Common law action in Coventry reclaims church from the criminal organisation that previously controlled it.

This is interesting to watch, a first.  People enter a church to arrest the priests for membership of a criminal organisation, the Roman Catholic Church.  Needless to say they meet with a certain amount of resistance.  Their courage and persistence is admirable.  The fightback against the child killers in frocks has to start somewhere.  Here is one of the first such actions to be witnessed in Britain, if not the first.  There will be many more like it to come, given the failure of the Police and the government to deal with the issue of child rape, torture and killing.

The Police are called.  A helicopter hovers overhead.  Excellent work.  You have to start somewhere.  Human freedom depends on people like these being willing to go into action and confront evil face to face.


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  1. Chris says:

    Next up, a mass arrest of the self-serving traitors, perverts, liars and warmongers hiding in Westminster. Surely not too far off now.

  2. truth says:

    Next up is to seize a police station:

    We need to go and ask them the following and if they be found to have committed treason, then we can proceed to seize their uniforms, cars and buildings and put them in the cells:

    (1) Will you / have you upheld your oath to protect the individual and property?
    (2) Are you assured of 80% of the public CONSENT necessary by Law for you to continue to police the public, doing so otherwise is a violation of office?
    (3) Do you take your orders from the Crown or from the government elected by the peoples WILL?
    (4) Do you deal with living souls or do you deal with corporated ‘persons’ and why are people names written in CAPITAL LETTERS in all your documents, including your own names? (Arresting and charging people for a DEBT crime under a corporation name is fraud).
    (5) Have you, whether knowingly or unknowingly, aided or abetted fraud in the course of performing your duties in public office at any time?


  3. truth says:

    On 8th APRIL 2015 – the Police State United Kingdom will become a reality when the bankers CROWN corporation introduces NEW POLICE CHECKS at borders (airports, ferry ports & Eurostar

    terminals) by sharing out our PERSONAL infomation across agency databases. To the intention, that if it be found you have not paid one of their FRAUDLENT debts/tax (TV Licence or Council

    Tax) – they WILL seize you and your goods at the airport/ferry port or Eurostar terminals and march you off and imprison you – until you pay.

    I recently wrote the letter below to my MP (and encourage to copy it, adjust it and send to your MP) via the website
    (which means three parties are party to the interaction and the MP always responds since they know others are watching)


    Dear {your MP name},

    I have recently become aware of the this bloody governments new police
    state control, the bastards are raping and murdering children at
    Westminister and they now want to monitor the people who will not pay
    the TV License fee (so the filthy lying dogs at the Bum Boys Club can
    rape and murder more children) and the Council Tax – which is a proven
    fraud – got a Mansion, then ‘lucky Lucifier you’, you don’t have to
    pay!!! All tax is a fraud and optional – it’s not a crime not to pay.
    You sold-off the public companies like BT, BGas, BP to your banking
    chums – you and your rich mates will now pay the bills and debt of the
    country now – we will not pay.

    I want this E-Borders initiative STOPPED NOW. You will not repress our
    freedoms, neither do you have the right to contract out to one of your
    private companies to control our freedom of movement – WE WILL NOT

    I want the The Immigration Act 2014 that requires transport carriers to
    collect passengers’ personal information and provide this to
    immigration and law enforcement authorities in advance of travel TO BE
    REPEALED IMMEDIATELY. Britain is NOT A POLICE STATE and you will not
    make it a police state.

    Please read below for more details:

    Yours sincerely,
    {your name and address}

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