear bomb…..”


  10. What the Story of Putin’s “Disappearance” Says about How the West Misunderstands Russia

    Read more at:


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