Chemtrails get nasty. Toxic smog hits UK.

Cloud of toxic smog set to hit Wales could trigger asthma attacks and heart problems, experts warn

South Wales will be worst hit by the swathes of air pollution according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

(TAP – If the pollution was coming from the continent as claimed,  where exactly is it coming from?  More likely this is another in the chemtrail attack.  Testing out poisons to see how many people they can knock out from the air.  This is a step up in the depopulation agenda.)

A cloud of potentially toxic smog is set to affect Wales on Thursday

Air pollution that could trigger asthma attacks and heart problems is set to smother parts of Wales on Thursday, according to official warnings.

A pollution forecast from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) shows South Wales will be worst hit by a cloud of potentially toxic smog from the continent.

Met Office/DEFRA
This Met Office map shows the worst affected areas for smog

An orange warning is in place covering Cardiff, Newport and Swansea indicating that pollution levels will reach six on a 10-point scale on Thursday.

Yellow warnings are in place for Mid and West Wales, indicating “moderate” pollution levels, while North Wales will escape with “low” pollution.

Experts said levels will be high enough to cause sore throats and itchy eyes even in otherwise healthy people, while vulnerable individuals will be most at risk.

Follow doctor’s advice

Across Britain air pollution will peak in Doncaster, where levels are expected to reach nine on the scale, indicating “high”.

Swathes of the southwest, London, the southeast, Midlands and the north are also braced for moderate to high pollution levels.

A spokesman for Defra said: “Adults and children with heart or lung problems are at greater risk of symptoms.

“Follow your doctor’s usual advice about exercising and managing your condition.

“It is possible that very sensitive individuals may experience health effects even on low air pollution days.”

Pollution building in cities

Levels are expected to remain raised until the weekend due to a swathe of air being dragged in from Europe.

The current calm and mild weather in Britain is also fuelling the problem by allowing pollution to build up, especially in cities.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Some individuals, such as those with existing heart or lung conditions, may experience increased symptoms.

“The Met Office is working very closely with Defra to ensure they have the most up-to-date and accurate air quality forecasts in order to provide relevant advice to the public.”

The main risk is from “particulate matter” – small particles and chemicals thrown into the air from motor vehicles and fires.

Experts said levels in London on Wednesday were three-times the recommended EU limit.

Moderate or high levels

Chris Burton, forecaster for The Weather Network, said: “A combination of light winds and a slight breeze off the near-continent has led to pollution levels rocketing across parts of the UK.

“High pressure is sat right on top of the UK, preventing pollution from dispersing and keeping it trapped at the surface.

“Pollution levels are expected to be moderate or high across much of England and Wales through Thursday, with parts of eastern Scotland also elevated levels of pollution.

“Particulate matter is the main concern with levels well above recommended levels.”

Pollutions levels should have dropped off enough in time for Friday’s partial solar eclipse.

The moon will take a path in front of the sun for the first time in 15 years – blotting out up to 98% of its disc.


8 Responses to “Chemtrails get nasty. Toxic smog hits UK.”

  1. paul says:

    Across Britain air pollution will peak in Doncaster, where levels are expected to reach nine on the scale, indicating “high”.

    yep my son was playing football outside for ages yesterday – came in spluttering and coughing and have kept him off indoctrination/school today – fkin bastards

  2. dofornow says:

    Re the killer smog!
    I am old enough to remember the London version in 52:
    The local undertaker said the results were worse than the Blitz!…
    Loads of winter customers from poshvile .
    Big problem … everything came to a standstill…. found out who was important….. the Jews could not bury their dead within the alloted time,
    they went ape-shit… districts not to badly effected normally .. got a double dose .. we ended up with the clean air act.
    present gassing is because … Fritz and the Poles is having to burn brown coal to stay afloat.
    The governments part in this mass slaughter.. They made domestic users burn Nutty Slack.

  3. Adam says:

    Apparently this solar eclipse tomorrow is a very big thing. Apparently, theoraclereport or was it another site said, with visible light blocked out, it will cut out all ‘background noise’ for us
    And other energy, whether its called etheric energy or whatever else, information rich packets of energetic waves coming from the galactic centre, we are set for a big exposure to this tomorrow
    Rather than dismiss what I say immediately, maybe its true? Maybe the elites are well aware of the significance of tomorrow, and the blood moon coming after. Very rare events
    Maybe these chemtrails are an extra dose to somehow help harp or whatever else, keep us controlled and as unaffected as possible by tomorrows eclipse.

  4. Linda says:

    Good point Adam. Let’s make sure we don’t miss the information packets that help our dna upgrade

  5. Diana says:

    If it’s coming from Europe, how is it going to affect Wales first?

  6. Linda says:

    Miss_QT…the earth was moving towards the galactic centre, supposedly peaking at end 2012 (hence why the mayan calendar ended then), and from 1987 onwards we had been moving closer and therefore receiving information via the light (gamma rays) which helps us upgrade our DNA and also regain akashic memories as the earth’s axis is correcting. A solar eclipse is a powerful time and it seems to me that the smog was deliberately staged to coincide with this event and keep everyone indoors. Funnily enough, my partner and I woke at the exact moment of the eclipse, and it seemed to clear all the cloud cover.
    Some say that the Mayan calendar was wrong and the real date is closer to 2015, but not sure on that one. I did read that this solar eclipse was especially powerful as it marks the equinox and also the move into the age of Aquarius and also a blod moon (could not be seen as coincides with new moon). This is supposed to mark the time at which we can put into action what we have learned through receiving info via gamma rays.

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